We've all heard of guard dogs. People imagine that a dog will scare off intruders by barking and growling, or, if it's a large dog, by their simple presence. But have you ever heard of a guard cat? Well, it turns out that cats can be pretty good at guarding their humans' homes, too β€” especially against raccoons.

A security camera captured a video of an encounter between a cat and a raccoon.

And it turns out that the cat isn't always, well, quite this effective.

Lindsay went on the explain what any cat owner already knows.

Though some felt bad for the raccoon.

Others had more complicated feelings.

But most were here for the fierce feline.

But some cats aren't as good at guarding as Linday's.

Excuse us while we go out and adopt a security cat.

H/T: Twitter

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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