Kids Are Pranking Their Parents By Asking How Long To Cook A Turkey In The Microwave And It's Too Good 😂


Thanksgiving is near at hand, which means many young people will be preparing one of the year's biggest meals away from their parents, perhaps even for the first time.

Thankfully, moms are always there for us, even when our knowledge is noticeably lacking...

Perhaps our mother's willingness to help make a good dinner at all costs is what makes this next prank so funny.

All over the nation, kids are trolling their moms by texting and asking how long to cook their thanksgiving turkey in the microwave.



The mothers' reactions were priceless.



Some mothers just told their children to keep it simple.



You can hear the disappointment in these mother's texts...


This mother immediately jumped to Defcon 5.



Some children lost their turkey privileges.


There were also a couple moms who knew their children well enough to roll with the punches.

Twitter was laughing their heads off at each mom's reaction.

Don't worry, mothers—we know our stuff!

Well, at least most of us do.

Some, some of us...what's the number for the Butterball Hotline?

H/T - Buzzfeed, Mashable

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