These Comics Are Dark And Twisted And We Can't Get Enough

These Comics Are Dark And Twisted And We Can't Get Enough

On September 20, Mr. Lovenstein celebrated 8 years of his "Sad and pathetic, but in a funny way," comics.

The artist behind the Mr. Lovenstein comics is actually named J.L. Westover.

Westover enjoys creating comics that show how humans find humor in things that bring about hurt and distress.

"We seek laughter when we're suffering. I like to explore that suffering and isolate what's so damn funny about it. Why do we find cringe funny? Why do bad movies make us laugh? I also find life to be utterly absurd and you can show how absurd it is with very little effort."

He spoke more about his nearly 350,000 person fan base on Facebook.

"When someone resonates with my work, it's perhaps the single most gratifying part of creating anything. It's hard to speak for my audience, but I think they're overall lovers of comedy."

He continued saying:

"I could get all philosophical and introspective, but above all else I make jokes and people like to laugh. Maybe if you scratch below the surface, some are drawn to the tinge of sadness, the absurdism, and the utter silliness of it all."

While his comics tend to center around darker humor, he is careful about staying on the right side of the line separating humor and hatred.

"I steer clear of racism, sexism, and any other evil ism's out there. There's enough hate in the world."

To celebrate 8 years of Mr. Lovenstein's work, Westover reposted his first ever comic.

Over the past 8 years, Mr. Lovenstein has grown to be a favorite amongst the internet.

Here are some of his best panels.











Westover has also created all of the art in the game Snollygoster.

If you like his work, you can support him on Patreon.

H/T:, Bored Panda, Facebook

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