Foodies Share The Fictional Food They Most Wish Were Real

Foodies Share The Fictional Food They Most Wish Were Real

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We have all had some level of attraction to those delicious looking cartoon foods, or a scrumptious sounding meal from another world in a fictional book. Sometimes the food is mouthwatering and irresistible, leaving us fantasizing about how it would taste and smell. We only wish we could chow down on these fictional foods for real.

CaniborrowaThrillho asks:

If you could eat any fictional meal or food item, what would it be?

Try not to drool over this fictional food list.

You know it's good when reading starves you

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Probably anything described in the Redwall books at one of their feasts. G*those pages made me f hungry.

This is an obvious choice

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A krabby patty.

Bread is always the correct answer

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Lembas bread from LOTR

Anime food is the best

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Any meal from a Ghibli movie. I know I can get/make it irl but it just looks so d* good in the movies. I feel like I could get a master chef to recreate those meals and it still wouldn't be as good.

But could you finish the whole thing?

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I want to be able to bite into the peach from James and the Giant Peach.

Anything with that much color must be delicious

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The meal from Hook always looked delicious when I was a kid.

When it looks so good you don't care that it's animal food

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I wish I could try some of the food from neopets! The food from faerieland in particular

Who wouldn't want magic food

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Pretty much any candy described in Harry Potter. Except for that love potion crap. Who wouldn't want a chocolate frog that could hop?

For the salad lovers out there

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Tree Stars from The Land Before Time. I mean, I guess that's not completely fictional since, y'know, leaves are real. But I've never seen a leaf look that droolworthy in real life.

An excellent source of protein

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The bugs in the lion king

They look... tasty for some reason

A vegetarian meat option

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The roast beef dinner gum from Wonka. I'd prefer the kind that doesn't turn me into a blueberry but c'est la vie.

But does it get you drunk?

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Butterbeer!! It sounds like it would taste so good and be so cozy on a cold day!

It must taste perfect

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That "Perfect Candy" made by Jimmy Neutron

Yes to the magical feasts

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I want the school meals from Harry Potter. Doesn't have to be the big celebratory feasts, even a normal meal would be fine. As much as you want, everything you could want, and it appears and cleans itself up.

Welcome to the good burger home of the good burger can I take your order

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Good burger w/ sauce

Pizza that turtles are eating has to be something special

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I always wanted to try the cheesy pizza the ninja turtles eat ????

Nothing makes the mouth water more than a porg

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That Spit-Roasted porg Chewie was about to chow down on in The Last Jedi looked delicious

A food that gives you another life

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a 1up mushroom

Don't believe me, ask the dishes!

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The grey stuff from beauty and the beast

We can't forget one of the greatest franchises

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Bob's Burgers, any of them, they all, they pretty much all sound amazing.

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