Honest People Share The Most Difficult Conversation They've Ever Had

We need to talk...

Life is all about love and hard truths. There is no way around it, being hurt, feeling pain and having to do difficult, soul crushing things is inevitable. We all dread those moments in life when you have to look someone in the eye and have one of "those" conversations. But through pain will come triumph or... more pain. It's a toss up... it's why we have vodka.

Redditor u/paytie wanted to discuss some hard truths by asking... What's the worst conversation you've ever had to have?

Thank God for whiskey. 

I had to call my older brother and tell him that our younger brother had died. I then had to call my younger brother's best friend, girlfriend, and a few of his other friends and tell them the news.

That was a long night. hopebirmingham

It's not all that bad! 

I thought this one was going to be... I got caught smoking herb off campus by my VP. Dad had to pick me up. Most angry I've ever seen him. As part of my punishment he decided that I had to call all my relatives and tell them. I was most nervous about my grandmother because she lived close enough to visit and tell her in person. On the way there I was so nervous that I was reflex gagging. This is the only time and reason why I know I don't have actual anxiety issues. Anyway I sheepishly told her and her response was awesome. She said "well do you feel bad about it?" I nodded. "Then I guess that's it. The reason your dad dragged you over here was so you would feel bad." She gave me a hug and whispered to me. "Your dad sold drugs when he was your age. He doesn't want you to make the same mistakes. But honestly sweetie it's not as terrible as you feel." Rumplestiltman

I'm so sorry...

I ran over a dog once in high school. I went up to the house to tell the owners and after telling the woman who answered the door she told me it was her husband's dog and he had Alzheimer's and it was his best friend then invited me inside to tell the husband. I stayed there until the cops arrived as this woman told me every story she ever had about her family and the dog. To make matters worse, a girl I was dating at the time was in the passenger seat crying the entire time. expresidentmasks

Help our Vets! 

Was homeless and had a homeless vet for a friend. We would hang out watch each others belongings etc. helped one another out. Would go in half on motels and food when we had money from panhandling or from just doing odd jobs that day or what change we could scrounge up here and there.

One day we were sitting down talking at this corner store, he pulled out a gun said he couldn't handle living life like this anymore and how he served for this country and no one cares etc. and when he got back no one would hire him and how he lost his family, his wife, his kid, not from death they just left him he said he couldn't take it anymore and shot himself bled out and died in my arms. I tried getting the gun away and such but couldn't.

A week later I was at his funeral, only a couple people showed up and one of his sons showed up. I talked to his son told him what happened and handed him his dad's dog tags and a letter he wrote months before he ended his life and told me to hand it to his family if something ever happened and they happen to show up. I held on to it for months didn't think I would really had to hand it to anyone. dunnonymore881

It's like a movie.

"Your step-dad finally got a heart transplant, but it had been too long, his body was too weak, it didn't take. He's gone." I remember this scene unfolding like I was standing outside of my body, watching it happen to someone else, until I crumbled into my mother's arms. CreampuffOfLove

I'm empty. 

Breaking up with my girlfriend of 4 years, not because my feelings were gone but because I noticed her feelings were diminishing and I couldn't give her the freedom she wanted.

Edit: Just wanted to clarify, although I do appreciate all the kind words, the decision was not 100% because I only wanted her to be happier, but also because of self preservation. I could no longer stay in a relationship I knew was not equal, and I knew it was going to end badly for me eventually. So if you think of me as a selfless person I'd have to disappoint you. CannedCancanMan

Life changes in an instant.

My ex and I were still friends when she got into a car accident that gave her a significant amount of brain damage. Mentally, she was reduced to a 5 year old.

My first conversation with her after the accident was the worst conversation I've ever had.

It looked like her. Sounded like her. But... it wasn't. It was like some weird soap opera nightmare. I knew things changed the second she looked at me. It's like she was looking at the mailman or something. I was just a stranger again. Retro_Mutagen

I can't imagine... 

When I had to call my husband at work and tell him we lost the baby. I was almost 39 weeks pregnant. I heard his heart shatter over the phone. bookluvr83

Just tears...

My good friend got a call one day when we were hanging out, his brother overdosed and had passed away. I drove him home and he couldn't work up the courage to tell his mom, every time he tried he would either gag or start crying so hard he couldn't talk, so I sat her down and told her. I ended up spending the night with my friend to make sure he would be ok and that he wasn't alone (his girlfriend was on vacation). Honestly breaking the news to his mom that one of her son's had passed away due to an overdose was the hardest thing to do, i just hugged her and her son as they cried for probably close to an hour until his mom's boyfriend could get there. His brother was also one of my really good friends I was able to hold back the tears until after I got home from the memorial service. thatbluegti

Chat it out! 

When I was 16 I lost a friend of mine to meningitis and it destroyed me. The councilor in my school decided it would be good to ask me to go over every detail of when he died so we could 'chat it out' and it brought back all of the pain. MrC99

No tears left to cry... 

I had to talk to an older coworker who was incompetent, but thought he was the crap. The guy would do stuff like travel to gas fields near places he wanted to visit, and bring his wife with him.... to the gas fields, who was not an employee of the company or have any sort of safety certifications. He thought all of this was ok. I explained to him how he needs to take the job seriously, and that he was a idiot and all the customers keep writing to me how he doesn't know what he was doing. Yea I made an old indian guy cry, but I stand by it. He was a moron. ooo-ooo-oooyea

The aftermath...

Answering the paramedics questions after my gf tried to kill herself while I was in the house. muchvape2000

Trauma effects us all... 

I have only loved one woman. She ended up leaving me to deal with her own psychological issues, which I understood, but I was heartbroken. Months later, she reached out and told me she was planning a suicide. My life became about helping her maintain balance. I helped make appointments for her, I was emotional support at any hour, I skipped classes to sit and talk with her on the phone, and I did it without hesitation. She was lost and she needed someone. I was her someone. Eventually, when she was out of the woods, we parted ways again.

Years later, she contacted me looking for bizarrely specific information. I asked why. She explained that she was collecting evidence. Days after she left me, she was assaulted with excessive violence outside her apartment by a man I knew. I had bought him a beer when she introduced us. I shook his hand. She hadn't told anyone the specifics of that evening, and because she trusted me, she vented.

It's been about three years since we had that conversation. I haven't dated anyone since. I haven't had sex in five years. It haunts me. I try and let it go, but it has shaped me now. I've gotten to the point where I've all but accepted that I'm psychologically incapable of having another romantic relationship because of the horrific way that my first and only one ended. And even after all of that, she still has a vastly worse experience to overcome.

That was, without any competition, the worst conversation I have ever had. CognitiveParallax


2 both with my mom:

My freshman year of college I wasn't mature enough yet to handle my alcohol responsibly. I woke up the morning after Halloween in a hospital with my mom in front of me. I had turned unconscious while a cop was giving my friend who was driving me home a DUI. By the BAC levels, I should either be dead or have severe brain damage right now. Somehow I have neither. Do you know what it's like to talk to your mom about how she and your sisters were distraught because they honestly thought they had lost a member of their family, aka you?

Years later I was getting a master's at UGA. I withdrew, drove home, sat my mom on the couch in the morning and told her I needed help. Like real help. We committed myself to a hospital over the weekend to keep me safe while we set up appointments with a psychiatrist and psychologist the help figure things out. Do you know what it's like to sit the person who raised you down and tell them that the thoughts of killing yourself have become so heavy you don't trust yourself to be alone anymore? Sirnacane

The heart is fragile. 

I had to tell my 8 year old daughter that my aunt had passed. She was the most beautiful person on this Earth and her Smile would light up the entire house when she was around. She took her life, and I have never had the heart to tell my daughter that she did, she thinks that she had a heart attack, and that is why she wants to become a cardiologist to find a cure to prevent them. sol22516

Nobody's perfect... 

I had to tell my baby sister how our parents aren't good parents, at best they are ehhh. They had kids way too young and honestly didn't know how to raise them. That our grandparents are better parents than our parents. That she should love them but don't have high expectations of them. They gotten better over the years but not much. venomstrike123

Thank you for your service.

When I had to call my mom and tell her I had orders to Iraq. OrdinaryItem

Bless you Johnnie!! 

I was on a flight from LA to Tokyo. I believe it's around a 13 hour flight but I could be wrong. I sat next to this Christian missionary couple. I'm an atheist but I don't go around preaching what I believe, These two did though. It wasn't even a friendly debate, it was just them telling me what I ought to believe in and how to encourage that belief in others. I ended up opening one of my duty-free bottles of Johnnie Walker which was supposed to go to my grandpa whom I was on my way to visit in India. I ended up downing at least half of it on the flight just to knock out and keep the idiots at bay. EricTheAckAcktor

Stay cool mom and dad...

When I was like 14, my parents checked the internet history on our Shared desktop and found a bunch of gay porn. I'm not gay, it definitely wasn't me looking at it, but no matter how much I told them that, they wouldn't buy it. Luckily they were very supportive of my lifestyle and that it's not bad to be gay or anything like that. So they showed me the Website and I immediately knew what happened. This was ten years ago and at the time the flash game website addictinggames.com was huge. My little brother was on there all the time but he accidentally spelled add**ktinggames.com which was the gay porn site. TikisFury

Grandma misses you too... 

A little late and probably gonna get buried but when my 4 year old daughter and I showed up on the scene of the accident my mom was involved in. She was supposed to be life flighted to the nearest trauma hospital but after landing the helicopter they came and told me she didn't make it. Having to call both of her parents (she was an only child), my brother who was stationed 12 hours away, and my fiancé at the time to come get my daughter and I because the officers wouldn't let me drive. I really think the worst of it all was telling my 4 year old that grandma was gone. She really didn't understand and still to this day, 3 years later, tells me she misses her. kdbk10


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