The internet has recently realized what we've all known inside all along: that Keanu Reeves is too good for this world and one of the greatest stars Hollywood has to offer.

But as Keanu draws some extra internet attention, a surprising trend has come to people's attention! Keanu is always more than happy to take pictures with fans, but all of his pictures have something in common.

It turns out Keanu Reeves is a master practitioner of the "hoverhand."

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Whenever he poses for pictures with women, Reeves hand can be clearly seen "hovering" behind them.

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

The pictures are far too common to be a coincidence.

Though the hoverhand used to be considered awkward, Facebook users couldn't help but love Keanu all the more for his reluctance to place his hand on the strangers he was posing with.

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Even Twitter couldn't help but admire Keanu's respectful ways.

When Keanu uses a hoverhand...he somehow makes it look good!

The hoverhand has officially become cool again, thanks to America's finest living actor!

There is, however, one kind of lady Keanu will never keep his hands off of:

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

Unprofessional Madman/Facebook

You keep doing what you're doing, Keanu, and we'll love you for it every step of the way.

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