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Sex is never an easy topic to broach. Even when you're in a relationship. So one can only imagine what it's like to discuss the birds and the bees with teenagers or youth in general. That discussion can be just as excruciating as chatting about it with granny. But kids have to be educated and boy do they have thoughts on the matter. Better to learn through class than online though.

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Hilarious moments are blind to timing. They seem to strike at the absolute worst times, when laughing would be completely inappropriate.

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For many of us in our childhood, social media was not yet available.

Whether that is a good or bad thing depends on the individual.

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My mother cannot handle anxiety. She doesn't do feelings well... well sad feelings. She's great with love. So because of this she laughs, incessantly, at the most embarrassing moments. Someone has been murdered, she laughs. Lost your home in a fire, laugh. Your dog was stuck by lightning? Hysteria. It's all a defense mechanism because of her discomfort with emotions. But sometimes it can come off as a tad.... inappropriate?

Laughing is good for the soul. A deep, hearty laugh can save you years on your life, it can even burn calories. And in this day and age Lord do we need some laughter. There is a caveat, some of us do need to be aware of our surroundings when we bust a gut. For instance....

Redditor u/Pegi111 wanted to discuss the times a hearty chuckle may have been a bit ill timed by asking.... What is the worst thing that you have laughed at In public?
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The answer to these questions is the kind without words, and typically involves the far more efficient thrown object or a cold shoulder.

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