LGBTQ+ People Describe The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Different

Coming out is never easy.

Even in this day and age it comes with a touch of drama.

Of course we have to acknowledge how society has come a long, LOOOONG way with this topic.

The LGBTQ+ community of today definitely has a more welcoming world to announce themselves to.

But the truth is, it's still an intimate experience one must come to terms with.

And there is always that moment when... you know.

No matter your age, you still have the A-HA realization.

Redditor Haunting-Golf9761 was hoping everyone would be willing to share some intimate life secrets, by asking:

"Gay people of Reddit, what was the moment it clicked 'Yeah I’m gay?'"

I knew after an intimate evening with a woman.

It all just... made sense.


starbucks pretty girl GIFGiphy

"Looked at a girl and thought 'If I was a guy, I'd date her,' and realized I didn't need to be a guy to date her. I was not brave enough to speak to that girl though."



"2018 summer olympics. Realized I had been watching men's water polo, alone, for eight hours."


"I don't know why but this made me laugh. I’d watch men’s Polo, Diving, and Swimming and get amped. But like, I’d also be drooling over abs and butts."


"Lmfao this absolutely tracks. I'm bi AF and was OBSESSED with couples skating because everybody was so God da**ed beautiful and the chemistry was off the chain 🤣. The Olympics had a chokehold GRIP on me as a teen."


I Get It Now

"I'm bi, but I realized I wasn't straight while watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie when I was like 8-9. I was in the backseat on a long car ride watching on my portable DVD player. There's a scene near the end where Lizzie is on stage singing and the camera shot is behind her. I remember pausing the movie and staring at her butt for a good while wondering why it made me feel a certain way. A few years later I found my uncle's playboy magazines and it suddenly all made sense."


Happy Star Trek GIFGiphy

"An episode of Star Trek the Next Generation where they showed Riker’s hairy chest. I learned not only that I was gay, but a lot about my specific type of gay."


Gays in space. We're everywhere.

Oh My

"I'm not gay but Bi with a heavy female lean. I always thought some guys were cute, heard of Grindr went on and hooked up with one I thought was cute."


Thanks, He-Man...

"When I was really really young I used to have erotic dreams with guys (thanks, He-Man), but didn't think much about it. That's when the internal conflicts started."

"I knew I needed to be married to a woman and have family just like every man in my family did. I feared being singled out, because I lived in a retrograde place where honor killings were common. There were no homosexual s in my family, why me? By the age of 15, I had abandoned the idea of marrying a woman and keeping homosexual affairs as some people do and decided to be upfront with me parents."

"I told them I was gay, and they seemed to take somewhat well. Deep down, they did not."

"It took years for them to truly accept me, but I can say that I have a good life. Not the one that was envisioned for me all those years ago."


The Literature

"I was 8 when my brother (6 years older) was recording the last Nirvana concert and I said David Grohl was cute. I didn't really know what it meant to be attracted to someone, but I was drawn to him and the words just came out. My brother said 'That means you're GAY!!!!' which I didn't understand what gay was yet but his tone made me respond 'Nuh uh!!!'"

"Turns out he was right. When I was 13ish I found my brother's porn magazines and found myself uninterested in the ones that were just women. That's probably when it fully dawned on me. Still kept it to myself until I was in college and out of my small rural hometown."


Back in the Day

"Looking back, I definitely had feelings for women just as much as I did men. I just either didn't realize or was in denial about it. I was 20 when a girl crush really hit me hard and I started to realize it but was still confused for some time. Finally around age 24 I came out to my brother as bi, and much to my relief he did as well!"



Kate Winslet Yes GIF by EmmysGiphy

"My senior year of high school, Titanic was re-released in 3D for the 100 year anniversary of the disaster. Being my favorite movie of all time, my dad took me to see it at the closest IMAX theater."

"I caught myself trying to control my breathing during the nude drawing scene so that my dad didn’t catch on to the fact that I was super into seeing Kate Winslet’s breasts in towering 3D."


Who doesn't love Titanic.

We thank these brave souls for sharing their stories.

Do you have something similar to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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