Frisky Lioness Pulls Out All The Stops Trying To Get The Attention Of Oblivious Male—And She's Truly All Of Us
Lucia Meeks/YouTube

Both in human society and the animal kingdom, females often have to express their interest with all the subtlety of a steamroller to make their intentions clear to oblivious males. No one understands the struggle better than the lioness in this viral video, who goes far out of her way to try and attract a nearby male lion's attention to no avail.


Twitter could relate far more than they'd like:

Many recognized the male lion's gaze from many football games on the couch...

Consent is super important, as one Twitter user reminded us in a raunchily frank way.

YouTube commenters also had a field day with the video:






Despite the lioness's best efforts, however, the male lion is eventually forced to simply step over her and move away.



Don't worry, lioness—we've all been there. We've all, very sadly, been there.

H/T - Daily Mail, YouTube

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