The Creepiest 'Glitches In The Matrix' People Have Ever Experienced

The Creepiest 'Glitches In The Matrix' People Have Ever Experienced
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Life is fulled of things we can't explain.

Time. People. Dreams. The dark. The Unknown.

When life feels a little off... like a tape being paused because we're all part of a 'Truman Show' experiment, it's because it probably is.

Then the reset.

But resets don't go unnoticed.

Redditor kaden86 wanted to discuss the times they've tried to decipher the unexplainable.

So they asked:

"What's your creepiest 'glitch in the matrix' or unexplainable thing that's ever happened to you?"

I feel like I live in the Matrix. More than I like to admit.

The same spot

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"Removed a painting from the wall during a late evening cleaning, put it away and returned to the wall to see a never before seen painting on the same spot, put a chill down my spine."


Fast forward 10 years...

"I remember being pretty young like 9 or 10 and I was the car park of a pub in England (Southend). I remember seeing someone in their teens in the window of a house looking over the car park."

"They waved at me and I felt like I knew them somehow. My parents asked who I was waving at and I said just some lady in the window over there. Didn’t think much of it. Fast forward 10 years."

"I was at my nan's new house. I remember walking into her room (which I never was allowed to do) going to the window. I then realised I was in the house looking over that same parking lot and remembering that interaction years before."

"Then a girl around 9 or 10 who was in said car park waved at me and I waved back. I felt like I knew her. Could not explain it and have never told anyone about it. It freaked me out."


No idea how...

"Weird but happy. About 5 years ago in November we lost our family dog to cancer. She was the dog my children grew up with, loved by all. At the next Christmas, at the end of the day of gifts, food and family, as I was picking up, I found a tiny pewter dog figurine sitting on the mantel."

"I asked everyone who had been at the house that day if they left it. No one had. Okay, weird, but took it as a good omen. When my eldest went back to college at the end of that Christmas break, he asked if he could take the little figurine, to remember his dog. Of course, I said yes. A week or two later, picking up around the house, there was the figurine again!"

"I called my son, and said, 'You forgot the dog figurine!' He said, 'No I didn’t, it’s right in front of me on my desk!' I had now found a second figurine!! Again, no one claimed any knowledge of it. No idea how... but I still have the two of them tucked away on a shelf to this day."



"About a year ago me and my cousin visited Los Angeles. We were driving around using google maps and after missing our 3rd or 4th exit we swear we both heard it sigh loudly before it rerouted us."

"We freaked out and made sure our driving was on point the rest of the ride. The rest of the trip there if we missed any of our exits or turns we always apologized to google so hopefully she would know we were just morons and not a**holes."


Tricks in Florida

Looney Tunes Florida GIFGiphy

"I was on vacation on Florida visiting a friend, we were walking on the beach on a perfectly sunny day when everything went black for a second. I think it was weird but explained it away thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me until he looked at me and said 'did everything go black for a second?'"


Oh Florida... where the glitch is HOT!!

World Travels

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"I have a jade Buddhist necklace I bought in China about 10 years ago. It disappears for months at a time only to reappear somewhere obvious like my desk, my dresser, in a drawer I use every day. I just say it goes on a trip and will come back eventually."


Bye Wally...

"Not my story, but my Grandpa's. So he served in the Navy and hadn't come home for five years. He finally got to go home, and on his way, he saw his old friend, let's call him Wally. Wally was getting on his normal bus, and my Grandpa shouted 'Hi!' To him. But Wally didn't respond."

"But he didn't think much of it, seeing how Wally didn't have the best hearing. Wally got on his bus, and looked my Grandpa in the eye as the bus drove away."

"Later, after he got home and was talking to his dad, he asked him how Wally was doing and told his dad about how he saw him earlier.

"His dad was silent for a minute, and asked him if he was sure he saw Wally. My grandpa said yes, and his dad replied..."

"Wally died six months ago."


In my Dreams

"One day when I was about 8 I didn't go to school because I was sick. My friend was supposed to bring me homework etc. but he never came. My granddad came home from work and he told me that that friend was dead, I was devastated. That night I had a dream."

"I was with my friend at a playground next to our school and we were talking, then he told me that he is safe and it didn't hurt when that car hit him. The next day my mother wanted to talk to me about that situation and she asked me if I wanted to know what happened. I told her that I know everything because my friend told me."

"She thought that my granddad told me but he did not. He said that he did not wanted to tell me without her knowing it. That night I had a dream again and I was talking to him again. We were playing and having fun and he told me that he really had to go and we wont see each other ever again. The next day was his funeral and I really haven't had a dream about him ever since."



"Might get buried but oh well. When I played baseball as a kid, they were handing out the trophies at the end of the season. They called out the names of the kids while we received our trophies. There happened to be a kid with the same name as me. We met after the ceremony because it was weird since our last name isn't a very common one."

"We had the same birthday and everything. We looked alike, both our Dad's were named Derek and both of our sisters were named Lilly. As a kid, I found it cool. As an adult, I find it cool and also disturbing."


Down the Highway

On My Way Goodbye GIF by Bubble PunkGiphy

"I was driving about 50 mph, and a car ran a stop sign on an on ramp and pulled out right in front of me. I remember bracing for impact and then I was about 300 yards down the highway and I saw the car at the ramp in my rearview, just about to pull out."


There are always going to be weird "coincidences," they make life fun. Right?

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