People Explain What They've Done Once In Their Lifetime And Never Again
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Have you ever done something new or scary and decided once is enough? For me, it was ice skating. The first -- and only -- time I went, I made it out relatively unscathed. However, my friend, who was an experienced skater, ended up needing ankle surgery after a fall. I never went ice skating again.

Life is made up of experiences, good and bad, and we can only get those experiences if we're willing to try something new. Of course, it's totally okay if you tried something and decided never to do it again. The important thing is that you tried.

That was probably the thought process when Redditor Scouseuserman asked:

"What is something you have done only once but never want to do again?"

Too High for Comfort

"Paragliding. Realised I have a fear of heights after we took off. Was so relieved when we finally landed."


No Turning Back

"Spelunking. We were crawling in a cave where you couldn’t stop forward progress or turn around once you started. I survived, but I’ll never do it again."


Too Much Pain

"Passed a kidney stone. The morphine was nice for a while, but only softened the pain. No thanks to twice!"


Home Improvement

"Removed roof shingles."

"Replaced roof shingles."

"By myself."

"In Florida."

"In August."

"Never again."


That Was My Shoe, Not Me

"Farted in a board meeting."

"Leaned over to get a pen out of my purse on the floor. Completely unexpected BRRRRRAAAAAPPPPP"

"Shocked silence from a group of uptight executives."

– Botryoid2000

Helping People Is Hard

"Work in retail and hospitality."

"People are c*nts and can f**k off."


Seeing Candy

"Mistaking a pill for an m&m and biting straight down into it. Nasty and terrible"


Sniff It First

"Drank out of an old milk carton to see if it was spoiled. It was."

– nuF-roF-redruM

The Worst Idea Ever Award Goes To...

"Shot a moose with a BB gun from a tree fort we built in the woods. Thing was huffing and puffing mad and trapped us up there for hours."

– Haist

Lost In The Sky

"Hot air balloon."

"It was cool and the views were nice but you really can’t go anywhere but up or down. We ended up not being on a good path for a suitable landing spot, ran out of fuel and landed on top of a parked car."

– sawer707

And all I did was go ice skating. I'm clearly not as brave as some of you guys!

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