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Humans can connect with everything.

It might take an emotional taxing journey, involving someone going on a quest to discover their true self and find the real meaning of family, but we can get invested in anyone's journey, either real or, especially, fake. It doesn't matter if they don't exist, once we're linked, we're linked.
Which makes it all the more heart-breaking when you see that character die.
SPOILERS: For all these movies and shows, obviously.

Reddit user, u/Gamestar02, wanted to know who you wept for when their story was done when they asked:

Which fictional character's death made you cry?

Let's get the notable ones out of the way, the ones that hit us as kids that we've never truly gotten over.

Feeling That Real World Connection

"Sirius Black; I sobbbbbbed my first read through of Order of the Phoenix ."


"As someone who's parents are dead and who's uncle became the parent by default, I can't agree more with this. I watched his death while running on the treadmill the other day and had to stop because I was crying from all orifices"


The Song Is Called "Married Life." You're Welcome.

"Ellie from Up! "

"Gets me every time"


Gotta Watch Them Bees

"Too many to count but I remember crying my eyes out at the end of My Girl when I was like, seven or eight watching it on VHS, probably the first character death that made me cry"


"His glasses! He can't see without his glasses." Gets me EVERY time"


Just When You Think There's Only One To Deal With...

"Tara from Buffy"


"Also Joyce, I bawled my eyes out"


"I'm showing Buffy to a friend for the first time and Joyce's death basically just happened. Buffy's reaction is so heartbreaking. We watched Once More With Feeling last night so Tara's death is only a few episodes away now. I'm dreading it."


Maybe it's the nature of the death, or how we feel a character didn't deserve their untimely fate, that resonates with us the most. "They didn't deserve that!" we'll scream to no one because we're in a theater or at home, watching Netflix at 3 in the morning.

You Know There's Only Going To Be One

"Ali in squid game"


"I actually cried"


"There are other scenes that made me cry in the show, but Ali's is the only one that's literally so goddamn hard for me to watch."


I'm Tired, Boss

"John Coffey from The Green Mile."


"Ughhh. It's "Don't put me in the dark boss, I'm scared of the dark" gets me every time. That and hanks grabbing his hand."


That's Somehow Worse Than Crying?

"Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia"


"I didn't cry, but I still remember vivid dreams about trying to find her in a search party on more than one occasion."


And then there's these, characters who sacrificed everything for the ensuring safety of their friends, family, and loved ones.

Men Are Imperfect

"Borimir, he died with honor, you wanna make a man cry show him a gripping scene of a man restoring his honor and being strong in the face of great adversity at the cost of his own life. The scene with him as he dies holding aragorns hand asking forgiveness and receiving it, im tearing up rn f-ck."


"Disappointing how far I had to scroll to find this response."

"Boromir was a true representative of mankind. An extremely complex character that was good at heart, but was overcome with desperation. He didn't know what would happen with his community and acted how he thought was right."

"At the end of the day, he did the right thing when his friends were in danger."

"One of the best characters ever to be created. He causes such internal strife for me every time I watch the movies. Depending how my life is at the time, I will agree with different aspects of his actions. But at the end of the day I will always respect him and cry when he dies."


He Might Have Been Your Father...

"Since I watched it again last night, Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The Ravager funeral always gets to me, especially Kraglin's reaction to it."


"He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy!"


"My wife had a six year old daughter when we met. She'd gone no contract with the father when my step daughter was 2 because he was unstable and had violent tendencies. My step daughter tracked him down when she was about 14 and started rebuilding their relationship. He'd gotten mental health treatment in the twelve years since my wife met him, so we were okay with this and she even went live with him for a while. That didn't last because he didn't have the patience to cope with the unique challenges of being a parent to her (she has her own mental health issues) and she came back home, saying that she was glad to have gotten to know him but that I was her real dad."

"Yeah, I ugly cried in the theater when Yondu died."


You Can Rest, Now

"Tony Stark, he was the first hero I watched in high school. By the time he died, I realized I'd known the guy through movies for over 10 years at that point. I had graduated college, grad school, and started a new job. All those memories of my friends learning how to play the iron man theme song were some of the best years."


"This one was harsh. I was not expecting it."

"And then you start thinking about his kid and Pepper who he left behind. Damn, I'm going to get choked up thinking about it."


I'm not crying.

You're crying.

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