People Divulge Which Foods They've Eaten The Most By Volume During Their Life

People Divulge Which Foods They've Eaten The Most By Volume During Their Life
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Chances are, most of our favorite foods are not exactly healthy for us.

We always crave them for obvious reasons, but it would do us some good to eat them in moderation, whether it's chocolate or mashed potatoes.

But aside from being a craving or a snack, there are general foods we consume on a regular basis and we don't think about it because it's part of our regular diet.

That is until Redditor TheJoePilato put things in perspective by asking:

"By volume, what food have you eaten the most of in your life?"

These Redditors find it's difficult to avoid carbohydrates

On A Roll

"Bread in any form probably"

– PvtPill

"I'm eating fresh bread right now! I tend to eat it about 1/3 a loaf at a time, so it seems like a lot, but I'll go weeks or months between making it."

– Original Poster (OP)

Popular Staple Food



"Rice is great when you're hungry and want 10,000 of something."

– MaynardJ222

It Has Ap-peal

"Bananas, I think."

– Daintylittlesole

Italian food seemed to be a number one choice for hungry Redditors.

"It’s a battle between pizza and pasta. Pizza might be winning. Blame being from north NJ."

– User Deleted

NYC Staple

"I think when I first moved to NYC, it was pizza for sure. In college, it might have been pasta. Dollar slice/dollar for a pound of dry pasta? Can't say no to that."

– OP

That's One Way To Eat It

"Pasta. I inhale the stuff."

– User Deleted

A Deep Obsession

"pizza. I have an obsession that worries my friends and family. I am not unhealthy and am not over weight. Have pretty decent health, I guess that makes people mad or something but my family and close friends get actually angry with me that pizza is my main food always."

– PizzaPretender

But it's hard to resist Mexican cuisine as well.

That's A Wrap

"As a Mexican, tortillas."

– lululechavez3006

Can't Have Burritos Without 'Em

"Also as a Mexican."

"Rice and beans but tortillas are probably high on my list."

– Effective_Trouble967

It's A Daily Option

"I'm a Texan, but same. We have Tortillas pretty much daily in my home and always have."

– Lets-B-Lets-B-Jolly

These honorable mentions are also a frequent part of Redditors' diets.

Exotic Gravy

"Indian curry. It must be coming close to tonnage now."

– floydie1962

Can't Live Life Without It

"Cheese. Definitely cheese. Only because of the diversity of cheese options and the broad spectrum of other food products (vegetables, fruit, meat) that distribute the curve. ...."

"Who am I kidding. It's mostly because cheese is just so damn good."

– SanctionedMarine

And The Golden Ticket Goes To...

"Chocolate ftw! Chocolate milk, chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, brownies, chocolate muffins, chocolate pudding, chocolate oatmeal, chocolate icing, chocolate ice cream, chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate-covered espresso beans, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate candy at every holiday and that was just when I was a kid."

"Now as an adult I've cleaned up my diet and only eat dark chocolate. Sadly I gave up 90% all sweets/junk food. But I can't say no to dark chocolate protein bars, dark chocolate-covered espresso beans, dark chocolate oatmeal. And sometimes just plain dark chocolate with a little bit of sweetener. Chocolate is my kryptonite."

– nessao616

For me, it's noodles.

Growing up Japanese, I had ramen, udon, and soba noodles all the time and loved slurping up each helping.

It wasn't surprising that I later became obsessed with pasta. Put me in front of a moving conveyor belt with a parade of spaghetti, fusilli, fettuccine, linguine, penne, macaroni, gnocchi. I'll devour them all if I could.

Lord help, me if I ever develop an intolerance for gluten.

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