Guys Divulge Which Things All Men Secretly Do

Two urinals
Tim Wildsmith/Unsplash

When it comes to certain behaviors, it's a gender thing.

Our different anatomy makes men specifically do things–like adjust their crotch area in public or just give up altogether and spread their legs while sitting on a subway train to make themselves comfortable.

But it's not just about moving a stuck testicle.

There are other peculiarities exclusively associated with men.

Curious to find out more about what else men typically do, Redditor Sythanytx asked:

"Guys of Reddit, what is one thing that all guys do?"

Here's some behind the scenes examples of what guys do concerning what's between their legs.

Adjusting Period

"Pretending to put our hands in our pocket when actually we're actually trying to untangle our underwear."

– 0MrSoap0

Hands-Free Method

"The side step to unstick your junk from your thigh."

– decorativesofapillow

Here's what happens in the men's room.

Respecting Boundaries

"Give each other space at the urinals. 9 times out of 10, the only time you will see 2 guys using directly adjacent urinals is when there's no other choice. Otherwise, the rule is every other urinal, and we're pretty good at it."

– callingallcomas

Focus On The Task At Hand

"The stare blankly at the wall when peeing at a urinals."

"Looking to the side is punishable by death."

– barronelli

These behaviors occur before accomplishing a task.

Sound Check

"Pressing the trigger on your drill a couple of times as soon as you pick it up."

– bisquickvic

The Pat-Down

"What my brother calls the 'guy check.'"

"We slap our pockets to make sure we have our wallet, keys, and phone."

– yamo25000

Maybe it's a guy thing.

Clearing The Path

"Kick rocks off of the sidewalk or down the street."

– blueduck9696

A Boulder Move

"enjoy dropping big rocks into water etc."

– Wetvv

Hear Him Roar

"One time I was in a walking path that crosses over a lake. Two little boys were running to the shore and back up to toss in rocks. I walked down to the shore picked up a bowling size rock and threw it off the bridge for them. I was a god in their little eyes. Lol."

– 10_Virtues

Selective Knowledge

"I have no idea wtf is going on in most of my friends personal lives... Known them for years."

– KingYondu

How Presumptuous

"Critically think if the next woman that talks to us is flirting with us or is trying to be a friend.... usually we fail anyways."

– Hack3rsD0ma1n

Here's a twist, if you will.

It's no secret men have an advantage with peeing while standing.

But here's my personal secret, and it's not something all men do.

At home, I pee sitting down. It's for a sanitary reason. I don't want to make a splash and have micro droplets accumulating on the bathroom floor, because, gross.

I wish my husband felt the same; but, I can't complain.

He always puts the seat back down for me when he's emptied out.

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