Man Shares Homophobic Mother's Voicemail—And It's Resonating With Many People

Our hearts go out to Masin Elije.

Man Shares Homophobic Mother's Voicemail—And It's Resonating With Many People
Instagram | Masin Elije | Twitter

Holidays are tough for anyone. However, they are particularly tough for anyone in the LGBTQ community.

Many have chosen families of queer parents and siblings who stand in for the support they do not get from their biological family members.

This is certainly the case for Masin Elije.

On November 16th, he tweeted a voicemail from his mother.

In the voicemail, Elije's mother states...

"You're not my child because I don't raise a child like you."

Elije explained the context.

Some could definitely relate.

Many expressed empathy.

Most felt that Elije needed to cut his mother off if she was going to continue to hurt him.

Thank goodness for chosen family.

H/T: Twitter, Pink News

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