Are you someone who lives their life through a series of easily avoidable mistakes and cringeworthy moments? If so, then you can most likely relate to the following events of individuals barging in to rooms and situations by mistake.

Reddit user, u/aussie-boy-22, wanted to hear about:

What is your embarrassing story of "oops wrong room"?

One Way To Show Support

awkward bart simpson GIFGiphy

Being a supportive family member who has a couple of gay family members I ended up going to Pride with them.

I got lost from them and I saw a room labeled "the dungeon" I thought to myself... hey that sounds pretty neat!

As soon as I walked in the door it was room full of tv screens with BDSM porn playing in the screen.

I instantly did a 180 and walked right out the door like grandpa simpson


Nice To Meet You, I'm The New Neighbor

Went grocery shopping, two days after moving into my new apartment. Came back, wondered why the door was unlocked, and let myself in to see the layout slightly different. My downstairs neighbour then poked her head out from the living room and just looked at me. I noped out of there and hastily went up to my own floor. Great introduction though.


Caught For Your Curiosity

When I was 11 I (a girl) was insanely curious about what boys' bathrooms looked like inside. So one day we were at a McDonald's and I opened the door to the boy's toilets instead of the girl's. Where I started right into the face of a cleaner. For some reason I can't even begin to fathom, I put on my best fake accent and just said "wow, things sure are different in Canada." I turned around and went back to my seat, face burning.

I'm Australian. In Australia.


A Classic Safari Tent Mixup

I was on a safari with my family. For a game drive, you wake up super duper early to go and see the animals. Had to get something from another tent, then returned to mine. Wasn't wearing my contacts yet, and upon returning to my tent, I opened the zipper, I was standing in the doorway and suddenly something moved in my bed. I high-pitched screamed which was answered by an evenly loud scream of some guy who was equally shocked someone was screaming in the doorway of his tent at 5.30 AM. Yeah turns out my tent was the next one. Felt sorry for waking him! And very embarrassed


Wait, The Lock Was Inside The Door?

Tried to find a bathroom at a house party when I was about 15. Walked in on the host's older sister and her boyfriend doing it. Have never seen so much panic and anger in someone's face.

She came downstairs pretty soon after and had a very heated conversation with her brother in the kitchen. Once she left he told everyone and had a good laugh about it (typical little brother) and I felt really bad in case they could hear. But, as I found out from my friend, the room does have a lock on the inside. At the end of the day they were kind of asking for it with around 30 teenagers partying in a house with one bathroom, that was right next to her room.


Going For A Ride

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Jumped into the wrong car and the driver thought I was highjacking him.


A few weeks back I did this on the driver side. Approached "my car" in the parking lot, pressed the unlock button in my pocket (I didn't look to see if the lights flashed). Opened the driver door to hop in and there is a dude sitting in the driver seat browsing his phone.

Turns out, same model car pulled up and parked one car space in front of mine a while after I arrived.


Just A Simple Mix Around

I exchanged for a year to Japan, where literally all men's toilets have a blue man and are at the right side, while most woman's toilets are signified by a pink woman on the left.

On the airport when I came home, I had a long sh-t. When I got out, there was a queue of at least ten women who looked at me like like I was a perverted scum. Dying inside, I kept a straight face as I exited the women's bathroom.

The reason for my blunder was that the a holes at the airport had put the women's toilet at the right side with a blue woman on the door.


This Feels Like The Adult's Fault

I was in the choir for a funeral of a 6 year old girl. I was around 12 at the time and went to the same school she attended. We were told beforehand that rehearsal would be in the church's cry room.

That was wrong because the cry room was actually the open casket. It was a pretty small room so by the time I realized what was happening I was already halfway inside.

I tried to play it off in front of obviously grieving close family by walking up to the casket and paying my respects the best I could.


Don't Feel Bad. You Did Everything You Could.

I am a Maintenance tech for a large rental company. Once a month we change air filters for residents and check for other maintenance issues. Not long ago, I was completing this monthly task for one of our complexes. I always knock twice and ring the door bell (if applicable) and announce my self as maintenance and the task that I mean to complete.

I do my spiel at one of the doors and no answer. The residents car is gone so he must not be here. I unlock the door and knock one last time and announce myself a throw open the door.

There on the couch, head phones on, lap top rolling and naked as a jay bird, was the residents girlfriend ( I'm guessing). Ive never seen this person in my life. What a meet and greet.

I'm startled and she must have seen the light from outside when the door opened because she spun her head toward me fast enough to break her neck. Looking at each other with total embarrassment, I slowly backed out of the door, closed and locked it back again. I didn't go back to change the filter that day. I figured we would give that experience a day or so to pass over... Embarrassing, VERY.


Yeah, No, Wow...

Disappear Homer Simpson GIFGiphy

Had an internship as a nurse. My job in the morning was going around and measuring blood pressure and pulse of basically all the patients on the station.

One day I walked into a room and cheerfully said good morning. A group of crying relatives looked at me. The patient died over night and no one told me.


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