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People love to talk about food. There are blogs, books, television shows, conversations in bars and farmers markets. In all likelihood, there is a recipe swap happening right this second in some deep corner of a suburb somewhere.

But sometimes talk is a lot of hot air. And the topic of food sure isn't immune to that criticism.

You can't get through a day without some telling you what "you gotta try."

The problem is, talking about food is often far more exciting than the food itself.

Redditor anicaodha asked:

"What food is overhyped?"

Many people were angry about garnishes. They hated the way restaurants try to entice people to eat certain menu items by slapping some kitschy ingredient on there.

A Very Expensive Burger

"Anything with gold flakes, absolutely pointless." -- Spend_Total

"ugh, i just remembered throwing up gold flakes from goldschlager, yuck!" -- spaceygracie12

"Aka how to add a crunch to your dish like a douche." -- CakeBot_TheReckoning

Catches the Eye Though

"Any rainbow food, rainbow grilled cheese, rainbow smoothie..."

"Just a cheap money grab."

-- random_user132410

No Breath On My Meal Please

"Dragon's breath/ nitro puffs or any dessert that contains liquid nitrogen to make it look cool." -- throwjango

"This stuff exists? God, I'm out of the loop." -- -The-Magic-8-Ball

Oooooh Truffle

"Truffle oil, usually doesn't contain a single truffle." -- BlckontheMoon

"The 1 thing I love about Truffle oil is I've never seen someone use it on a cooking competition show and not lose." -- igotmadshirts

Some people talked about the big trends that they just never could quite figure out.

That Almighty Nectar

"Remember when people were treating Nutella like it was the second coming of Christ?" -- Grapezard

"I had an Italian friend once invite me to his birthday party in high school. His mom made a Nutella pie and it was one of the greatest desserts I've never had the pleasure of trying again. It was so simple, like a soft flaky dough covered with Nutella."

"I don't want to come out of the blue and ask this kid for his mom's recipe 15 years later so I'll just suffer I suppose." -- JupiterTarts

Eating Velvet

"Red velvet is literally a red chocolate cake that has nowhere near enough chocolate and to much red food coloring. It literally was invented when done dudes chocolate turned kinda red when he added vinegar to the chocolate cake mix."

"Friends loved the color, but it was finicky to get the red color without changing flavor of cake, so he decided to use red food coloring."

-- MFTSquirt

Problematic Mathematics

"Fu**ing Avocado Toast.

"Avocado is a buck. Toast is few cents. Avocado Toast is $10+"


-- dev27

And some discussed the things that people insist are fancy and delectable, but are really just run of the mill entirely.

Meat is Meat?

"steak is good, and I'd even say a high quality steak can be very very good. But people act like it's better than busting a nut and that's just not true. It's just meat"

-- SolidCake

Sea Bugs

"Lobster. It's good, but poor value given it's almost always the most expensive protein available."

"Plus most places just drown it in butter, which again, fine, but if all you taste is butter, why spend that much?"

-- acjgoblu

Depends on the House

" 'Housemade' ketchup. Give me the damn Heinz and get your banana aoili mess away from me." -- peanutbutterallytime

"I live in Pittsburgh and I have seen multiple restaurants try and fail to make housemade ketchup work. Every single time they go back to Heinz." -- HooBoy401

So if you find yourself tired of hearing people go on and on about something you don't go wild over, know that there are others fuming too.

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