There are just some events in life that are too difficult to bare witness. These are the moments that you think about or see on the news or a Dateline NBC episode that you pray to whatever deity you believe in to spare you from ever having to be a part of any of it in real time. You would assume death was the worst thing to see, you'd be wrong.

Redditor u/AviahWinchester wanted to know what people have seen firsthand that still gives them nightmares by asking.... What is the scariest thing you've ever witnessed?

Saucy Minx....


Damn horny bobcats trying to hook up in the middle of the night. Yeah, they really do sound like someone being murdered. khegiobridge

The first time I ever heard a cougar I was a security guard at an outdoor theater on the edge of town, I thought a woman was being murdered, I called my LT and he told me to google mountain lion screams to see if that was it, that's exactly what it was and it didn't really make me feel any better. LOL. BadReputation2611

The Scream.....

Just after college, my roommate and I lived in a townhouse. Our neighbor was murdered and I was home when the police think it happened - I was even called as a witness to what they believed was a struggle and a silenced gunshot.

We didn't realize what happened until his sister and some of his friends broke into his house the next day and saw him laying on the ground with a bullet wound in his neck. The police showed up, roped off his house and the two surrounding (ours and the other neighbors').

His dad showed up and his expression when he saw his only son murdered and the scream that he let out were the most terrifying expression of grief I've ever seen and hope to ever see. agatheg

Be Prepared....

My mom having a seizure when I was about 6. It was the middle of the night and I was the only one there with her and had no clue what was happening. She was alright but God seizures are terrifying to watch. billbobhob

Can confirm, have had 2 in my life.

Neither were very fun but for me I felt like I just passed out and woke up in an ambulance with a headache.
The doctor says he had no idea what happened and it's still a mystery to this day as to why. Has not ever happened again but the brain works in strange ways. Jestire

Damn Kids....

This guy collapsed in the movie theater line while ordering food. He was chatting with his girlfriend one minute then he just rocked forward and fell backwards right into me. I really thought I witnessed someone die right in front of me and that I was holding a dead body. Luckily, the guy popped right back up and he left with his girlfriend. The people in line behind me were really rude, saying "there's two stupid teenagers playing drunk." I just assumed the guy had narcolepsy or some other neurological disorder. sleepilyLee

Stay Sober....


Someone in my immediate family came home high on hard drugs and was hallucinating bugs in their neck so they took a knife and started cutting their neck. That was..... not lit. sneakysillysteve

Birds of a Feather.....

I snuck into my high school late at night whenever nothing was scheduled to be going on that late. Fast forward ten minutes and I hear instruments playing in the darkness.

Turns out some band kids snuck in that night too. UnderratedCommentor

Into the Abyss..... 

At my childhood house, my parents never bought any blinds for the basement sliding glass door, so it was always kinda like this horrifying black abyss at night. So yeah, me and my brothers were playing down in the basement one night and through the window we saw our neighbor through her window dressed as a clown, sitting reading a book. It was truly horrifying. I'll never forget that day. iammine88


I was in the break room eating lunch at my first job out of college. The break room had windows that had a perfect view of the interstate and I would mindlessly watch the interstate traffic every day on my lunch. One time I watched a semi truck smash into one of the concrete pillars for the overpass. As I was calling 911 I saw a gentleman in the opposite bound lane pull over to the shoulder, get out of his car and sprint to the semi truck I saw the trucker hand his dog to the Samaritan and then climb out shortly after and as soon as they got out of the truck, the vehicle exploded. Seriously the most nerve wracking thing I've ever seen. MattyIcex4

To Grandma's House.... 

I was about two or three when I watched my dad punch my mother in the nose. He was abusive and that was the last straw for my mother. We were living in a apartment building and fortunately, my grandma lived in the next apartment.

So my three year old self had to run out of my apartment, past the elevator, and knock on my grandma's door and she ended up getting my mom out of there. I haven't seen him since and she's been with her current boyfriend for over 10 years. Joos_Toos

The Crash....

Had swing by my dad's place earlier in the day and talk to him about my plans for the rest of the summer evening good. He told me he was going to go on a motorcycle ride after he just got done building a custom sportster.... Later on that afternoon I drove up on a wreck on a two-lane Road often used heavily by semis, traffic backed up at a slow crawl... The closer I get to where it looks like the wreck is at, I start wondering what it could be.. Traffic comes to a standstill and I am within talking distance of a State Trooper who had been waving traffic through.

I rolled down my window and asked him if he knew what the wreck was.. He said it was a vehicle vs motorcycle head-on collision... I cringed because that sounded bad.... Traffic began to slowly move again, as i roll by the ambulance which had been blocking my view... i gazed upon a crunched SUV... and a custom sports car on it's side... my heart sank.

I immediately pulled off to the side as i sat there in shock, watching the EMT'S proceeding to load the stretcher up; which had my dad on it. Bat_man_89

Where is the Humanity?


I worked as a host at an Olive Garden over a decade ago. It's a busy weekend night. Out of nowhere, this woman comes up to me and says quietly, "my baby isn't breathing." I was 19. Not really sure what to do, so I just yell out the movie thing, "is anyone here a doctor?! This baby isn't breathing!" and thankfully there actually was a doctor and a nurse in the lobby.

The bar called an ambulance and I had to keep new people from coming into the restaurant (they had the baby on the floor) and getting in the way/adding to the crowd when the ambulance crew arrived. Some people were really crappy about having to wait. I'll never forget the old hag who said, "what does that matter? We can walk around," to me. We found out a week later that the baby died. Very sad. And the baby was definitely over 1, so I don't think it was SIDS. napalmtree13


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