There is a trend among Instagram influencers to post pictures of themselves camping in incredibly strange and dangerous locations. Oftentimes, the way their tent sits on a rock outcropping or their sleeping bag is curled up under the stars suggests a picturesque, perfect camping trip. Instagram account youdidnotsleepthere is falling for none of that nonsense, however.

Youdidnotsleepthere has a singular mission in life: to call out these ridiculous images and remind the world there's no way an Instagram influencer actually slept there.

These Instagram models aren't campers...they're models. They take nice photos, but they aren't going to dangle themselves off a cliff while sleeping for real.

Some of them are too clearly fake to even comment on...

Sometimes, the account even calls out other untruths...

But, at the end of the day, youdidnotsleepthere's first and most important goal is to cast some shade towards these Instagrammers:

I mean...some of these photos are just insane.

No need to be jealous campers...this didn't really happen.

The internet applauded youdidnotsleepthere for finally standing up for THE TRUTH!





Of course, a few people insisted their camping sites were the genuine article!

We'll see what youdidnotsleepthere has to say about that. Spoiler alert: he probably won't believe them.

H/T - Insider, Instagram, National Geographic

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