Gamers Admit The Unrealistic Parts Of Video Games They Wish Were Reality

People love video games, and with good reason. A well created video game can immerse the player in entirely new worlds with new abilities and storylines that "real" life just doesn't offer. That immersion can sometimes creep its way over to "real" life. For example, when Elder Scrolls: Oblivion first came out, we got so into it - specifically into alchemy - that we would start seeing "real" plants and flowers and mentally associating them with the game plants. We'd be driving or walking past some landscaping and think "Oooh! I need flax for a potion!" ... and then remember that's not really flax, real flax isn't going to make me magically stronger, and magic potions aren't real. Also that I needed to pay more attention to where I was driving.

One Reddit user, who clearly gets us down to our souls, asked:

What's an unrealistic thing in video games you wish was in real life?

And we were ALL ABOUT IT. We gathered up 20 of the responses that made us feel like finally somebody totally gets it!


Upgrade your skills by looking at a cover of a skill book like in Skyrim orFallout.

Incredible Cardio

Being fit enough to run the amount that video game characters can.

The Big Question

You have died. Game Over.

Restart from last save?


Effortlessly carrying 500 pounds worth of weapons and armor, hundreds of healing herbs, 15 bear hides, glass potion vials, a horse, and a little snack for later on, all at one time with nothing breaking or spilling in my backpack.

That Ominous Soundtrack Warning

Having the soundtrack automatically switch to the song that fits the situation at hand. That way, you'd have a heads up when things were about to go sideways.


An "undo" feature.


Paying off my mortgage by selling sea shells and fruits that grow by my house.

Money Everywhere

Money being basically everywhere for the taking!!!

Just Wait

People waiting forever while I choose the right option in a chat wheel.


Some games you can elect how many hours of sleep you'd like to get then instantly go to sleep. Would be nice.

Missions and Markers

Having an objective or mission to follow and markers on how to get there.

Planes + Sleep = Fast Travel

Fast travel. Technically, planes and other motorized transport applied in conjunction with sleep qualifies.

That is my preferred method as well. Depending on the vehicle, you can also arrive more energised that you were before the travel.

Or you could end up in horrible pain and having every move hurt. Make your choice ????


There are helicopters just laying around and I immediately know how to fly one when I hop in. Unlocked and with no key or anything needed to start, and somehow nobody even notices that you stole it or goes after you unless you happen to be right next to a police officer.

Good Hair Day

Able to see a haircut before you get it


Buying all the items off a vendor and then selling them back for a profit.

"Hi yes I would like to buy all your kitkats."

"Great, now I wish to sell them back to you for a profit because you don't have any in your store."

See My Stats

I want to be able to see my stats. They could be completely mundane ones like how many breaths taken, steps walked etc. Or completely bizarre stats, like how many times I've unknowingly walked past a serial killer.

Start Out "Right"

Being able to customize your character before the game starts. Choosing exactly what I look like and what I'm skilled at would have been amazing.


The ability to reset a checkpoint after you f^cked up

Just Eat It

Any type of wound can be immediately healed by scarfing down whatever food you're carrying.

Medicinal Naps

Being fully healed from addictions, disease and even crippling injury by sleeping for an hour.

H/T: Reddit

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