People Describe The Grossest Thing They've Ever Seen At Someone Else's House
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Some people keep their homes in such disarray that it's frightening.

Have you ever walked into a home and felt the need to run?

What people do in their homes is their business.

You decorate, color, and destroy it as you see fit.

However, it's our choice not to visit.

Redditor 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 wanted to hear about the yuck factor we've all come across at the dwellings of others.

They asked:

"What's the grossest thing you've ever seen at a strangers house?"

There are just some things that can't be unseen. Especially on other people's houses.



"A thick sheet of mold under the fridge. So thick I thought it was a rug."



"I used to work for a furniture company doing deliveries, and sometimes repos. As a rule of thumb, if you're doing a repo, the house you're about to go in is usually nasty as all hell. The one that sticks out in my memory was no exception. It was more of a compound of two or three trap dens, rotten saggy floors, roof falling in. Just f**king nasty. We had to repossess a stove they had bought maybe a month before."

"And in that short time it had become caked with grease and infested with roaches. When we got it back to the store the manager told us to put it out back, as in outside cause he didn't want the store to become infested. A week or two later a couple that refurbished old appliances came and bought it for twenty dollars."



"I’m a hospice nurse who works inside peoples homes. I have seen many many gross and disturbing things inside people's homes; hoarders, mold from flooding, floor missing etc. the worst thing I can remember was this patient who had around 10 dogs. The home was a hoarder house (not that unusual for my line of work)."

"However there was dog pee and crap all over the floor. The only path to walk through with all the clutter in the house was covered with animal feces. We would dress in full PPE (shoe covers, gowns, mask) every time we went in. The patient was very obese and his wife couldn’t care for him properly."

"He would be so saturated in urine that his waste would drip on the flooring around his hospital bed. Eventually APS got him out of the house. It was awful. I have smelled MANY terrible things but I struggled not to vomit when In this house caring for him."



"My younger sister would babysit for the couple next door. One evening, she asked if I could babysit for her instead, because she couldn't handle it. I was stupid, so I said fine. They had roaches everywhere. Kitchen. Bathroom. Living room. My sister wouldn't even sit on the couch - she sat on an ottoman in the center of the room, as did I. We only did that a few times before we weren't 'available' anymore."


Poor Pets

cats GIFGiphy

"Animal hoarders house. You could smell cat pee from the sidewalk and when she opened the door the smell was like a physical punch in the face. Piles of poop everywhere. I ended up anonymously reporting her to animal control."


We should never involve the fur babies in our mess.


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"I went to visit a friend whose house I had never been to before. We were outside on the patio, I asked to go in to use the toilet, she was reluctant. Every dish, pot, and pan in the kitchen was dirty and filled with water. Not just on the counters, on the floors all over the place. It looked like it had been that way a while."


No Space

"I went to a friends house so he could do some work on my car. After he was finished (hours later) I really needed to pee so I asked if I could use his restroom prior to driving home. He seemed hesitant at first but finally said yes. I regret ever asking... they were a full on HOARDER family."

"There was barely enough room to walk in the front door to the bathroom and once in the bathroom literally just the toilet bowl was visible. I pretended to pee and hightailed it out of there and peed at the gas station up the street."


Gotta Bounce

"Went to a friend of a friend's house who had a young, friendly and very excitable pit bull. Sat down on the couch, dog jumps up onto the cushion next to me and unleashes a TORRENT of pee, soaking the other cushion. Before I can do anything he shoos the dog off the couch, flips the cushion and hands me a beer like nothing happened. Needless to say I got up, chugged that beer and bounced within about 2 minutes."



"A buck rag Used for child discipline. A very old-fashioned thing, but still used in parts of the US. You just pop the lid and hold it under the child's nose. It stinks. Easily bought from goat farmers online, apparently. It gets the smell from male goats. I was at my girlfriend's house at 16 and didn't believe her dad really owned one, so she showed me when he wasn't looking."

"A disgusting rag that clearly used to be white, but was thoroughly yellowed/greyish and discoloured and slick-looking. Double-sealed inside 2 glass jars. I almost smelled it out of curiosity (though she urged me not to) but got cold feet when I pulled it out of the drawer... even without opening the jars I sensed something smelled slightly... funky. I'm not sure if I was imagining it or if it was really that strong but I didn't want to experience it any more than that."



Excited The Muppet Show GIF by Muppet WikiGiphy

"Went to a friends house who had huge a** rats sitting on the shelves in closets when you opened them lol... place was infested with them and they didn’t even care slightly."


Bottled Up

"I work apartment maintenance. A few months ago someone moved out. Left a bunch of stuff. Food in the fridge, rugs, end table, cat pole. Annoying but no big deal. Then the spare bedroom. Literally thousand of empty water bottles pile in a corner. Like 3 ft high of just water bottles. About a dozen 50 gallon trash bags of JUST WATER BOTTLES."

"Still not terrible gross but annoying. Then the second bath room... the stench was horrible. My boss couldn't take it. Gagging and had to leave. Toilet seat on the floor. Brown from sh*t. Clothes pilled up it was at the top of the toilet and tub. As I start throwing the clothes away I realized it is layered like a horrifically perfect cake. Dirty clothes. Cat sh*t. Dirty clothes. Cat sh*t."

"Layered so well and even it had to be coordinated by poor cat and owner. After cleaning and spraying it down with pure chlorine nothing could get the cat shit smell out... at least the MF was hydrated. That or a guy that died and layered in the heat for 2 weeks."


It's Everywhere

"Someone I had recently met invited several people to their house to hang out. I don't know if any of the others had ever been there, but I hadn't and I hadn't known the person long but wasn't expecting a crapshow or anything. They had a toddler and a couple of dogs. It was like no one ever cleaned anything."

"There were used diapers waded up everywhere where they would just change the kid and throw them somewhere. The kitchen was full of old food and dirty dishes and stuff that was molding. They kept the dogs shut out in the overgrown back yard. There was just trash and random stuff everywhere."


“watch your step”

"I went to visit an employee once to pick up some gear and he and his wife lived with several chickens - yes the chickens lived in the house. The floor was caked in chicken poop from years of not being cleaned. This was a normal house in a normal city suburb."

"They didn’t see it as unusual in any way. There was no 'watch your step' The floor is covered in chicken shit. Instead it was 'have a seat can i get you a coffee?' Needless to say I hightailed it out if there minus the coffee as soon as I concluded my business dealings."


Hold It!

hold it in homer simpson GIFGiphy

"As a very young teenager, I went to a friend's house in the winter. I didn't know they didn't have indoor plumbing and had to use an outhouse. They had a covered pot in the kitchen for him to pee into. No I am not going to pee in front of your mom and older sister. I held it until I got home."


I Can't Breathe

"I walked into a new friend’s apartment for the first time and it turns out they were like a hard-core hoarder. The stench was… just freaking the worst thing I had ever smelled in my life. And he like did not seem to have a problem with it at all. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met to this day but man that was such a shock. We lost touch over the years but I heard he got help and is now married with 2 kids living on the east coast."


10+ piles of crap...

"Me and my friend went to his friends house to see this kid. I knew him but wasn't really friends with the kid. We walk in the house and all I could smell was poop. Turns out these people had like 3 dogs and a decent size backyard but no fence. They were that lazy to take the dogs out to go to the bathroom that they would literally lock the dogs in the KITCHEN and let them sh*t and pee all over the place. I must of saw like 10+ piles of crap. The even crazier part was that he was acting completely normal like there was nothing wrong with letting his dogs use the kitchen as a bathroom."



"Went to a friend of a friend’s house. Their toilet had been stopped up for apparently days, no one was doing anything about it, they just kept using the toilet and couldn’t flush it. They didn’t tell me this before I went to use the bathroom. Inside the toilet was black, the smell was like a port-a-potty in the sun. They were like 'yeah, it’s been broken for a few days.' The worse part is that they had three young kids. I left then, bewildered that no one was bothered by it."


Bad Owner

Ryan Gosling Snl GIF by ADWEEKGiphy

"Toilet paper full of sh*t in the bathroom sink, cut up nails on the dinner table and, of course, dog poop everywhere and the poor dog just lying somewhere looking mighty sad, probably beat up too. And the most disgusting of them all - the owner."


People really need to clean a little. Just a little...

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