As the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump reaches its final phase, many Americans feel Republicans have intentionally tried to hide evidence to protect Donald Trump from the constitutionally mandated consequences for his actions.

After Republicans voted to make this the first impeachment trial in history that will feature no new witnesses or evidence, all that's left before a vote on whether or not to acquit is each sides' closing arguments.

Having laid out an overwhelming case against the President, all that was left for many Democrats to do was to appeal to their Republican colleagues' sense of justice or honor. While on the Senate floor, House Manager Rep. Jason Crow (D - Colorado), even quoted Albus Dumbledore.

Twitter was in disbelief at the strange government/fantasy crossover.

You can find Harry Potter fans everywhere, even in Congress.

Though convincing Republicans to do what is morally right but politically difficult may be a lost cause, Crow took his best shot.

Conservatives online seized upon Crow's use of the quote and dragged him for it.

Meanwhile, most liberals understood where he was coming from.

Fortunately, quoting Dumbledore wasn't the only memorable moment from Crow's remarks.

Though it seems likely that Donald Trump will be acquitted by the Senate without that body hearing from a singe witness, history will remember what passed for "justice" and those who were willing to fight for it.

Image by Urh Kočar from Pixabay

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