People Share The Current Trends They Can't Wait To Fall Out Of Style
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Have you ever looked at some of the current things that are "IT?"

You see all of these things that are cool and are now cultural touchstones that change the world and you can't help but wonder... "When will this mess be over?"

Not to sound like an 80 year old. but... get off my lawn!!

Trends used to be a hip thing, like Rachel's haircut.

Now we have nonsense dictating culture.

And all we can do is wait it out.

Redditor Conscious_Camel4830wanted to share thoughts about what popular aspects of life right now need to GO.

They asked:

"What current trend can you not wait to fall out of style?"

Remaking classic movies! STOP! Just stop! How about remaking the bombed movies correctly? Leave perfect alone.


"Videos that have unnecessary songs instead of the actual audio." ~ ciaranciaranciaran


Service Me

"Subscription services for everything." ~ rex8499

"I went back to r/Piracy for films and shows. If music ever goes in a similar direction, where I need to pay a number of different companies to hear all the music I want, I'll go back to pirating that too. App subscriptions have meant that the last app I bought, was in 2019. Games are still waaaaay easier to buy and 'own' legally than pirate and I hope they stay that way." ~ S-Go

Being Real

"Family vloggers. No kid should ever have to be exploited and subjected to attention-hungry parents like that." ~ ajcasta10

"Know too many people who only show their kids low moments such as temper tantrums and meltdowns to seem more 'real' to other parents. These kids will be traumatized when they find this stuff out in due time." ~ Zanderson59

"Eternally grateful I was born early enough to not have my youth put on the internet by attention seeking idiot parents without my consent. So many kids begin their digital footprint from no age and then grow up on the internet, uploading videos or embarrassing the hell out of themselves for everyone to see." ~ Heavy-Kaleidoscope62


"Every kid reselling sneakers, I just want to get stuff for retail again." ~ Much_Committee_9355

"Scalpers ruin everything. I just want to buy a GPU at MSRP." ~ kenny1911

"Seriously! It took a year for me to finally get ahold of a decent graphics card for MSRP (6700xt) because of the rampant scalping."

"That same card, which I paid $450 for, was generally going for $800-$900 from local sellers, and it's a freaking mid-range card! Even at MSRP, it's the most I've ever spent on a graphics card, so they're not exactly affordable to begin with before the scalpers get ahold of them." ~ AlternativeFilm8886


"Facebook, TikTok and other scripted stupid video 'pranks.'" ~ Soulshroude


All valid. Enough with the pranks. Is your life really worth a TikTok video?

Oh Lord

"Extreme photo filters. Jesus, Madonna! We know how old you are!" ~ Appropriate-Rough563


“more interesting”

"Thinking that mental illness is quirky and cute. It’s not, it freaking sucks." ~ Ness_902

"It's so bad that people almost had me convinced in high school/early college that I was somehow 'more interesting' because of my illness. Theres absolutely this weird fixation with having a difficult life, like it's a cool thing. Everyone wants to be the most disadvantaged."

"I wish I could not have disabilities or illnesses, it sucks, and I just don’t understand whats so quirky or cute about it. I think a lot of people don’t even have 'fake mental illnesses' like keeps getting thrown around in here. I feel like for a lot of people they may genuinely have struggles and illnesses but completely misunderstand it because of the current social media culture/lack of real awareness." ~ Talkingheadd


"Cookie cutter plastic surgery. All these people look the same." ~ Trixgrl

"I just watched my first and last episode of Real Housewives Of Miami. I cannot continue to watch because I can't tell the women's faces apart. Same lips and cheeks and very dramatic eye brows. They were having a pool party but none would swim because of hair extensions. One woman's husband is the boob king of Miami and he had installed the implants of most of the women at the party." ~ Canadasaver

On the Menu

"The 'secret' menu. It isn’t a freaking secret, you can just ask. There’s not a special stock of things not already on the menu, just combinations of the same crap. If you want some off menu crap, just say what’s in it. Might cost more, but whatever. There’s no list of names for carp hidden in the kitchen." ~ somecow

Go Away

"Influencers." ~ ekhogayehumaurtum

"The only thing an influencer has ever influenced me to do was swipe away faster." ~ UpdateYourselfAdobe


I've lost all hope. Let's manifest better trends.

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