People Confess Which Things They Hope To Witness In Their Lifetime

Life is complicated, but there are so many things that are worth being thankful for, even in the day-to-day.

But of course, there are some things that we would love to see in our lifetimes that would make living that much sweeter.

Redditor moltingtoupee asked:

"What is something you hope to witness in your lifetime?"

Not Even Gonna Lie...

"An Armored car spilling a sack of money in front of me and not noticing."

- explodingladybugs

Nature's Beauty

"An aurora."

- RedStradis

"I once met a British couple who were camping in the Canadian Rockies for their 25th wedding anniversary. We had a few beers around the campfire. At some point, the woman said the only thing she was a bit sad about this trip was not seeing northern lights. She always wanted to see one."

"We keep chatting and at some point after a few beers, nature called. I went to do my thing and as I was out of the fire’s light, I looked up and could see that great northern light dancing in the sky. I came back to the fire and took the couple away in the dark to show them. She was soooo thrilled."

"So you never know when it will happen to you."

- prplx

The Lives This Would Change

​"A treatment for Alzheimer's. That s**t is terrifying."

- doobydoobydobap

"This is my pick, too. Watching my grandmother succumb to it, and it broke my heart. I’m afraid my mom is next, followed by me or one of my sisters."

- crispypotatocake

Cheering Our Loved Ones On

"All of my daughter's milestones in life. Until it's my time to go, I hope I get to see her grow up to be a beautiful smart caring woman."

- FlaccidWeenus

Infinite Possibilities

"Faster than light travel (minus any relativistic effects that make it impossible to come home at the sameish time, etc)."

"I know it's weird, but I find the thought of being confined to our little solar system a bit depressing when there's a whole universe out there."

- postitsam

Halley's Comet

"To see Halley's comet for the second time in 2061."

- craigoth

"If I can't live to see Halley's Comet (I should be 76), then I'd die happy knowing I get to see the total solar eclipse next year as my runner-up."

- curbstomprey

Who's Out There

"First contact."

- Minute-Loan7057

"Sometimes I think I'd like to see that too... But the way the last few years have been going, we'd expect the Vulcans and get Xenomorphs instead."

- coffee_cats_books

"Or the Vogons."

- Reddit_Hitchhiker

...What's That Like?

"My life full of happiness with no stress."

- HappinessSeeker7

Unrealistic Expectations

"I hope to witness the day when autocorrect finally stops turning 'F**king' into 'Ducking.'"

- Daily_Burnin12345

Ocean Views

"To see the Pacific Ocean, early morning, crispness to the air, wrapped in a blanket, sitting alone on the beach..."

"I am in central Kentucky, and this seems so far away to me. I can only imagine what the peace and tranquility would be to stare out and see nothing but water, clear to the horizon."

- Saltriverjohnny

One Small Step For Man...

"For man to walk on Mars..."

- Effective-Craft-1173

Outside the Box

"A US President elected from a third party."

- CatacombsRave

Flight MH370

"To find out what truly happened to Flight MH370."

- desperatelingling123

"I'm pretty sure it will appear back on the radar in 10 years and none of the passengers will have aged or be aware of the time jump and Stephen King was the reason for it all."


"I legit looked this up last night to see if there have been any advancements in the theory or new evidence. I hadn't thought about it in a couple of years. (I know that I'm lucky to not think about it all of the time. There are so many poor families that don't have this luxury and they still don't have concrete answers, which is heartbreaking.)"

- SparklesVibe


"A supernova event that lights up the sky. Even if it’s extremely unlikely, the most likely would be Betelgeuse or Antares."

- _Goose_

Time to Unite

"The middle class, working class, and poor realizing that they have more in common than the Upper class and super wealthy."

- Diverswelcome

It's always heartwarming to see when people are asked what they would most like to see changed, or want to see in their lifetime, they're less concerned about gainful wealth or arbitrary things, and more so in nature's wonders and cures for diseases.

Life might not always be perfect, but there are absolutely things to keep looking up for.

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