People Break Down Which Experiences They Never Want To Go Through Ever Again
Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

As intimidating as they are, roller coasters are fun for thrill-seekers to experience over and over again.

Riders accelerate from 0 to 60 m.p.h. and experience G-forces on these wild rides, screaming for the entire duration.

But they clearly love it as they queue up to go on it again when the ride comes to a full stop.

And while life itself similarly has its ups and downs, there are painful experiences people would certainly never wish to repeat.

Curious to hear from strangers about their life adventures, Redditor slaugherbug asked:

"What's something you never want to go through again?"

Sometimes, love hurts.

A Drawn-Out Process

"Custody battle."

– UpstairsOffice1716

"Yup. Once I won full custody I didn’t even try to claim any child support or any of that. A peaceful life was payment enough."

– UpstairsOffice1716

When Romance Gets Violent

"An abusive relationship. That stuff is no joke and will set you back in life big time."

– PsilocinKing

It's Never Too Late For Goodbye

"Yup. I was physically and mentally abused by my ex GF years ago. It sucks. Should’ve got out of that mess of a relationship sooner than I did."

– [deleted]

Watching a loved one suffer is perhaps the cruelest thing in life.

Watching The Struggle

"Watching my mom suffer and slowly die because of cancer."

– smeazy_

Giving It The Middle Finger

"F'k cancer. Watched my dad slowly die from lung cancer almost 3 years ago, then watched my mom basically give up on life after that and ultimately pass away last summer. Both in their mid 60's. Sucks so much. My wife and I just bought our first home and are expecting our first child in November, and I hate that my parents aren't around to see it all. I know they'd be incredibly proud. I'm very sorry for your loss."

– RyFromTheChi

How Do You Recover From This Trauma?

"Watching my girlfriend slowly die. Five f'king months, and now two months since her passing and I'm still in hell."

– Silver-Syndicate

School can be so cruel.


"Getting bullied in middle school."

– seanofkelley

Academic Trauma

"For me elementary school was being bullied by the teachers and middle school was being bullied by other students while the teachers watched and did nothing. It took me way too long to connect that with the fact I can barely remember high school because I constantly smoked a stupid amount of weed to avoid having emotions."

– ihopeyoulikeapples

Misery Of Early Adolescence

"Just middle school. Any of it."

– t1mepiece

Dorm Room Buddies

"Living with randomly assigned roommates in a college dorm. Aka years of sleep deprivation, malnutrition, and depression. College in general."

– Symnestra

Challenging the emotional and physical pain threshold.


"Torsion of the testicle. Kidney stones."

– Ratnix

Goodbye To The Digits

"I've had my fingers through a table saw, damaged forever will never be the same."

"I would suffer that 10 times over before I had another kidney stone f'k that sh*t."

– Grey_Mane_6425

High Anxiety

"Panic attack."

– tt5190

Losing Weight

"Being obese. largest It was over 400lbs. 18 months ago when decided to get serious weight was a little over 300. I dipped under 200 not that long ago and I can tell you that I'll never let that happen again."

– WallOk7585

The Cyst

"Had an epididymal cyst a few years back. Everything I've read says they're painless. Mine was the size of a blueberry and I couldn't walk."

"Never again."

– FiIthy_Anarchist

Brain Pain

"Cluster headaches. My doctor says they've stopped, but I've gone to the extent of buying a pistol so I can kill myself when they happen again. They're like having a burning metal rod shoved through your eye socket. I'd rather die than have those again."

– ReaLifePhrog

Immense Pain


– feelingbutter

Being bullied in middle school was definitely a big nope for me.

A time when I felt insecure about myself and was worried about not fitting in was so traumatic, that I wound up bullying others at a different school.

My regretful behavior unfairly alleviated my frustrations to harass other vulnerable peers who were not as retaliatory.

It was all such a traumatic cycle I hoped to never experience again in my adolescence.

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