People Explain Which TV Shows Ended Way Too Early In Their Run
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TV is art. TV has saved us and it has played an integral in our lives. As much as people love to mock the Hollyweirds, the art that is produced through the small box with a glass face is as much imbued in our DNA as family.

No matter what the show is, no matter if it ran for one season or twenty, if it touched you, it touched you. That is what great storytelling is.

That is also why it is so frustrating when a show is so unceremoniously murdered. Some stories take time to build. Stop ending great art too soon (I'm looking at you Netflix). Let's all share in the grieving process about the works of television taken way before heir time.

Redditoru/OutCubedwanted to discuss all the shows that left us far too soon, by asking:

What TV show ended too early?

I love TV. And TV has been one of my biggest heartbreakers. When a show ends too soon, I get mad. Who is with me?

The Crown

roman rome GIFGiphy

"HBO's Rome."

- downsouthcountry

"HBO's Rome walked so Game of Thrones could run, and then trip over itself and fall off a cliff in a wheelchair."

- thatnameagain

Keep the Hunt

"Wish they put out another few seasons of Mind Hunter on Netflix."

- IllustriousYak6283

"Nearly every actor they used for the serial killers in that show hit the nail on the head. I hadn't realised, but I had heard an audiobook that Kemper had recorded in prison (during the 80s, audiobooks were a small market for the blind so they were often recorded by prison inmates). And the show is what made me realise it was him."

- aalios


"Pushing Daisies."

- thequejos

"Oh I liked this show! My sophomore Language arts teacher used to play it for us all the time! He was a huge movie/tv show buff and from day one of class he made it very clear the class was language arts in name only and he taught it as a movie class instead. It was awesome."

"Instead of writing essays we wrote shorts scripts and learned how to sketch out our "movie scenes" to go with it. He was one of my favorite teachers. I mean we did do some language arts like poetry and Shakespeare and books that had been adapted into movies, but 90% of the class was movies and tv shows."

- 19GamerGhost95


"Better off Ted."

- Aurora__511

"I found this show on streaming after it had already been canceled. It's so good, I can't believe how many amazing shows get cancelled but then there are like 136 seasons of law and order. Don't get me wrong, law and order is pretty good, but damn."

- shredder826

"Deal with it Ted" is a daily saying in my house. A"

- Dragon_Small_Z


dead seth meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersGiphy

"Dead Like Me."


"I watched it on Hulu when it was still a free streaming service. I loved that show and was upset when I found out there were no more episodes. After that, I Googled if shows were cancelled before I started them."

- JTP1228

My list of shows are growing. I can't keep up. Also, some shows get best with age. "The Golden Girls" should've run forever. Seven seasons wasn't enough.


Freaks And Geeks Dancing GIFGiphy

"Freaks and Geeks."

- KirbyBucketts

"I wish we had more of that show and it might literally be the most underrated-in-it's-time show in American TV history (I mean it basically set the template for the next 15 years of comedies and dramadies) but it did end so perfectly with what it had, and so many people went on from it to do bigger things and carry on its legacy, that it's hard to argue that it didn't exist in it's best form."

- thatnameagain

Fly Away

"Flight of the Concords. Two seasons was not nearly enough."

- haiku-d2

"Both Jemaine and Brett wholly admitted that they had built their songs over years of stand up shows. They had really only ever intended to do one season. That's why the songs in season two were notably weaker. It didn't get canceled the creators of the show ran out of material."

- TheLostDestroyer

the good one...

"Teen Titans. You know... the good one."

- LazorBlind

"SPOILERS - I revisit this one often. The ending with the girl who may or may not be Terra is gut wrenching to watch. The empty hang outs, the sparse score. It's so eerie. Then the final lines - "Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory. You go. You're the Teen Titan, not me. I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied."

- ArchiveSQ

Karmic Plans

"My name is Earl."

- SnooMarzipans3516

"The show was planed to end with people coming to Earl and do good thing to him, for their Karma, then Earl look around and find plenty of people with a Karma list, thats when he relaized, that he is even with his Karma."

- kkingapig



"Santa Clarita diet! I will never forgive Netflix!"

- Still-Contest-980

Thank you! Someone said it! "Santa Clarita Diet!" NETFLIX! I hate you! It still keeps me up at night, thinking about that show. Also... "Reba" watch that show too!

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