People Debate Their Firm Opinions On Culinary Trends
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Budding chefs know a thing or two about what makes certain dishes taste so good.

But the average person doesn't have to be a major food connoisseur to know what is exceptionally delicious.
That being said, there are a few tips that can be learned to enhance one's enjoyment of a variety of dishes.

Interesting points were brought up when Redditor onegrayhair asked:

"What culinary hill are you willing to die on?"

People shared cooking tips and how some foods should be prepared a certain way.

Poor Construction

"Nachos should be built wide not tall."

– DBroncos515

"I hate when the chips at the bottom don’t have all the cheese and toppings, but the chips on top have too much. Balance is key to a great plate of nachos!"

– yo_kashlee

Jaws Have Limitations

"We need to make burgers wider not taller."

– John_Lives

"If I have to disassemble a burger to eat it, it’s missing the point, isn’t it?"

– JediTigger

Just Let It Stew

"Homemade chili is almost always better the next day."

– burritokiller1971

"And most soups and stews."

– wjglenn

Add Some Zap

"Worcestershire sauce can work magic."

– dberis


"Being poor isn’t a culinary crime. It takes talent to make cheap food taste as good as my mom did."

– urbancowgirl42

The Good Stuff

"Life is too short to not use butter."

– jasontronic

Breaking Food Conventions

"Breakfast is a construct."

"Eggs, bacon, French toast for dinner? Yes."

"Steak, potatoes, asparagus, 'dinner' roll for breakfast? Also yes."

– TheBeneGesseritWitch

Too Good To Dismiss

"That cheap bag of frozen peas and diced carrots you get at the grocery store is an outstandingly versatile source of nutrition. And tasty too."

– UncleIrohsPimpHand

People had plenty to say about rating recipes.

Unfair Critique

"When you're baking from an online recipe, don't change three or four ingredients "to make it healthy" and then leave a one star review about how bad it is."

– cliff99

Inaccurate Reviews

"Don't leave a 5-star review on someone's recipe while saying 'This was a great recipe... after I made these 10 changes!' At that point, you're not rating that person's recipe, you are rating YOUR OWN recipe. That person's recipe must not have been so good if you had to make so many changes."

"Also, don't leave a 5-star review on someone's recipe while saying 'This recipe looks great, I can't wait to try it!' Why skew the ratings when you haven't even tried it yet?"

– randomentity1

Snobbery Is Tasteless

"Being snobby about food to the point where you're hindering someone else's enjoyment is not a positive personality trait."

– swordcowboy

Taste Buds Don't Lie

"If it tastes good it tastes good."

– Danielwols

Some questioned people's capabilities in the kitchen while others straight up forbade them from doing something that is unfavorable.

The Complaint

"People who hate cooking with stainless steel don’t know how to cook with stainless steel."

– 3Me20

There's A Dress Code


– andre3kthegiant

"I've called people out for doing this. It's disgusting. This isn't a hill to die on, this should be common sense. People be dumb."

– Aldayne


"I had to call a girl out again for putting a container of raw meat on a cold station."

"She complained that I 'always call her out on that.'"

"Yeah no sh*t, you're the only one tryna catch state health code write ups.'

"e/ she saw the post and I made her cry, oops."

– ChefBoredAreWe

Don't Interrupt The Cook

"Get out of the kitchen if I'm cooking. Out out out I don't want your help."

– Justice171

Not All Salads Are Good For You

"I live in the Midwest, I love the Midwest but just because you call something a salad does not mean it is healthy and an acceptable side dish to your main course. Snicker-marshmallow-mayo-whatever is not salad."

– ArachnesChallenge

You Control The Outcome

"Recipes are a guide, not a rule book. You are allowed to just decide to make things and like it. What will it be called? Who the f'k knows. It can taste good anyways. Just wade through it."

– BirdLawyer50

All About The Consistency

"If you can't drink it through a straw it's not a milkshake."

– Recdrumz

I don't consider myself a cook, but I do pat myself on the back for some of the dishes I do know how to make well.

One of those is Japanese curry. And while I can't keep from serving and eating what takes at least an hour-and-a-half to make, I do find that my leftover tastes infinitely better the next day.

I make a HUGE batch of curry sauce so I can continue enjoying it for the next few days. There's something about leaving it in the fridge and heating up portions at a time that really activate the spices.

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