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Insects play a vital role in Earth's ecosystem.

Without insects, some plants would die and some animals would starve creating a domino effect of global famine.

That being said, June Bugs can crawl back into the pits of Hell from whence they came.

I know I'm not alone in that opinion.

Redditor aconnor105 asked:

"What insect can go straight to Hell?"


"Horseflies. One of those f'kers chased my car for an hour and a half."

- an_ineffable_plan

"Ah yes, the sadistic combination of a mosquito's diet and gluttony and a fly's energy and speed."

- MadQrow

"Their mouthparts are literally two knives with the blades facing outwards, when a horsefly (or deer fly, or moose fly) bites you, they’re literally ripping a hole in your skin and lapping up the blood."

- MacTechG4

"They are such a**holes. A thrown shoe when they land is surprisingly effective at taking them out."

- AcceptablyPotato

"Deploy La Chancla!"

- classicalySarcastic


Bed Bugs

"Bed bugs. If you're anything like me just the mention of them makes your skin crawl."

- My_Space_page

"The bites are bad but the paranoia is worse. Once you get them you will never trust a bed ever again."

"Every unexplained itch will make you think 'F'k, are they back?'."

- pk-starstorm


Japanese Murder Hornets

"Those killer hornet things from Japan."

- firstoffno



"Mosquitoes. Every single one."

- Fish_Panda

"Only few select, totally expendable species of mosquitoes feed on humans. We need to just completely exterminate those f**kers!"

- vortex1001

"Kill em all, let their mosquito god sort em out."

- Digital_Utopia


June Bugs

Vindicated! I'm not the only one who hates these things.

"June Bugs. I hate them so much. They fly right at you and are so loud! And I get embarrassed for screaming my a** off."

- Skeebou and Cupacakezzz

"1000% this. They make sitting outside in the summer in Texas after 8:00pm (when it’s actually cool enough to sit outside) completely unbearable."

- Rendogala


"Cockroaches. I want to invent a laser to kill just these f'kers only. They all need to burn to ash."

- AlphaShard

"In South China we had drain cockroaches that would panic when they got caught in flash torrential rain. They make a beeline for the nearest high ground, which includes you."

"I didn't really believe it at first."

"'Hah, that cockroach looks like he's sprinting towards me. Look, he even changed direction with me. Whoa, hold on a minute mate'."

"He got to my upper chest before I managed to throw him off."

"About 2,000 of them panicked after a minor earthquake, flooding out of the drains and into the nearby shops. Yelps and colourful language followed as shop staff pelted them into the air and onto bikes/cars/pedestrians with brooms."

- mrminutehand



"Earwigs. Creepy a** bugs with those big a** pincers on their butt."

"And they always come out at night, get in water glasses, mailboxes...nasty things."

- Xonvoluted


"Fleas. Literally any parasitic insect."

- Recent_View6254

"This is the answer, literally just any parasite. Some actually DO have a reason to exist, but others seem like they were created for the PURPOSE of spreading diseases and pain."

- StreetIndependence62



"The Emerald Ash Borer. Has killed three massive trees on my property, and is working its way to killing every ash tree in my part of the country."

- CoffeeAndBrass

leafless tree on green grass field under white skyPhoto by Arun Clarke on Unsplash

Yellow Jackets

"Yellow jackets. All that buzzin and no honey..."

- NobodyUnusual1088


There are insects we mostly love—like honeybees, ladybugs or butterflies...


...but there seem to be a lot more we mostly hate.

Did your insect nemesis make the list?

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