People Explain Which Piece Of Information They've Learned That Almost Feels Illegal To Know

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Everyone loves a juicy secret or insider knowledge.

From knowing about a secret love affair happening between colleagues to understanding how to cheat the system when booking a table at a hot restaurant.

There are times, however, when holding onto a valuable piece of knowledge comes with a fair share of stress.

Indeed, sometimes knowing something which isn't common knowledge to everyone feels like it could get you in pretty serious trouble.

Almost as if the simple act of knowing what you do was illegal.

Redditor Diligent-Log6805 was curious to hear the juicy secrets and information people were worried might eventually get them arrested, leading them to ask:
"What piece of information did you learn, that feels illegal to know?

Contraband Music!

"Sometimes you can play around with URLs and find clean copies of watermarked previews."

"Helps a lot when trying to learn a song that you don’t have sheet music for."- funkycat75

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Not Illegal To Know, But Possibly Illegal To Use

"You can order maintenance keys on Amazon for most models of coin op laundry machines."- Reddit

"You can buy many keys online."

"Among them are:"

"There's the Ford fleet keys, which can get you into cops cars."

"There's firefighter and maintenance elevator keys which let you control elevators."

"You can turn them off, or turn it to fire evacuation mode (it just goes to main floor and is then unusable) and even firefighter/maintenance mode which the elevator will only go where you want it to go.''

"It won't stop at other floors to pick up other people."

"Keys for bulldozers, backhoes, and other heavy equipment."

"Often one key will open many models from the same manufacturer."

"There's also something called a Lishi Tool."

"It can be used to pick locks, but it's also set you to tell you the position of each pin in the lock."

"That allows you to have another key cut from code (useful if you lose your keys and don't want to replace the whole lock.)"

"And of course, handcuff keys."

"I've used a real handcuff keys in toy cuffs, so I'd imagine toy keys could work in real handcuffs."

"Generally these would all be legal to own (except the Lishi which is a type of lockpick and has various legalities around the US.)"

"All you need is an internet connection, a credit card to pay for it and an address to send it to."- David2022Wallace

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I Mean, They Weren't Going To Use Them...

'If you go to the plant section of a store and walk around, you will likely find a few clippings on the ground."

"You can pick those up and take them home with you and stick them in some dirt and illegally download a plant for free."- periyyas

Can Delete The File, Not The Info

"One time I received an email from my boss with an attachment that he clearly didn’t mean to send."

"It was an Excel file showing the compensation of everyone in my extended department."

"I gawked at it for a few minutes before he showed up at my desk."

"He made me delete it while he watched.'

"He couldn’t delete it from my brain though."- DWright_5

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Good To Know, I Guess?

"If you use a natural gas then fire fighters will think it was a gas leak whereas if you use something like gasoline, it leaves identifiable burn marks."- Crash_Junior-

A Helpful Glitch

"Doesn't seem to work anymore, but there was a restaurant chain app that I realized that after I had used rewards points that gave me $6 off one of my orders."

"My usual order was about $12, so about half off."

"I then noticed next time if I selected re-order previous order it would still include that $6 off every time, even though I had nowhere near the rewards points to keep getting that amount off, it just copied all the specifics of the previous order."- turkeysandwich1982


"En passant."- Normal_Public3520

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Always Look For The Loophole

"In Australia, no electrical apprentice can work within 600mm of green domes ( where houses are connected to underground power) but you can work as close as you want if you don't have any electrical license."- thorpie88

When You're Dealing With Something Bigger Than The Law...

"Jury nullification is something every U.S. citizen should know about."

"Disseminating information about it could actually lead to charges being pressed in certain circumstances, so it kinda is illegal at times."- Mrgoodtrips64

When You Don't Feel Like Paying

"You can just create a new email and extend your trial limit."- HolyFire-


...Make Friends With A Gardener?...

'In Brazil, it's not illegal to consume and grow hallucinogens mushrooms though it's illegal to sell them."- MuriloJCD

It's always exciting to hold on to secrets or privileged information.

And all the trouble it has the potential to get you into might make it only more exciting.

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