People Explain Which Jobs Only Exist Because Humans Are Stupid
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Human beings are absurdly good at being inefficient. That's a little surprising, given that we won the evolution game thanks to our efficient minds and bodies.

But one day in daily life and you'd never know it.

Humans are so inefficient, in fact, that entire industries and occupations have sprouted up to address that problem. Rather than nip the problem in the bud, we make everything twice as confusing by adding another person into the mix.

But hey, at least they make a living.

Redditor calumgirl96 asked:

"What job exists because we are stupid?"

Many people identified how intimidated people can become in the face of even the simplest technological problems. For many, that intimidation ensures job security.

Saving the Day

"I don't know if it still exists, but I remember Best Buy offered a service that consisted of sending someone to your house to do the incredibly difficult task of connecting your video game console to the TV."

"Yeah... there were people who paid for it."

-- jgfelix

Sagely Wisdom

"My husband is a desktop support tech, and while his job wouldn't go away entirely, it would probably only be part time if not for stupid people."

"People accidentally kick out a cord or turn something off. They move something to the wrong folder. They can't figure out how to set up their voice mail, in spite of the detailed instructions on the website. They fail to keep up with inventory, which is really very simple when you think about it. If you give Johnnie Smith computer #200156, you send the tech an email saying, 'Hi! I just gave Johnnie Smith computer #200156. Johnnie is in room 412.' "

"My husband spends weeks tracking down missing equipment that turns out not to be missing at all. Oh well. It's a living."

"But what truly baffles me is how many people need my husband for office moves. It's tragically simple. Unplug all the things. Carry all items carefully to the next place and plug them back in. You can even take a picture of the original setup or mark the cords ahead of time if you aren't sure you'll be able to do it. I have never in my life required a tech to relocate my computer, in spite of being 54 and having had more office moves in the last decade than I have fingers."

"Well, like I said, it's a living. Thankfully my husband has the patience of Job."

-- nakedonmygoat

It Happens That Much?!

"In Japan they have a permanent employee dedicated to assisting people at the ATM."

-- neocuchulainn

Other people described similar levels of stupidity, but applied to areas outside of technology. Practical life is full of absurdities too.

Every Warning Label Has a Story

"STICKING WARNING LABELS ON EVERYTHING. Like ,oh I don't know, Sticking a warning label on peanut containers to inform people that "it may contain peanuts.' "

-- buddyz0108

That's a Lot of Scamees

"I used to work in fraud prevention for a bank. Basically if customers gave their card details to scammers or got scammed we would help them try and recover the money. We also dealt with a lot of genuine customers whose payments were stopped for checks by the system."

"I wouldn't say the job 'wouldn't exist' per se, but in a world where no-one was careless with their bank details the banks would require far fewer fraud team staff."

-- SilasMarner77

That Black and White "Before" Clip...

"As Seen on TV products."

" 'Are you such an incompetent buffoon that you can't chop an onion without destroying your kitchen and having a complete mental breakdown? Introducing the Onion Slicer 3000!' "

-- obert-wan-kenobert

Car Trouble

"Sometimes, i feel like my job has been invented for stupid people (im a mechanic). Most of the times its doing hard things that the custumers dont necessarly have the tools or experience to do, but there is always this guy, that comes with the complain 'car is doing a weird noise when i take a bump' "

"So naturaly you test it, and find where the noise is coming from, and thats how it goes with the customer"

"Me: i found your trouble"

"C: yea? What is it?"

"Me:it seems the umbrella under your passenger seat is loose."

-- thatsmymainacount

Finally, multiple people described the government run, taxpayer funded infrastructure all developed, in part, to respond to stupid calamities.

Never Good When They're Busy

"Of course we value and need Emergency Room workers. But we MIGHT need fewer of them if people weren't stupid."

-- Bebe_Bleau

A Whole Sector of Society

"There are a lot of jobs that are required because accidents can happen, but also half of the time, they deal with people's stupidity, like paramedics and EMTs, fire fighters, insurance providers, poison control, road assistance, traffic police, etc"

-- ScotyYard

Can't We Just Get Along

"Judges in small claims court. If people would just stop being stupid and also own up to when they're wrong we wouldn't need a small claims court at all."

-- JamiSings

​So next time you do something extraordinarily dumb and need help from a professional, just take solace in the fact that you're keeping them employed.

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