If you really love someone, there are certain things that should not be brought up outside of your relationship, especially a small manhood. This guys girlfriend tells her friends and he is beside himself.

u/akalaka says:

My [19 M] girlfriend [19 F] of one year ranted to our best friend about how small my dick is. Now everyone's making small dick jokes about it to me and I'm angry at her.

These are the facts, TMI style:

I'm 3.5 inches long and my girlfriend doesn't like it. We have the same best friend, let's call him Mike. Now Mike and my girlfriend were talking and she started telling him how small my dick was and how I wasn't satisfying her.

Mike isn't a very mature person, and he proceeded to tell everyone we knew. Now everyone's making fun of me for it. They keep making small penis jokes and it hurts.

I'm really sensitive about it. I didn't have sex with my girlfriend until 10 months into the relationship because I was scared of what she would say, of what she might say to others.

I'm really pissed off at her because I told her I was sensitive about it, and then she goes and basically tells everyone about it. Sorry if this sounds dramatic, but it feels like a betrayal of my trust. I don't have much confidence and this just makes me not want to leave my room ever again.

Am I overreacting or am I in the right for being angry at her?

Immediate action!


She betrayed your confidence, when she knew how much of a sensitive issue that is for you.

To me, that's an absolute deal breaker, and I'd end the relationship immediately.


No trust no deal


Dude, all of these people are a**holes, you need them all out of your life. Starting with your GF and your friend.

Your GF's betrayal is horrendous, she has no respect for you or your relationship. You now won't be able to trust her with anything. Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship.


Total disrespect


Who the f*** takes advantage of a lover/friend's insecurities like that? A**holes. A**holes do, OP.

You need these people out of your life. This is so unacceptable on so many levels for everyone involved. I mean seriously? How much more disrespectful can you f*******get of someone who is supposed to trust you?


Totally immature


She's not a keeper. And you should realize that there are plenty of actual, mature women out there who will love you and not betray you. This girl is way too immature to be in a serious relationship


Don't be defined


Break up with her and lose your best friend. Don't let your dick size define you.


From a ladies perspective...


If she loved and respected you she wouldn't have been ranting about it at all, never mind to someone who is gossipy and immature. My breasts are an A cup, if my husband ever ranted to any of my friends about how they are too small to satisfy him they would just think he was bizzare and wouldn't view him too kindly, and neither would I. It is a physical feature one can't easily change, and maybe don't even want to.


Under reactive


Not overreacting, underreacting.

This was insanely insensitive of her, and a dealbreaker for many. Also, Mike isn't a good friend if he not only accepts this info but then spreads it and taunts you over it.


It's cruel


Drop her and your friend like a couple bags of steaming hot cat s***.

I'm sorry they did that to you, it's very cruel, and really unacceptable


Get rid of the rude people


Your girlfriend and your "best friend" suck


Being mad is ok


Yes you definitely have a right to be angry at her. However, to be fair, she told one person and Mike told "everyone." So you should also be angry at Mike. Sounds like neither your gf or mike are good for you.


Get rid of them all!


Get rid of all these shitty people in your life dude.


It's off limits 


To most people that sort of thing doesn't matter, but bothersome "flaws" that friends have are off limits for teasing


It's just not cool 


My best friend is a guy, and mutual friend of myself and my boyfriend. I do not, ever, under any circumstances, b**** to said friend about my boyfriend, because it's bad firm to b***** about your dude to a dude, ESPECIALLY a dude your dude is friends with.


Confidential information 


That's f***ed up and really b****y. Your sex life (including penis size!) Is no ones business outside of your relationship! Her telling someone (especially a male who is known to be immature) that you're not satisfying her is extremely inappropriate. No you're not being dramatic, you have every right to be hurt and angry. I would not want to stay with someone like that.


Dodging bullets and being optimistic 


She's a petty b****. Dump her ass and be thankful you've dodged a bullet. Don't let dick size get you down. I've known women who have worked with less.


Respect is number one 


Respect is number one in relationships. Dump her


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