Years ago, some friends of mine wanted to go investigate a graveyard at night and came across an abandoned shack at the edge of the woods at the rear of the cemetery. They wanted to go inside and check it out and I shut down the idea very fast.

But a couple of them ignored me anyway, went inside, and reported that there was a whole bunch of drug paraphernalia strewn about and signs that someone was sleeping there. It was sad to hear and a little unsettling — but there's a reason why I don't mess around with creepy places, or abandoned ones for that matter.

Others are much braver than I.

We heard some of their stories after Redditor thesnins asked the online community:

"What's the most scariest/unsettling place you've ever been to?"

"Until a few of us..."

"An "abandoned" elementary school that was shut down for remodel after black mold was found throughout the campus. I was a teenager and some of us decided to smoke and walk through it. It was not abandoned. We kept hearing odd footsteps and whispers and at first decided I was just high."

"Until a few of us mentioned it and we all agreed we were hearing the same things. There were people who had broken in and were living in the classrooms. They were watching us from classroom windows as we walked through the halls."


No thank you. I really would rather not.

"Being absolutely alone..."

"Being absolutely alone in the middle of a huge desert in between Dubai and Oman. Long story of how I ended up there that I do not want to get into, but I was going to be spending the night."

"Laying down in the sand, and just seeing the entire sky crystal clear, with nothing to the sides of me except sand and wind, I felt like nothing in the vastness of the universe. It was mind-bogglingly spooky."


Ummm... did a little boy appear out of nowhere and demand that you draw him a sheep?

"Running alone..."

"Running alone through the woods of North Carolina. Came across some guys cooking meth. Was pretty sure I was going to die."


But they didn't catch you because cardio is king!

"I think the most off..."

"I think the most off experience I had was on the road from Wyoming to the Red Rocks for a concert. We ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere in a reservation. Within 5 minutes an older man pulled up in his pickup truck and asked us what we were doing there."

"We told him we were out of gas and he immediately grabbed a gas can out of his truck and started filling our tank. In the time it took him to do this, three more vehicles pulled up to where we were and just stayed there. We tried to offer the old man money for the gas and he just said “Leave, just go, get out of here now.”


What do you think the three other vehicles were doing stopped there? Creepy indeed!

"I used to go there..."

"There's this abandoned workhouse that's shaped like a castle in Kansas City, in the jazz district. I used to go there for kicks fairly often, but the last time I went was different. There was always a fair amount of abandoned junk there, but this time I stumbled upon a blood stained dress."

"Something about that always stuck with me and made me realize the gravity of messing around in abandoned places."


Here's a tip: Don't go mess around in abandoned places. I certainly don't and look at me now!

"New Orleans..."

"New Orleans is interesting because on one street you’re fine and on the next one you’ll get shot by an eleven year old over 9 dollars."


Honestly, Hurricane Katrina didn't help matters much.

"When I was 19..."

"When I was 19 I went to a concentration camp just outside of Berlin. It was a cold and drizzly day. I was there just near closing and there weren't many visitors left. I remember walking into the medical building where there were two surgeons tables that had drain holes in the middle of them for blood."

"I walked downstairs into the basement which was a large dark holding area for prisoners to wait in. No lights, pillars and corners you couldn't see around. I almost s**t myself, there probably wasn't anybody within 100 meters of me at that moment. I swore I felt those poor souls reaching for my boot heels as I high tailed it out of there."


That is super unsettling! But what an experience.

"Corporate headquarters..."

"Corporate headquarters of this giant privately owned mega-corporation in Atlanta. Soulless, robotic people. Hard to explain the atmosphere but sort of a "work will set you free" kind of vibe. Creepiest place I've ever been."


Almost cultish, yes? You can sense the fear and the tension.

"It was painted..."

"A playground that doubled as a bomb shelter. This is the reality for children who live there. It was painted bright colors, but was disturbing."


So sad and no doubt eerie.

"I don't believe..."

"Waverly Hills Sanitarium. I don't believe in ghosts and things but that place is creepy AF."


I googled it and that place looks creepier than any abandoned place I've ever seen. No thanks.

I think I'll continue to live my risk averse existence. Creepy abandoned places? No thanks. That's like walking into a serial killer's lair willingly. Haven't you seen any horror movies?

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