Creeped Out Adults Share The Scariest Thing A Child Has Ever Said To Them

Creeped Out Adults Share The Scariest Thing A Child Has Ever Said To Them

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Kids are scary. Sure, they can be cute and cuddly but I've always found much of that suspicious. Nobody smiles that often without a plot lurking behind the eyes. Somethings that children say may just be random and off the cuff -- sometimes we need to listen, because they're warning you and it can be downright spooky!

Redditor hlwoolly __wondered what sort of eerie things adults have heard from the mouths of babes. Turn your lights on, y'all!


"Mummy, I love you so much I want to cut off your head and carry it around with me so I can see you all the time and kiss you."

We explained photographs to him but he was still pretty keen on having my actual head.


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At a campfire this little girl threw some sticks in it and while hearing those crackling noises she turned around, looked into my eyes and then casually said: "I want to know what sounds you make when I throw you into that fire!" Yeah that was pretty creepy.


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"Who's that at the desk over there?" We were in an empty room, no one was at the desk. Was also at a funeral.


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My now wife and I were staying at a relative's house close to the airport so that we could fly out early the next morning. In the morning we had breakfast with their ~5 year old son and we were telling him how we were getting on an airplane to go to Florida. The kid looked at my wife and me and said "Boom! Crash! Black smoke!". I still can't believe we got on that airplane.


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'Stick a knife in yah, bleed like the Devil, yah?' - Some random kid on the playground.


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My 4 year old son had a habit of announcing when he had to use the bathroom. He would say "I gotta go potty". One time he makes his business known and heads off toward the bathroom. He returns seconds later and says "There's already someone in the bathroom". Now I do know for a fact that it's just the two of us home so the hair stands up on my neck. I ask him, "what do you mean". He repeats, "There's already someone in the bathroom".

Now I'm thinking, is it someone "I see dead people" or someone in a hockey goalie mask.

So I grab the biggest knife from my knife block and tell him to stay here. I walk to the bathroom, take a wide angle to see in, nobody. Slowly and quietly walk toward the shower and pull back the curtain. Nothing.

By now my son has walked around the corner and I ask him "where did you see the person?" He points to an un-flushed toilet and says "See, someone's already here". His big brother didn't flush the toilet...


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When I was younger, my family was driving around an old part of town, and my 3 year old sister suddenly announced "this is where I used to live when I was grandmama's mom".

We looked at her and asked what she had said, and she repeated it.

Our grandmother didn't grow up there, so it wasn't a total crazy thing, but still creepy at the time.


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When my brother has a toddler he used to tell stories about "when he was a man." He knew specific details about a town he said he used to live in, and life events, but he didn't remember his name.

He eventually grew out of it and has no memories of it now.


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I teach hebrew school. We were talking about Purim and Queen Esther, and how the story happened a long time ago. One of my students says, "They're all dead." She then proceeded to tell her classmates that everyone dies. They nodded. She then points to her two classmates, then herself, and then me, saying, "You're going to die, you're going to die, I'm going to die, you're going to die." I teach five-year-olds.


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She told me to lay on the floor, and I obliged. She then held a pillow over my face and whispered in my ear "go to sleep."


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The other night I heard my son through the monitor whispering "I need help. I need help daddy." I sprint upstairs to his room and he's sitting cross legged on his bed, with a sinister grin on his face. It should also be noted that his nightlight is a gummy bear light, so the whole room is bathed in red. when I get closer and told him to lie down and go to bed, he giggled and said "bye bye daddy."

I was genuinely shocked when I woke up the next morning still breathing.


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Dropped my son off at before-school care yesterday morning, and he said "Bye dad, I hope you live for another day."

He's six, I would have thought he'd be past the eerily-inappropriate stage by now.


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"There was a tall man in the doorway. He told me not to worry. He had no eyes."


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"I liked you better when we were in our last bodies."


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Waking up at 3 am my 5yo niece standing on by my side she said "I was watching you sleep".


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My friend and I rented a room from a family when we were in college. The family was overworked and had no time for the children in the house. One day, the son walked up to us, pointed to my friend's chest and said "Big. Juicy". He was 4.


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A year ago I took my kid to the park and she made friends with this random girl that was seemingly alone and about 6. She wanted to play in a sand pit so they started digging a hole. When it was time to go I walked over to get my daughter and the other little girl jumped into the hole and laid down then screamed out "hurry up and bury me just like my parents. They're both dead, I'm all alone and miss them." Then she started covering herself in sand.


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I worked in an after school program and this little girl had this "doll" that was the most nasty creepy thing I had ever seen. I forget the dolls name but lets call it Nancy... so one day she told me "Nancy doesn't like you, she makes me think bad things about you" and I was like "LOL well tell Nancy I don't like her either"

That was my first mistake. I had a flat tire when I left work that day. A couple days later the girl asks me "Nancy wants to know if you learned your lesson" and I had no idea what she was talking about so I said "I don't take lessons from toys" and the girl said "Nancy wont like that"

nothing happens for a couple weeks and one day the girl is really tired and she says that Nancy kept her up all night talking and being mean and scary... I told the girl she needs to get rid of Nancy and the girl said "When I tell her you said that shes going to punish you again like the last time" which I then realize was the day my tire went flat.

so now I am convinced Nancy is a demon and I forbid the girl from bringing the doll to the program and talk to the parents. The parents say she's been saying really weird things about the doll and they've tried to get rid of it but the first time they tried she said she was going to drown herself and the second time they tried she held her breathe until she passed out so they let her keep it.

Im like dude this thing is a serious possession or ghost ... so I start being nice to Nancy... Im like coloring with Nancy. I made Nancy a separate snack at snack time. I already have a shitty existence I don't need the wrath of some doll after me.

So after this goes on for a while, me sucking up to Nancy as to not be murdered, the little girl tells me Nancy is moving... Im like GREAT BYE NANCY thinking the girl has outgrown her and is getting rid of her.

Nope the next day the girl comes in with a new doll ... that looks JUST LIKE ME and says "This is Nancys new house" when I say this doll looked like me I mean exactly like me. It was my skin color (Im Dominican so like a light brownish color) dark big curly hair same length as mine. Freckles under the eyes like I have. It was a little over stuffed and so am I, but like my heart dropped.

I know this seems dramatic but I switched schools after that and haven't heard from Nancy since.


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I used to babysit an 8 year old boy and one day as we were playing he stops, looks out the window and asks me "is this a dream? How do we know it's not a dream?" I ask him what he means, he looks at me and starts talking about his dinosaurs.


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I'm in a shopping store, minding my own business. A woman walks past me with a child over her shoulder. I am bad at gauging ages but maybe 3yo?

Anyway, it points at me and says:

"I want you to hold your mouth shut until you die"

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