Foreigners Explain Which American Concepts They'll Never Quite Understand
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The United States is an enormous place. It also tends to dominate the news cycle, so foreigners around the world are well aware of aspects of American life. It's all pretty pervasive... and it's the source of much confusion too.

You mean Americans don't have universal healthcare? You mean a lot of Americans are stuck taking out enormous loans if they want to go to college? That's messed up.

People had a lot of questions after Redditor celestial_introvertt asked the online community,

"What's something that as a Non-American you will never understand?"

"They aren't really a thing..."

"HOAs. They aren't really a thing where I am and it baffles me that people don't have permission to do certain things to their own homes."


I will never deal with an HOA. I refuse. You will not tell me when to mow my damn lawn. (And I don't even want a lawn.)

"What I will never be able to understand..."

"What I will never be able to understand is this: How can it be completely normal for you people for Amazon to leave the package on your doorstep????"


Most people are neighborly! I don't think I've ever had a package stolen.

"Being afraid..."

"Being afraid to go to the hospital because it will potentially bankrupt you."


"Protesting your rights..."

"Protesting your rights while simultaneously enacting laws to strip others of their own."


"I was having a conversation..."

"Student loans. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about the cost of education abroad and it was incredible to see just how different our bases were."


Tuition and fees are so high and some people are never able to get out from under all that debt. It's a nightmare.

"The importance..."

"The importance sports have in college."


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"And then sometimes..."

"Average of only 10 days of annual leave. And then sometimes even being looked down on for taking it."


It's hard to plan a vacation, man, especially when your request will only get approved AT THE LAST MINUTE.

"How long..."

​"How long American commutes are. Some Americans really think it's normal to drive for a couple of hours for work."


California, we're looking at you. The Los Angeles area is horrific in terms of traffic. And let's not get started on the Bay Area.

"Why public toilets..."

"Why public toilets have this little gap between the doors that let people make eye contact with you when you... you know taking a s***."


"Why is it called that?"

"The World Series. Why is it called that?"


Get it together, America. The world is watching. And very confused.

Have some observations of your own? Feel free to tell us all about them in the comments below!

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