People Explain Which Actors Performed A Role So Well That No One Else Could Match It
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Hollywood remakes are to be expected, with directors given an opportunity to revive an impactful story for a new generation of audiences.

As bold as remakes are, they aren't always as exceptional as their predecessors, no matter how many mind-blowing special effects and unnecessary narrative deviations are thrown in.

That is mostly due to an actor's performance that just can't be duplicated by another actor of equal or similar caliber.

Curious to hear from the audience, Redditor Prof_XdR asked:

"Which actor crushed a role so hard that no other actor can live up to it?"

When it comes to making us laugh, these comedians really nailed their roles.

"Robin Williams with Mrs.Doughtfire."

– Gibby_the_loser

"Robin Williams in nearly every role he ever played…"

– Squirrel_Inner

Iconic Actor

"Tim Curry as Frank n Furter."– MPB_1972

That Funny Bloke

"Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean."

– AngeloThePuppet

These blockbuster films wouldn't be the same without these fine actors' respective performances.

It's Not LOTR Without Him

"Nobody can replace Ian Mckellen as Gandalf."

– SneakyRoots

"Get To Work"

"J.K. Simmons was meant to play J. Jonah Jameson. He does it so well nobody else can do it. That’s why he was in every Spider-Man movie playing the same role."

– SnooTigers1491

"Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Bastards."

– nyarlathotep2

Dark Side Of The Ministry Of Magic

"Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge. I know she was only in one of the movies, but is there anyone out there who didn't end up absolutely hating Umbridge after watching it? Would be hard for anyone to live up to the roll whenever Hollywood gets desperate enough to remake them in a few decades.​"

– Draconis381

Can't Replace His Swagger

"Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I like Chris Pratt, but the chatter of him maybe taking over the role is sacrilege."

– Fanabala3

Yo-Ho, Matey

"Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow."

– International-Ebb369

"He absolutely made the POTC franchise. No one can copy his mannerisms because Johnny Depp improvised his mannerisms for Captain Jack Sparrow."

– RaineMist

The world of TV had plenty of memorable characters. We can't imagine anyone else playing their roles but the originators.

She Was The Character

"Nobody could play Moira Rose better than O’Hara in my opinion. Her little subtle movements and weird accent are perfection."

– houseofreturn

That Prickly Genius

"Hugh Laurie as House."

– TSmario53

Whodunit? He Did, Expertly

"Peter Falk as Columbo."

– bigforknspoon

"I love that he almost always mentions his wife, in passing, but if I recall in the show we never did meet her. Right? Was that a trope of some kind? Either way, even if he was really just a bachelor, he sorta disarmed the perp. 'Aww, this guy’s a harmless family man,' they thought…"

"Columbo’s a Genius!"

– thebroward

Federation Star

"Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard."

– DickySchmidt33

"Jean Luc Picard in the first place! When that show first aired, Star Trek fans were like 'As if there could ever be a better captain than Kirk!' The fact that Stewart could carve himself a spot in that lineage was testament to his skills. Heck, there've been multiple Kirks and Spocks now, but there still hasn't been another Picard."

– Empty-Masterpiece242

For me, it's Kathy Bates in Stephen King's adaptation of Misery.

There's a reason why her performance nabbed her an Oscar for best actress.

She was absolutely terrifying, and I couldn't erase the image of Annie Wilkes from my mind when I saw Bates play Molly Brown in Titanic.

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