People Explain How They Knew Their Significant Other Was 'The One'
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The idea of "one" person for each of us out there is hard to wrap your head around. Romantic comedies and fairy tales have built up this belief that when you find the one person out there, then you'll live your best love life.

It's a little trickier than that, but you definitely feel something in your heart when you're around this person. Maybe you had a good first date, or maybe you've known each other for years, but once the romantic switch is flipped in your mind you can't stop thinking about them.

That's a good sign. Chase it.

Reddit user, zestycloser666, wanted to know when you were certain of your choice in partner when they asked:

When did you know your significant other was "the one"?

Sometimes the notion is inexplicable, because it's more of a feeling than an informed response. You feel it in the heart, not the head.

The Feeling That You Can Relax

"You know how there’s nowhere quite like home? Loads of places you love to be, but home just feels right. You can relax there like nowhere else, it’s safe, all your favourite stuff is there, it even feels like a sigh of relief to come home."

"That’s what being with him is like. When I come home to him, I’m coming home twice."


It Grows And Grows

"When we first met I felt something I couldn’t explain, almost like a gravitational pull. We had been dating a few months and then one day while cuddling on the couch, I just felt so calm and warm. Like a wave of bliss that washed over me. He is without a shadow of a doubt my person, I’ve never loved someone with my whole being as much as I love him and every day I somehow manage to love him more. He’s my best friend and I’m thankful every day we get to enjoy another day together."


You Foresee The Future

"I had a "life flashing before my eyes" kind of moment where I imagined what life would look like together, us getting older and having kids. I was only 17 at the time and she had just gotten out of a messy break-up."

"Two years later we were dating and now we're in our 30's, we've been married for nearly ten years, and have 3 kids together. Our life looks strangely like I imagined it all those years ago."


The term "love language" gets thrown around a lot, meaning every individual has different ways to interpret love and showings of love. What works for one person might not be so important for another.

Seems like these people showcased the right language of love for their partner.

Arguing For The Betterment Of The Unit

"When we were arguing but it didn't feel like we were fighting each other, but that we were just 2 frustrated people trying to better understand the other. Never experienced it before, and it honestly made me feel so much less angry in that moment."


"This 100%! When my husband and I get into arguments we are still on the same team if that makes sense. Good conflict resolution can be a huge asset in a relationship."


Being Around Each Other Isn't So Bad


Get Approval From People Who Know You Best

"We had been dating a little over a year in high school. My mom’s car got stuck on our country road during a snow storm. My boyfriend put on his snow gear and started walking the half mile from my house to where she was stuck, followed by our three-legged blood hound. My mom said she looked up and saw him walking in the distance carrying something; my dog had gotten tired hopping in the snow, so he carried her all the way to the car, then proceeded to try and dig my mom out."

"He got the mom stamp of approval, the dog stamp of approval, and my heart."


Standing Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

"She was my friend first. I realized that I compared all women to her. She was my gold standard for what I wanted in a woman."


"My husband said this about me and it was the best compliment I’ve ever received. Also that he kept worrying about losing me as a friend when he was dating other women and realized if he could marry me then he wouldn’t lose me as a friend."


It doesn't even have to be anything noticeable. You won't even consciously understand the decision you've made, but you've decided that this person you're with is the one you want to be with forever.

Putting It Out There

"Our first date we laid it all on the table - talked about what we’d been through, what we were working through, and how we were doing that. A few weeks later he did something that triggered me. It took everything in me not to revert to my old behaviours, but I did let him know it upset me. After he was done with his previous engagement, he shot me a message, picked me up at midnight, and we grabbed a coffee and drove around talking about it. He told me my PTSD from previous abuse in relationships did not mean I was not worthy of love or a healthy relationship, and that it didn’t change how he felt about me. I pretty much knew then."

"A few weeks after that, my step-father had an aneurysm and passed away. He got out of bed after working a 12-hr night shift, drove with me and my kids the 3hrs to my mother’s, stayed with the kids while she and I were at the hospital, then drove the kids home a couple days later while I stayed with my mother to make funeral arrangements. The whole time I’m sobbing because I lost a man I considered my father and he was so helpful, compassionate, and available. I told him I was going to marry him. He laughed and said, “Aren’t you supposed to ask?” I told him it wasn’t a question. We were engaged six months into our relationship and it has been the most emotionally stable, rewarding, and best thing I ever did."

"Third time’s a charm, I suppose!"


There For You No Matter What

"When my husband and I had been together just over a year, my brother passed from brain cancer and we were at their house within 5 minutes. When the funeral home came to pick up his body, the 2 workers were unable to carry my brothers body out of the house by themselves and so my husband stepped in and helped them do it. That’s when I knew"


You'll Never Stop Missing Them

"The night we met all I wanted to do was be next to her. She is everything I could ever ask for. My best friend my soul mate and the best thing that ever happened to me. 24 years together and it pains me to say she passed away 15 months ago at only 41 years old. I can't stand to wake up in the morning knowing she won't be there. My life and heart is forever broken and will never be the same. Without a doubt I am a better man and father to our 3 beautiful kids because of her. Stephanie I will forever be totally and completely in love with you and only you."


You won't know it until you know it, but once you do, it's a sensation in your heart you'll never forget.

How did you know the person you're with was "the one?" Let us know in the comments!

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