People Break Down Which Foods Seem Okay Until You Realize How They're Actually Made
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Do you ever get curious about some of the foods we eat? Maybe there's a recipe that came from generations that you never asked how it was made. Perhaps there's a food you eat often but didn't question it's created process. Maybe you're in to 'natural' foods and you want to know what to look out for at the grocery store.

The obsession with natural foods wasn't until a few decades ago. The first label that showed the word 'natural' appeared in1970, but that doesn't mean it's anything close to the sort.

Well, if you're curious about any of it, this list is for you.

Reddit user GenoRonpa wanted to know:

"What foods seem completely fine until you realize how it's actually made?"

Some of these were an absolutely shock!

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, tread with caution.

Sorry if this ruined your childhood!

"When I was growing up my grandma used to make this amazing apple salad dessert thing. I loved it growing up. One year I wanted to make it for myself as an adult and I asked her the recipe. Turns out it was just apples, mayo and sugar."

- raidersofthelostpark

"My mouth dropped so hard. I'm sorry your favorite childhood dish has been ruined."

- dancinadventures

"What in the Midwest....."

- WhyArentYouVegan

"Reminds me of my grandpas 'sweet and sour meatballs.' It's meatballs mixed in a sauce that's made with only ketchup and grape jelly. It's oddly really good."

- doctorstankdick

Chicken nuggets.

"Reminds me of that video of Jamie Oliver showing kids how chicken nuggets were made and after showing them all the kids still wanted to eat them after. His reaction is priceless."

- ETTConnor

"What an odd way to try and frame that on his part lol"

"Seems like a great way to actually use all of the chicken instead of what most would do and just throw it away. He basically (unintentionally?) taught those kids that even the 'gross' part of the chicken is useful, edible, and generally nutritious (minus the frying and maybe whatever he added to it). They learned a lesson, just apparently not the one he wanted lol."

- Oscar-Wilde-1854

​Oh no, but imitation crab is so good!

"Imitation crab. It's fish paste with eggs, a bunch of additives and colorings. Which makes sense. The weird part is watching the two colors of extruded paste get stretched out and wrapped around each other, like fish taffy."

- brachiocephalopod

"Hot dog of the sea."


sick cringe GIF Giphy

"I manage a meat department and when customers ask me about our imitation crab meat, I always say it's a "fish hotdog" and the people who were already going to buy it love the description, and those on the fence usually opt out."

"I'm realizing I'm a bad business man."

- Forwardbase_Kodai

For the "health benefits," yeah, sure...

"My wife's aunt made a mushroom soup that she had me try, supposed to be super healthy and tasty. I tried it, it was ok and then she showed me the mushrooms...."

"F*cking caterpillars that had cordyceps."

"I'll see y'all later as Patient Zero."

- H00k90

creepy tv land GIF by YoungerTV Giphy

Actually, maybe it is worth it for the health benefits!

"Ya the caterpillars are said to be super healthy and nutritious for the body in China. They use it as almost medicine. Along with these caterpillars, sea cucumbers are eaten in the same regard. Both super expensive. Sea cucumbers is definitely an acquired taste. Really weird texture."

"Even if only 5% of the Chinese population believes in these old practices, that's still a 70 million people market, double the size of Canada. Not everyone is okay with sea cucumber and caterpillars. Everyone most definitely can't afford it."

- xiariishere

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For the Futurama fans.


- 2catsaretheminimum

"Wimmy wham wham wozzle!"

- coughcough

Tired Futurama GIF Giphy

For context, Slurms MacKenzie is a character from the animated show Futurama that created a highly addictive drink called 'Slurm.'

"What if the secret ingredient... is people!?!"

- TheMasterFul1

"''But you highness she's a commoner, her juices will taste foul.'"

"'YES! So we will package and sell it as NEW Slurm. Then when everyone hates it, we'll bring back the original and call it Slurm CLASSIC and make BILLIONS!!!'"

- Apod1991


"A lot of people enjoy Shark Fin Soup and maybe some don't realize what the fisherman do to get the fins. Look up video if you want but they bring the shark on board, cut off all the fins, and chuck it back still alive to writhe and float and suffer."

- pewnanner

"The crazy thing is, is that it offers 0 nutritional value whatsoever. It's like a status thing."

- GraysonG263

"Even worse, is that it offers 0 flavor on its own. The flavor of shark fin soup is from whatever else they add to it. Shark fin on its own is tasteless."

- kingtz

​Well, that was a long list of things we can never un-see.

There's just some things we are better off not knowing.

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