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Doctors Describe The Times Their Patient Was Right And They Were Wrong

There are few people we should feel more comfortable putting our faith and trust in than doctors.

After all, we go to them to make sure we are still healthy, or when we are worried that something is wrong, and want their opinion.

However, being human, doctors can make mistakes just like the rest of us.

Sometimes missing details which even the most experienced doctors might miss.

Other times, in sad and disturbing cases, owing completely to willful ignorance, despite the grave concerns of their patients.

Sometimes with life and death consequences.

Redditor BigBadZord was curious to hear from doctors about the times they didn't listen to their patients and made serious misdiagnoses, leading them to ask:
"Doctors of Reddit, when was a patient right about something but you insisted they were wrong until it got serious?"

Always Assume They're Telling The Truth

"It didn't 'get serious' under my father's care, he just thought she was joking at first."

"He was treating a woman for headaches and she dropped that she had been the getaway driver in a robbery where shots had been fired."

" Bullet was lodged in base of her skull."- BigBadZord

Deep Secrets

"Psychiatrist here."

"I was at the brief internment unit, acute psychotic cases, mostly, and there was this woman that had been there for some time."

"She had paranoid delusions about the Russian mob trying to get her, complete with hallucinations and everything."

"Her family had confirmed it was all made up in her head and nobody was following her."

"She had been getting medication for some time and her symptoms had improved a lot, she no longer believed she was in danger or being hunted, and everything seemed to be going well."

"As the procedure usually goes, the staff contacted her family so she could start going out for the weekends with them before being fully discharged."

"First weekend away from the hospital she got kidnapped by the Russian mob and taken somewhere else to repay a debt she apparently had but nobody in her family knew about."

"Happy ending though, she was found and gotten to safety quite quickly because we had already spoken to the police about her 'delusions' just in case and they were quick to act when she disappeared."

"And yes, people got locked up and other women were found."

"It was, all in all, a happy/satisfying ending."- Thalkarsh

More Common Than People Think...

"Patient stated live cockroach in ear."

"I said probably not and ate my words."- ChameleonMami

A Mother Knows

"I had a patient in his mid-30s establishing care with me for 'difficulty reading'."

"He actually came in with his mother and was very shy, which I thought was very strange."

"He said he worked at a library and words would get 'jumbled up' while reading."

"He had zero additional issues."

"I actually did a very thorough neurological exam and found zero problems."

"I asked him to read a magazine out loud at different speeds and he did it perfectly."

"I said everything looked fine and wanted to order some labs."

"I honestly felt he was just a strange character."

"They agreed to labs but mom was very pushy to do head imaging. I said we could, but I ordered the CT as routine and by the time labs came back he was extremely low on vitamin D."

"I called saying we should replace it and hold off on the scan."

"Not only did mom not want the scan cancelled, she wanted an MRI and she wanted it STAT."

"I basically got tired of trying to be reassuring and just ordered what she wanted."

"He had the biggest glioblastoma I have ever seen."

"Go mom."- bombas239

Difficult, Or Just Right?

"Without going into specifics, a patient was brought into our ER for like the sixth time in six months with the same thing."

"Fits, progressive neurological symptoms AND a label of a normal MRI scan done 4 months earlier with a referral to a 'functional neurologist' to basically deal with what was labelled as psychosomatic neurological symptoms on account of the patient having their first neurological event whilst they were on the phone."

"Getting some bad news, having a normal MRI and having seen a neurologist who couldn’t find anything wrong, again four months earlier."

"Thankfully, due to the patient rocking up in a wheelchair this time round as they were unable to stand, one of the senior ER doctors brought them in to do another scan."

"Cue me, walking in to see a 'neuro patient who is going to see the specialist as there is nothing wrong with them'."

"Until the very day I die, I shall never, ever forget my horror when I saw their repeat MRI scan on my computer screen just before entering the room."

"The patient had a golf ball-sized tumor in the very back of their brain and was in huge, huge trouble with rapidly progressive neurological signs."

"I felt so terrible for both the patient and their family."

"The first thing I did was to tell them that we were very wrong, there was something physically wrong and apologized for the 10 or so times they had been sent home from ER and told that they had been making up the symptoms and signs."

"The family were just grateful that they now knew what was going on."

"The patient died a month or so later."

"I tell this to all of my junior colleagues and I am extremely wary of how people are labelled as having a fictitious illness when they present to hospital."- feetofire

Can You Sal "Malpractice"?

"Not a Dr but the patient."

"3 years ago I started to have pain in my feet/toes that worked it’s what up progressively up my body."

"My uric acid shot up so my Drs assumed it was gout, even though it really didn’t make much sense."

"Till one morning I wake up and am paralyzed from the waste down, legit could not bare weight without falling to the ground."

"Of course I’m in and out of the ER but they really aren't doing jack."

"Keep sending me home while paralyzed with no help."

"Over a few days the paralysis moves up to my neck and below."

"Trouble eating, extremely painful, paralyzed and having respiratory issues."

"I get sent to a bigger hospital where I lose bladder and bowel function."

"They run blood work and just watch and wait."

"Finally a few days in get an MRI which shows signs of poly neuropathy, radiology recommends LP to rule out rare neurological autoimmune disease."

"Instead the team believes I’m faking it."

'Stop all meds besides psychiatric ones and wait me out for 10ish days."

"I was literally tortured and abused by all kinds of medical professionals, physical mental emotional etc."

"Finally I fail an EMG and LP are finally done as I begin to go into respiratory failure."

"Finally am diagnosed with an extremely rare variant of Guillain Barre Syndrome."

"They have no clue what to do as they hadn’t encountered it in adolescence med and give me the wrong fucking treatment."

"Fast forward 3yrs and I’m still a quadriplegic with nerve damage in every organ system and have never recovered."

"Nor will I ever."

"They failed me at every step of the way and now I have to live with no quality of life and as a quadriplegic."

"As well as the trauma of all that happened to me which has caused severe ptsd."

"Believe your f*cking patients!"

"Worst thing that can happen is you run the expensive test and it comes back normal."- Ok-Lab-1212

When You Can't Trust The Doctor OR The Vet...

"Not a doctor but a patient."

"I was suffering from severe skin issues for quite sometime."

"Bad rashes that would render my hands unusable."

"Fingers would get so dry and burn."

"Both hands."

"Happened repeatedly when I would do the same activities."

"I spent many nights up unable to sleep from pain, I researched every which way possible."

"I was also having eye problems, I felt like something was in my eye all the time."

"I was also getting bit by bugs that were so tiny, but it would only happen at bedtime, and I lived alone."

"I never had bites, but the rashes on my hands, and other random parts of my body."

"Eventually my dog started suffering with some o the same issues."

"Constantly itching, was seeing the little bugs in the tub after bathing her, which I was doing 2-3 times a week bc she was suffering!"

"After seeing 1 general practice doctor, 2 urgent care doctors, 2 dermatologists and 1 eye doctor."

"Oh and bringing my dog to the vet, if they even were willing to listen to me, which most weren't, it was a general conclusion that I should see a mental health professional."

"I begged and pleaded for them just to listen and all they could tell me was that I was nuts and imagining things."

"After many nights of researching the internet I established I had an infestation of bird/chicken mites!"

"The place I was living had a chicken coupe in the backyard! "

"This was years ago and no doctors had any experience with these pests."

"What a nightmare.'

"I felt so alone because everyone had me thinking maybe I was crazy and it was all in my head. fast forward 4 years later, bird mites are recognized by pest control, doctors, vets, etc."

"Ill never get those nights I spent awake in pain and suffering being forced to figure out what was causing me so much pain, i'll never get them back."

"I'll never go to any of those doctors ever again."- sickerthan_yaaverage

Luckily A Bit Ahead Of The Game

"Patient here."

"And I’m a physical therapist."

"Went to the ER and said 'I think there’s a 97% chance I have a DVT'."

"'I initially thought it was a calf strain as my Wells Criteria was low, but over the last 2 days I’m pretty sure it’s a DVT, here’s why''."

"Then explained my reasoning."

"I screen for DVTs daily at my job, particularly for my post-op patients after a knee or hip replacement, or other surgery."

"Basically as a PT I have a very thorough calf/foot/knee/ankle exam, and nothing I did made the pain better or worse."

"Meds didn’t help."

"Elevating my leg didn’t help."

"I also had gotten a lab done earlier that day & had an elevated d-dimer."

"D-dimer can mean a lot of things, but a blood clot is one of them."

"I was a textbook case."

"Cross country flight a couple days before, fell asleep & didn’t move the whole flight, dehydrated on flight from a wedding the night before, leg swelling & pain that doesn’t improve with typical measures, long term birth control user, and BMI higher than I would like it to be currently."

"All the risk factors were there."

"It got missed."

"I got sent home only to end up in a different ED 2 days later, where they properly diagnosed my DVT."

"The entirety of my lower leg was clotted by that point because the clot had grown over several days."

"Showed up again 2 days after that because my heart rate was out of control & had some chest pain."

"Ended up with a lovely PE."

"I’m lucky I’m still kicking, and that it wasn’t way worse."

"Have seen many patients die of PE."

"My leg still has some issues which makes it hard to walk & do my job."

"My lungs are doing okay though."- ok_MJ

Dangerous Ignorance

"Patient here."

"When I was 16 I noticed a mole on my shoulder blade that I didn’t recognize and it was already sizable and a different color from all my other moles."

"First I had to convince my mom to take me to the dermatologist, which took a bit since she’s an ER nurse and brushes everything off from my sister and I if it isn’t a true/imminent emergency."

"The dermatologist was a complete tool, trying to show off to his medical intern, and not only dismissed but didn’t even make note of the mole I was concerned about."

"He did, however, zero in on the one in my boob, the one I’d had my entire life and had never changed."

"An absolute creep abusing his power towards a teenager and right in front of her mother."

"He insisted on a biopsy of that one which meant his male intern had to have his face right up in my 16 year old cleavage to punch it out."

"He unfortunately did such a good job on the biopsy punch that it never grew back, and I quite liked that particular mole."

"As expected, that came back negative."

"10 months later, I insisted on going back because it appeared to me that the already sizable mole was probably doubled in size, now bigger than a pencil eraser which is one of the parameters of concern."

"Back to the same shitty derm, but this time he didn’t have anyone to show off to and I was in for the second time in less than a year, so he listened that time and biopsied it."

"No idea how much it actually grew though since he didn’t bother to write it down the first time."

"That one comes back dysplastic precancerous."

“'Dysplastic nevus is a mole that exists in the spectrum between a benign mole and melanoma'."

"He excised that in office, but the excision was bigger than it should have been had he listen the first time and I have a sizable scar still."

"Had I listened to his advice the first time and brushed it off as nothing, I very likely would have had skin cancer before I graduated high school."

"Never went back to that sh*tty dermatologist again."- deCantilupe

Doctors literally have people's lives in their hands.

While we should always err on the side of trusting them, it's also important that we let our voices be heard, and if they refuse to listen, get a second opinion.

After all, as evidenced by these stories, no one is immune from making a mistake.

People's Weirdest Experiences They Can't Logically Explain

"Reddit user GifGuyRob asked: 'What is the weirdest thing you have seen that you can’t really explain?'

Every now and again, we might experience something that makes us stop dead in our tracks or gives us the shivers.

More often than not, there is a logical explanation for what happened, often resulting in our laughing about it down the line.

An electrical power surge caused the lights to flicker, that haunting noise we heard was just a nearby car radio, or that unexplained cold blast of air was simply owing to our standing too close to the air conditioning vent.

But sometimes, we experience something we simply cannot explain, and still lie awake at night trying to figure it out.

Redditor GifGuyRob was curious to hear people's mystifying experiences to which they still can't offer an explanation, leading them to ask:

"What is the weirdest thing you have seen that you can’t really explain?"

Card Tricks... Without The Cards.

"I was hanging out on the sidewalk in front of a drugstore when some dude walked by, stopped, looked at me, and asked me to think of a card, any card."

"Then he said 'you’re picturing the five of clubs!'"

"I was amazed."

"That’s the card I was thinking of."

”'Holy sh*t, that’s right!' I said."

"The dude just winked and walked away."

"That’s the best magic trick I’ve ever seen, and it was some rando on the street that I never saw again."

"I have no clue how he did it, other than some form of subliminal planting of the image in my mind, but that’s unreliable."

"It was a card trick that involved no cards at all."

"That was the most inexplicable thing I’ve ever seen."- I_Framed_OJ

Cosmic Injustice...

"In a hospital, the nicer the patient, the worse the prognosis."

"If they work charities and are really polite, definitely aggressive cancer."

"If they are rude a**holes, they will live long no matter how sick they are."- Koorsboom

The Knocks Hospital GIF by feierSunGiphy

Paranormal Activity

"I once saw a clipboard fly off of the hook it hung on and land around 3 feet away."

"The room was totally still beforehand, no breeze or earthquake or anything."

"Just hanging up where it always was, then flung across the room for no reason at all."

"Most boring poltergeist ever."- Reiseoftheginger

Lucky Pennies...

"I was living in my last apartment back in the 90s."

"I walked down the hall, turned to go to the bathroom, and got hit in the back with a penny."

"Nobody else was in the apartment."- kmsc84

Wrong Floor...

"Family was on holiday at a resort in Vietnam."

"My sister and I took an elevator in the hotel and it stopped and opened up on the top floor, where nothing was built."

"Just bricks laying about, a wheelbarrow, no fence or wall around the edge of the building, and there was a single small tree growing out of the ground in front of the elevator doors a few feet out."

"There was also this impenetrable fog that was floating around, obscuring the sight of what would be the rest of the resort below and it was quite windy."

"We both agreed it was weird and looked dangerous to be up here - we clearly weren't meant to have access to the top floor since it wasn't fully constructed."

"We went back down to the ground floor and noticed that it was actually a sunny and clear day all round."

"We wondered where that fog and wind went to."

"So we decided to go back to the unfinished rooftop level to check again, but when we did it was perfectly fine and fully built."

"We couldn't explain it and couldn't find that half-built top floor again afterwards."- lifesnotperfect

Going Up 13Th Floor GIF by Taylor SwiftGiphy

Not-So-Little Piggy

"My friends and I flashed a powerful light across a river and saw what appeared to be an absolutely massive boar."

"It then stood up on its hind legs and it simply did not compute."

"Immediate fear everyone ran."

"I was a kid but I have a very good memory and several friends that are positive they saw it as well."

"Idk."- 444jxrdan444

Unexplained Exit

"I went from driving on one highway to another highway in pouring rain."

"Still headed in the right direction, and about 10 miles in total displacement."

"But I consciously chose one and was on it until I saw road signs telling me I was one the other."

"I just went numb."

"No loss of time or any other abnormality."

"If I didn’t have to actually make a distinct effort to choose the route I wanted, I can see how it might have been a simple mistake."

"But I was on the road I chose (geography etc) until I wasn’t."

"Like something picked me up and put me down instantaneously and I didn’t notice until how long?"- Stayvein

Creature Of The Night

"Actually, one that was recently solved thanks to the internet!"

"We used to have parakeets in an outside aviary."

"One night I was woken up by the budgies screaming and there was... some odd animal attacking it."

"It had a pointed, cone shaped head, no visible ears and a long tail that was not foxlike."

"But it wasn't a possum."

"It was thin and moved like a cat -- it jumped and moved lithely."

"I tapped on the sliding glass door and it stopped, cocked its head, and came over to look at me."

"We were looking eye-to-eye and for the life of me I still couldn't figure out a face."

"Now I was really into nature in my area, really into reading books and sh*t because I wanted to be a forest ranger, and I still couldn't identify this animal."

"Everyone who I told said it was a bad dream but it was real."

"Anyway, years later it was still the weirdest thing that happened to me."

"The internet had come along and I finally had my answer: I saw a Fisher!"

"It's a super rare animal in my area -- like 500 left, max."

"Kind of like a weasel, but heavier."

"They do have ears, btw."

"I assume it was hidden by fur."- Z0ooool

Cabin In The Woods

"When I was about 13 or 14 years old myself and two friends found a house in the middle of the woods that just didn't make sense."

"We were all neighbors, and along all three of our houses was a very large wooded area."

"It runs a few miles back and becomes a state forest."

"We had run around these woods plenty of times and even had areas we'd recognize as we went."

"This particular day we followed this ravine that was sometimes a stream, but was dry at this time."

"That part is important, because we followed that same ravine several times after that and never could find the house again."

"When I say the house didn't make sense, I mean it. It was a white trailer."

"I'd say a double-wide."

"There was white underpinning along the bottom."

"It was a poor country area, so that's not uncommon."

"But it was unusually clean."

"Like, brand new, perfectly white."

"But that's still not the weird part."

"It didn't have doors."

"Or windows."

"Or a driveway."

"We were in the middle of the woods."

"The entire walk through the woods is full of bushes, thorns, spiderwebs, bugs, vines, logs."

"Woods stuff."

"But this was a clearing of flat grass like someone mowed this area."

"We weren't afraid or anything while we were there."

"There really wasn't anything remarkable about it, and that's honestly what makes it so weird to think about to this day."

"We just walked around it for a bit, said it was kinda weird, and we went back on our adventure."

"Eventually we all just went home."

"I'm still friends with both of the other kids."

"We're in our 30s and I'm even going to a wedding for one of them this weekend."

"We've talked about it since, and the story still just doesn't add up."

"My parents still live in that house, and we spent years after that day exploring the woods all the time."

"Never found it again."- Lemonbeeee

Horror Home GIF by Knock At The CabinGiphy

Sometimes our eyes might be playing tricks on us.

Other times, we know for certain what we're seeing is real, but simply can't explain what we're seeing.

Either way, there is little more disconcerting in this world than uncertainty.

Several lotto balls lay on a mirrored floor; all the balls are white and black with different numbers except one that is white and blue, with the number 20
Alejandro Garay/Unsplash

Who hasn't, at one time or another, dreamed about hitting the lottery big time?

When you do lotto research (as I frequently have), you learn the best thing for you is anonymity.

Hiding your fortune is one of the best ways to stay alive!

That's not a dramatic statement.

There are horror stories surrounding lotto winners.

Money changes everything, so keep your secrets.

Redditor divorced_dad_670 wanted to hear about how creative people would get to make sure nobody knew they were super rich, so they asked:

"Powerball is currently at 1.4b, if you won, what is your cover story as to why you’ve suddenly gained so much wealth?"

I have thought long and hard about how I'm going to win the lottery and how I will hide it.

I'm clearly not alone as may Redditors have their own plans.

Out West

Farm Workers Food GIF by Denyse®Giphy

"No cover story. I'd tell no one. Then I'd move to a ranch in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest, and spend the rest of my days riding dirt bikes and gardening."


Fists Up

"Keep working for a week or two. Get more and more angry. Get in a fight with someone and get fired, never to be heard from again. No one will miss me."


"I would totally miss you, dude. I feel like we are kindred spirits, you and I. And I would never let a kindred spirit miss out on a prime business opportunity like the one I am about to tell you."


"Bro, for 10k, I'll start the fight with you, and you can leave because of a hostile work environment. Then in 6 months when you blow it all, you can come back to work and I'll apologize."


Spend Less

"If people have realized I've gained obscene wealth, I've failed already."


"The only way to really tell is if you go straight Hollywood baller route. I remember 50 Cent saying you don't want a house that big. If you think s**t I don't want to walk all the way down there it's too big."


"This. I would absolutely not tell anyone, keep working, pay off my house and car (and not tell anyone), (secretly) invest, and keep my mouth shut."



"Bought Bitcoin early. Forgot password. Remembered password."


"This sort of happened to me. I got tipped $1 in Bitcoin years ago because of some stupid comment here on Reddit. I forgot about it for years until Bitcoin was actually worth something. Sold that little bit for ~$300! Most forgettable comment I’ve ever made on here, but the most profitable!"


Be Gone

"I won the Powerball. I'm disconnecting my number. You won't be able to reach me. If I want to reach you, I'll send a helicopter. Lol, get screwed, nerds."

"Vanishes in a cloud of smoke which cost me $230,000 to have set up!"


A big, splashy peace out "I QUIT" MOMENT can be a lot of fun.



"I'd tell people I stopped buying avocado toast based on a story on the news - next thing I knew it I had a ton of extra cash."


Making a Family

"I’d immediately start some bogus MLM, and begin soliciting anyone who asked about my money. I know I haven’t seen you since high school, but I’d like to talk to you about an exciting business opportunity. We’re more of a family than a team, really. If you’re a go-getter, you’re exactly who we’re looking for. #Bossbabe #MyownCEO #IDidYouCanToo."


"This is actually genius. People will think you're swimming in debt to sell the idea, when in fact, you're swimming in cash 😂."


Florida Issues

"I would say I sold all my crypto. Those who say they didn't know I was in crypto I would say yeah I didn't want to talk about it because too many crypto bros out there ruined talking about it. Florida releases the names of winners 90 days after they claim it. So the lie is not going to work for long. I would have isolated myself by then so it's not like I will need to worry about people showing up where I live and work asking for money."

"Apparently a corporation, trust, non-profit, partnership, or estate can claim lottery winnings in Florida. I was told many years ago that you had to claim it yourself. That's great to know I don't have to claim it myself. I'm still concerned it would get out that I won. That would be a nice worry to have compared to worries I am dealing with."



"When a colleague who ran our work lottery syndicate decided it was our turn to win, he said we should figure out how we were going to quit."

"His plan was supposedly to blow the south wall off the open plan office all the programmers use, hire a helicopter with some sort of harness arrangement, and the London symphony orchestra to play him away from the car park with Ode to Joy as he disappeared backward on his harness over the city under the helicopter with two fingers up at the building the whole time. I wish he’d won, he was just crazy enough to have possibly done it."



"I will ask everyone I know if I can borrow money. Every single person will be asked for an amount that will be enough that they don't say yes instantly but not so large they can't afford it. If I barely know you maybe I ask to borrow $40. If you're my parents I ask for $10k. I write down every single person's response. When I am later asked for anything I will reply with that exact answer."


Simple Plans

signing season 3 GIFGiphy

"No cover story. You call an accountant, a lawyer, and a financial advisor. You move states and claim the ticket after you have moved."


Money is fantastic but it can be dangerous.

Lessons learned.

Do you have any fantasies about winning the lotto? Let us know in the comment below.

graves in a cemetery
Waldemar on Unsplash

When someone dies young, people often lament they're "gone too soon."

Death comes for us all eventually, but sometimes it's especially shocking when a person on the cusp of greatness dies—often tragically.

Keep reading...Show less
Vintage toy store window
Nong on Unsplash

It's funny, because depending on our financial management, some of us get really "spend happy" once we have an adult job with adult money.

But others realize instead that they may not need to buy everything they can suddenly afford, but just that one thing they've wanted since childhood.

Curious about others' wish list items, Redditor zydollasiign asked:

"What did you purchase as an adult because you could never have it as a child?"

A Metal Detector

"A metal detector. I always wanted one as a kid, but my dad said I'd use it a handful of times, and then it would sit and collect dust forever."

"I bought myself one, and it turns out that my dad was right."

- AlmostSane67

Just Desserts

"Desserts at restaurants."

- TenderPhoenix

"Yes! And appetizers and a soda. I was only ever allowed to get one thing; I could choose an appetizer, a main dish, OR a dessert. But getting all three and a drink makes me feel so bougie."

- Fun_Acanthisitta1101

Options at the Book Fair

"It's not about what I buy myself but I make sure my kid has plenty of money for the book fair."

- EnvironmentSmart4698

"The parent I dream to be… you’re awesome."

- lmwk4gcc

The Big Pack

"The gigantic pack of Crayola crayons!! Just took me 65 years… lol (laughing out loud)... and I love them!"

- MyCat_SaysThis

"I don’t share my 120-pack, either. I got the variety pack of Sharpie and Flair, too!"

- littlescreechyowl

Proper Clothes

"Clothes that fit."

- dark-medicine

"Ugh, my mother was absolutely DELUSIONAL about what size clothing I wore. I was 18-20 before I realized that you weren't SUPPOSED to buy clothes you could just barely squeeze yourself into, clothes that dug deep red marks into you all day, clothes that caused you physical pain to wear. It was incredible the first time I bought myself a pair of pants that actually fit."

- SharMarali

"Opposite for me. My mom was paranoid about me "growing out" of stuff and it was so embarrassing and uncomfortable. Having so much extra fabric is so uncomfortable and makes it so hard to just function like a normal human."

"Having clothes that were the correct size was life-changing."

- pm_me_your_shaved_ice

"I work somewhere that sells a specialty clothing item for a youth activity (think something like sports jerseys). I frequently have to talk moms out of buying several sizes too big for their teenagers!"

"Yes, when the kid is eight and wearing a medium, I tell mom to get a large or even an XL so it fits for more than six months. But it is shocking to me how many moms want to buy a 2XL for their 15-year-olds who wear a small!"

"They’re not going to keep growing that much! Let them get the one they’ll be comfortable in. It’s like they have no idea when a kid will stop growing, even when the kid is taller than them."

- TheWishingStar



- HeresDave

"I can relate to this so hard, it hurts."

- candid84asoulm8bled

A Gaming System

"All the current gaming consoles. Feels good, man!"

- ImInJeopardy

"And never have time to play anything! My PS5 might as well be a $600 paperweight."

- Agreeable_Pizzy93

"Feel you here. I’m able to buy any game I want now. Have about 300 quality games in my library. Super juiced computer. If I am able to play for a few hours on a Friday night, it’s a win. Adulting is a paradox."

- ask_me_about_my_band

Ice Cream Cake

"Ice Cream Cake."

"My sister was a spring baby. She got ice cream cakes. I never got ice cream cakes because it was hot for my birthday and my mother said they'd melt too quickly."

"Now I get my own d**n ice cream cakes. I don't care if they melt."

- RumandDiabetes

"Growing up, I never got a birthday cake in the flavor that I liked because my mom hated those flavors. Now I don't have to dread having to eat my own birthday cake anymore."

- yodelingllama

High-Speed Internet

"The fastest Internet I could buy in my area."

- Cic3ro

"Same, grew up on Dial-up. It was torture."

- DukeOfJokes

A Comfortable Mattress

"As a teen, I started sleeping on the floor because my childhood mattress was so bad. I remember buying my first new one as an adult. It was one of those memory foam ones that came in a box."

"I ordered it online and paid $600. I felt like I was rich being able to do that. And it was the best mattress I had ever slept on."

- BartenderNichole

A Cat

"A cat."

- kittengoesrawr

"Same here. My mom kept saying she was allergic, but suddenly, now that I'm on my own, she has no issues taking care of him when I leave town. Make it make sense."

- anny_elle17

Comfortable Shoes

"Comfortable shoes! Growing up with flat feet and parents who didn’t want to shell out a lot of money for shoes meant that I wore uncomfortable tennis shoes for years. That’s why as soon as it was warm enough and sometimes not, I would wear flip-flops because they didn’t hurt my feet."

"My husband makes sure my shoes fit comfortably because when we met, my one 'comfortable' pair was falling apart because I was so broke, I couldn’t afford shoes. He took me shoe shopping as a date and bought me comfortable shoes."

- coffeeandjesus1986

"(Crying emoji), what a keeper."

- alley_underland

"Protect that man at all cost."

- No-Panda-8606

Playing Doctor

"I grew up in a home where my parents practiced a religion that said you can’t seek medical help or go to doctors. I always wanted the Operation game and a pretend doctor’s bag like my friends had."

"When I became a parent, my child received a play doctor’s kit and the Operation game for Christmas one year."

- MadMomma85

Basic Privacy


- Puzzled_Cheetah8390

"Raising my glass to FINALLY knowing 100% no one will rifle through my things and then confront me because they didn’t like what they found and then blame god for telling them to do it."

"No, Mom, no one told you to snoop. You went through my stuff hoping to find something shocking, and got mad because all you learned was that I left my laundry in the dryer without folding it on purpose just to annoy you and that Dad let me have half a beer one night while we watched 'Bubba HoTep' on USA UP All night."

- 5hrs4hrs3hrs2hrs1mor

"Same! My mom used to go through my things and read my journal. I never understood it, I was a nerd with a small group of friends who didn't drink, smoke, or do drugs, or have a boyfriend for that matter."

"I caught her so many times that she banned me from using the word 'snoop.'"

"Anyway, I understand now, it wasn't about being worried about me, it was about having control over me and me knowing I didn't have a safe space."

"Congrats to all the kids that finally reclaimed their safe place."

- RebelRigantona


"Aww man. I could name multitudes. I have been very blessed since I got married."

"But the main thing I do now is buy multiples of various grocery items we buy regularly to just keep the house stocked. When we open the last one, I go out and buy two or three more."

"Something about just knowing you have it available is comforting. Growing up we never bought anything unless we were OUT of it."

- No_Property1875

This conversation went from wholesome to anticlimactic to heartbreaking and back again.

There were some basic wants, like privacy, properly-fitting clothing, and appropriate shoes, that everyone should just be able to have. They should be a right rather than a privilege.

But fortunately, there were enjoyable things here, too, like more money for the Book Fair, fuzzy companions, and ice cream cake, that are wonderful to give to ourselves when our parents were unwilling or unable.

Adult money needs to be put toward bills and basic expenses, yes, but it should be put toward joy, too.