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People Reveal Their Picks For All-Time Worst Fast Food Restaurant

Reddit user Soy_tu_papi_ asked: 'What’s the worst fast food restaurant?'

Burger and fries on plate
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A lot of things have gone downhill since the pandemic, and it's made the whole process of bouncing back from those two to three years that much harder.

One thing we can all agree on is the quality of the food that we now find in restaurants, especially the fast-food joints we used to frequent and hit the drive-thru for on the drive home.

Curious what other people thought, Redditor Soy_tu_papi asked:

"What's the worst fast food restaurant?"

Eat... Expensive, Not Fresh

"Subway. The ingredients don't taste fresh. They don't give you enough meat or cheese. The bread tastes sweet. It's not even that cheap anymore."

- Brilliant-Mango-4

There for the Nostalgia

"Tim Hortons. We’re nostalgic for a time when they made fresh donuts and great soup and sandwiches. But that was more than 20 years ago and now everything is just heated from frozen garbage with garbage dish water coffee."

"The only reason they’re around is nostalgia and convenience. Americans for the most part didn’t fall for their crap when they expanded south because they didn’t have one on every corner, and they don’t have the nostalgia, and they already have a s**tty coffee and donut place called Dunkin."

- Strain128

Microwaved Soup

"Really, we all going to pretend like Panera is not fast food?"

- WelderNo6075

"It’s not fast. It's always a 20-minute wait."

- Greedy-Time-3637

"For microwaved soup."

- InsertBlueScreenHere

Hospital Food. Gourmet Prices

"Panera. For when you want hospital food, but you can’t afford the $127,209.00 hospital bill."

- BarnacleMcBarndoor

"Yeah, it’s only $126,208 for Panera."

- sherlock----75

"There is a similar yet worse than Panera hospital food restaurant called Atlanta Bread Company. How these two hell holes stay in business, I have no idea."

- GrandUnhappy9211

New Horizons

"I think KFC abandoned the American market and put all its resources into the Asian market, because omg KFC in Korea is something else. The chicken is breaded perfectly, with no mouth-destroying rock-hard breading and the ratio of breading to actual chicken meat is perfectly balanced."

"Also, the sauce selection; they have so many good sauces. The fries were great too."

- LolitasDaniel

RIP, Potato Wedges

"In my opinion, KFC. They got rid of their beloved potato wedges. The only thing I got there anymore was those and the mashed potatoes."

- dirtymoney

"Wendy’s breakfast potatoes almost fill that hole in my heart."

- Karsa69246

Those Darn Screens

"Any of them that have replaced their menu boards with TV screens that change every 15 seconds so I can't find the price of anything."

- xkulp8

"I hate the TVs. Maybe I'm just a bitter old guy, but they really don't seem to be an improvement. There's just too much going on, and it's too bright. Sure, it's probably more convenient for menu/price changes. But when you add in the cost and electronic waste, it doesn't feel like a net gain."

- BumpyMcBumps

No Longer Affordable

"McDonald’s. They’ve forgotten their role as the place I eat at because I’m broke, probably drunk, and want to fill up for a few bucks. Have you seen their prices lately!?"

- Jlace001

"A quarter pounder meal is over $10. $4 More bucks and you can get a chills old-timer and fries. And they always park you, so not very 'fast,' unless you are talking about the stomach cramps you get after."

- Eric12345678

Define 'Pizza'

"Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready is for when your manager promises you a pizza party when you exceed your sales goal and buys enough for one piece a person, but he's been talking up this party he's going to throw for you all week, so you come in on your day off and see two Hot-N-Ready boxes sitting there and some Dixie cups for water. Sometimes nothing is better, STEVE."

- cold08

"The secret technique for Lil Caesars is to give it another few minutes in the oven/under the broiler at home until it's to your liking."

- KaRabbit

The Great Pizza of the Past

"It hurts me to say this, but Pizza Hut."

"Back in the 80s and early 90s, Pizza Hut was amazing! It's somehow worse than Dominos now. It's a f**king travesty."

- Ocku2

"Their marinara sauce with breadsticks is watery now..."

"My friend and I used to ride our bikes there and play Pac-Man in eighth grade. Their breadsticks and sauce were amazing."

- KkdBaby

Small and Stale

"Whataburger is very hit or miss depending on the individual location. It was also better before it sold out and went national."

- HoovesCarveCrater

"It used to be so good, but it's so bad now. Earlier in the year, I went, and I got a stale bun with a tiny piece of meat they called a hamburger. Then I stupidly went again months later, and got the chicken sandwich. Both the bread and chicken were somehow stale. Never again, it's not worth it."

- user_base56

Belly Bombers, Indeed

"White Castle. I ate there once, and I now know what it feels like to reject an organ."

- flyzapper

"I have a stomach of steel when it comes to fast food. Not even Taco Bell gives me an above-average s**t. But when it comes to White Castle, some things just can't be saved."

- STILETTO_exists

A Rise in Poor Management

"Sonic used to be good."

"I feel for the two workers running the whole place. There used to be a lot of staff to handle the load."

"But now I feel bad going there simply because it's unfair to the workers. Which means corners get cut, things aren't clean, people aren't happy and workers end up catching the blame because there aren't enough of them."

"They really need to get it together. And treat their customers and employees right. It's going to kill their business."

- That_90s_Kid_

"The only Sonic near me stopped serving onion rings, which to me is their best side. And they take for-f**king-ever now to get you food, and half the time it's wrong or half-a**ed. I used to love Sonic, and I still want to and will go there, but every time it's a let-down in some form."

- SweetCosmicPope

"Sonic used to give their managers minority ownership as part of their compensation package. The result was highly motivated managers. Unfortunately, they had to work 80 to 90 hours a week. I thought about getting onboard with them but after using two weeks of vacation from my current job to work there, unpaid, I quickly decided smelling like French fries 24 hours a day, seven days a week was a very bad idea."

- the_beeve

A Series of Failures

"A bad KFC is tough to top, but there are still some amazing ones out there. The key is that it’s busy enough to have fresh chicken and a few employees that aren’t strung out. Not all. Just some."

"Burger King increasingly tastes like the burgers from my elementary school that sat in that weird burger water after being boiled in its own juices. I like their nuggets though."

"What even is Jack in the Box? It’s just some random assortment of food you take kids who can’t agree on what hot garbage they want to eat so you go here and make everyone unhappy."

"I’ve been to Whataburger once and it was bad, but since it’s crazy popular, I assume maybe it was just a bad experience and it was in AZ vs TX."

"I feel like I’m left with Little Caesars at this point, as the person buying those godawful hot and ready things is the epitome of a desperate person just trying to fill their children’s with ‘pizza’, thus the reason why there are any in existence."

- bowindine

So Real for This Answer

"Basically, every single one since the pandemic."

- MythicalMango123

"Dine-in prices for dollar store flavors."

- WannaBeTraveler87

"This is the answer. They are all awful now."

- chris1out

Especially for those of us who had the pleasure of experiencing these food places in the 80s, 90s, and maybe the very earls 2000s, it's terrible to think of how much these places have declined now.

As some Redditors have said, it's almost not worth going to these places anymore. We'd rather preserve the happy memories of going there with our families and friends rather than go for an unhappy meal now.

People Break Down Their Funniest 'Sir, This Is A Wendy's' Experiences

Reddit user deadmoby5 asked: 'What was your "Sir, this is a Wendy's" moment?'

Wendy's fast food restaurant sign
Photo by Siyuan Lin on Unsplash

Most of us have heard the "Sir, This is a a Wendy's" phrase, said in those moments when someone has said something totally inappropriate given the setting they are in.

And while some of these literally take place in a Wendy's or similar fast-food chain restaurants, these awkward moments can happen... pretty much anywhere.

Redditor deadmoby5 asked:

"What was your, 'Sir, this is a Wendy's,' moment?"

...Actually, This Is a McDonald's.

"I was working at McDonald’s and this lady said, 'Can I get the Wendy’s four-for-four?!'"

"I said, 'Ma’am, this is a McDonald’s.'"

"Without a moment's hesitation, she replied, 'Indeed it is, can I get a Big Mac?'"

- lukemercerrr

Someone Separated from Reality

"I had a guy come into my place of work yesterday p**sed off because he missed his payment date and had to pay extra to turn his phone back on."

"He said something along the lines of, 'It was due at midnight, and y’all aren’t open at midnight, so how was I supposed to pay?'"

"I calmly explained that we are open until 7:00 PM every day except Sunday."

"He screamed, 'Well, unlike you, I actually have a job!'"

"At my job."

"Whilst doing my job."

- lordgabe92again

An Office Mix-Up

​"I work for a CPA office that is in an office park with a couple of doctors' offices."

"One day, a guy came in only speaking Spanish, so I grabbed my Spanish-speaking colleague to translate. He talked to the guy in the lobby for a few minutes, and then the guy left, and my coworker came back and asked if that was a joke or if we put someone up to that."

"Apparently, the guy explained that his testicles were extremely swollen and painful, and he was looking for one of the doctors' offices and just walked into the first building in the complex."

"I'll never forget, he said, '...I’m like, sir, we do taxes here, not testicles.'"

- AlternativeAcademia

A Health Advocate

"I worked in a cell phone store that had a veterans support office behind us."

"One day, an older gentleman was waiting in the queue. When it was his turn, I called him up and asked what I could help him with."

"He stepped up to the counter and told me that the veteran's hospital was claiming his vision impairment was only 20% disability, and he felt it was much higher."

"I agreed, and I offered to walk him to the correct building, and told him I would be a witness for him, lol (laughing out loud)."

- fridaycat

The Deck of Entitlement

"I was in Lowes one morning right after they opened. There was a woman at the service desk having a complete meltdown down, yelling and screaming because Lowes didn't have a licensed contractor there at the store for her to hire."

"She apparently woke up that morning and decided she needed a deck, like, that same day, and thought she could just go to Lowes and have someone immediately start building a deck."

"It was dead so I stood with the cashier listening to the show. They ended up having to call the police to get her to leave."

- DasGoat

The Coca-Cola Theorist

"I've told this story tons of times to my friends and family because it's one of my favorite Domino's Stories. This happened somewhere around 2017-2018."

"One day, it was really slow at work at Domino's. I was still a relatively new Insider (only a few months into what would be about four years) and still in school, so I was hoping that it would stay slow so I could go home early, so I could cheat on my math homework, play some League of Legends, and get some sleep since my school started an hour earlier than other schools in the area."

"A woman, probably mid-40s, came in to order a pizza. She was pretty chill, and we were just chatting while she was ordering because there really wasn't much to do otherwise since we already cleaned the store and oven and all that."

"After she got her pizza all done up, I asked her if she would like any drinks."

"She was like, 'Oh, what do you guys have?'"

"I was running down the drink options and she noticed Coca-Cola and looked at me wide-eyed like she just saw someone get hit by a car."


"...I'm sorry??'"

"She then spent the next SEVEN. MINUTES. Running down pretty much every major conspiracy, from human embryos in Coca-Cola to Flat Earth to the moon landing being faked, etc. If you think of a pre-pandemic conspiracy, she hit it."

"I was stunned. The only words that could come out of my mouth were, '...So no on the drink, then?'"

"She said brightly, 'Coke Zero, please.'"

"I guess the Zero means 'Zero Embryos.'"

- noblemile

Work That Connection

"I work in radio, and got a call on the contest line one time."

"'Yeah, I need a hotel room,' said the caller."

"'OK. How would you like me to help you?'"

"They said, 'Well... book me one!'"

"'You're aware you called a radio station's contest line, right?'"

"'Yeah. Don't you book hotel rooms for rock stars when they do a show in town? Book me one!'"

- originalchaosinabox

I Believe the Store You're Looking For is... Sephora.

"Not one specific moment, since it happened all the time when I worked at Ulta."

"She said, 'I'm looking for this lipstick,' and showed me a Sephora brand lipstick."

"I said, 'We don't sell that, but I can show you something similar!'"

"She was indignant. 'No, I want this specific lipstick, don't you sell it?! Well, where can I buy it?!'"

"I deadpanned, 'At Sephora, ma'am.'"

- Sunshine030209

A Misdirected Call

"I worked in a local cafe/newsstand/convenience store type spot. We also had a Ticketmaster outlet for a bit. Our small town had an annual concert that usually ran two or three nights. It was really popular with the local folks, so it brought in a lot of foot traffic with people buying tickets (my boss was honestly a small-business mastermind)."

"That was the extent of our involvement: we sold and printed gate passes."

"On night one of the event, I was closing the store as usual, at 10:00 PM."

"An irate woman called, wanting to 'file a noise complaint' about the concert."

"I was like, 'Ma’am, you must have the wrong number, this is a local cafe.'"

"She INSISTED that she was filing 'an official noise complaint' and demanded to speak to the owner RIGHT NOW."

"I said, 'At 10:00 PM on a Friday? Yeah, he’s not here.'"

"He also isn’t the police and doesn’t deal with noise complaints. Also, it’s only 10:00 PM, and this concert has been widely advertised for months."

"She then went on a wild rant that we needed to do… something?… about the noise, since we sold tickets. She wouldn’t let me off the call and was going berserk."

"I told her I was going to disconnect since we had nothing to do with the event or the noise."

"She called back multiple times, and finally I just let the phone ring… It was still ringing when we locked up. Like, MA’AM, ARE YOU OKAY?"

- Swimming-trifle-899

In Search of the Mystical Dairy King

"I worked at Dairy Queen about ten years ago, and a customer pulled up to our very busy drive-thru."

"Customer: 'Yeah, can I have the 10 nuggets for $1.49?'"

"Me: 'I’m sorry, sir, we don’t carry nuggets, but I can get you a chicken strip basket?'"

"Customer: 'No, I want nuggets! On your commercial! You don’t even know your own food?!'"

"Me: 'Sir, I’m sorry but we don’t carry nuggets. We have chicken strips and steak fingers?'"

"Customer: 'NUGGETS FOR $1.49!'"

"Me: 'Sir, this is Dairy Queen, you are referring to Burger King.'"

"Customer: 'Dairy King?!'"

"Me: 'You are at Dairy Queen, asking for a Burger King menu item.'"

"Customer: 'Oh. (proceeds to wait in line for another five minutes while I watch)"

- avianeyb

Deer in Headlights

"I worked at Wendy's throughout high school and some lady ordered a burger meal at the drive-thru. Over an hour later, she comes back to the front counter, slamming the burger on it, saying it was cold."

"I checked our receipts and told her she ordered over an hour ago and that burgers aren't meant to stay hot for that long."

"She said that was absolutely unacceptable and how dare we serve her a burger that gets cold."

"She then proceeded to ask me for my full name and details so she could sue me, at the same time freaking out when I didn't have a pen to give her to write down my info."

"Another customer walking by said, 'Holy s**t, lady, relax,' and she yelled at him to mind his business."

"He said, 'Well, I just feel bad for this poor employee you're yelling at. If you don't wanna eat here, go somewhere else.'"

"Bless his soul, I was only 17 and was so shocked."

- hayleexh

Not a Medical Professional

"I work as a cashier at a home goods store. I’m very friendly and honestly treasure my customer interactions."

"I was doing my usual patter, like, 'Hi there, how’re you doing, did you find everything all right?' and this lady tells me that it’s the first time she’s been out of the house in a while."

"I thanked her for choosing our store and went to move on with the transaction. She raised her shirt, showed me a HUGE angry red incision on her stomach, and started telling me about her recent hysterectomy. The stitches hadn’t even been removed yet."

"I sort of nodded and smiled and tried to pivot to her total so I could move on with the MASSIVE line that’s building, and she wouldn’t stop talking."

"I had to call for a back-up cashier while getting a very detailed description of surgery, uterine cancer, and the recovery process. She didn’t drop her shirt the entire time."

- souryoungthing

Depending on the Pet Supply Department

"I used to work for Kmart. Someone came into the store and wanted to know where the pet department was located. We only had one aisle of pet items and it was mostly items for dogs/cats (food, litter, toys, etc)."

"I took the customer to the aisle, and they said, 'This is it? This is all you have for pet supplies? You don’t have an actual department like other stores?'"

"'Yes sir, we just carry the basics. If you need a bigger selection, there is a Pet Supplies Plus located at the other end of the plaza.'"

"The customer got upset and said, 'But if I wanted to go to Pet Supplies Plus, I would have gone there. But I wanted to go to Kmart. So I’m guessing you don’t have fish food or anything like that?'"

"I showed him the same selection of fish food, and he got upset. He then started asking advice for fish tanks and again, I directed him to the Pet Supplies Plus that was located just a couple storefronts down from Kmart. When he insisted on not going to that store, I gave him directions to 2 other pet stores in the area."

"Eventually he left, but not before saying, 'This is why Kmart is going out of business!'"

"Sure buddy, the lack of a pet department is the sole reason Kmart is going out of business."

- DannyC990


"Found the product I needed online. I drove to the store and spent 20 minutes failing to find said product on the aisle it was supposed to be on."

"I showed the picture to multiple staff, none of whom recognized it."

"I finally went to the customer services desk and after 10 minutes of waiting in line got told the website I was looking at was one of their competitors."

- SarcasmWedding

Uno Reverse Card

"I went to the drive-thru at a Wendy’s and the person taking the order said, 'Welcome to Walmart.'"

"I was really confused and I heard laughing and he said, 'I’m so sorry,' he works there too and was on autopilot."

- SpecificLook7215

"You missed the opportunity for the uno reverse card. Imagine saying, 'Sir, this is a Wendy’s,' as the CUSTOMER."

- Avenntus

"A few months ago, I drove up to the Wendy's drive-through and heard through the speaker: 'Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?' (There was laughing in the background)."

"I did reply in a serious tone, 'Sir, this is a Wendy's!'"

"Cue uproarious laughter by all... I think they were stoned."

"10/10. Always going to that Wendy's."

- codeprimate

From hilarious to jaw-dropping to utterly shocking, it's fascinating to see how awkward things can get when someone does something completely inappropriate for a setting. At least in most of these cases, they made for funny and memorable stories.

cooked fries
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