Friday, October 26, will always be remembered as the day the internet fell in love with Doughnut, the 28-pound cat who the Jacksonville Humane Society lightly ribbed on social media for his weight. Though Doughnut was immediately taken in as an iconic figure just the way he was, the Humane Society was also hoping to find a new owner for the feline...preferably one who would keep him on a strict diet.

Doughtnut made his Twitter debut in style!

I mean, just look at this ball of fluff!

The Jacksonville Humane Society/Facebook

The Jacksonville Humane Society/Facebook

The Jacksonville Humane Society/Facebook

The Jacksonville Humane Society/Facebook

It's no secret the internet has a thing for cats. And Doughnut is a LOT of cat.

And Doughnut is far from the only big cat roaming around...

How could you not love such a fabulous kitty?

Doughnut's size worked to his advantage. The Humane Society posted about him on Facebook and, before long, he had a new owner.

Congratulations, Doughnut! Now comes the hard part: getting fit. We hope to see more pictures soon!

H/T - Mashable, Facebook

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