Parent Called Out After Chastising Daughter For Emotionally Cheating With Coworker Pre-Divorce
The most amazing part of human civilization is that we have one. Have you met people? Infinitely complex, easily agitated, and even worse when they group up! As complicated as relationships can be, we still find ourselves in them – and judging the relationships, others find themselves in. Are we necessarily wrong for that judgment, […] More

While all couples promise that they will commit to one another "till death do us part," not all couples are able to fulfill these vows.

Sadly, some couples learn after committing to one another that they were not meant to be married, resulting in a divorce.

For most couples, it's a slow discovery, as they begin to learn more about one another, as well as themselves, eventually shedding light on the fact that they simply aren't compatible.

For others, they discovered that their marriage was beyond salvation after one, eye-opening moment.

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