People Share The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Heard A Child Say

Decades of Hollywood horror films have managed to influence how we interpret the bizarre statements of children.

Kids are bizarre, they leap to weird conclusions or miss key details entirely. And when they vocalize those conclusions--often with alarming conviction--the sentence uttered is, at the very least, puzzling.

But sometimes another tone cuts through: straight eeriness.

Whether it's the content of what a kid says or simply the way they say it, the macabre is never that far off whenever a child discusses some inexplicable situation.

Recently, Redditors recalled the creepiest kid moments of their lives.

TheArgonianKing asked,

"What's the creepiest thing you've ever heard any child say?"

In many cases, the creepiness stems from kids' confident assertion of things to come. For whatever reason, children tend offer up the very worst predictions when not a single person asked.

These kids set there eyes on the things that loom.

Rough Day Coming 

"Lol a couple hours ago, my 3 year old very casually was like 'I'm going to be sad when this home catches fire.' That was an interesting conversation." -- Fun-ghoul

"Budding arsonist maybe? He's just nonchalantly warning you." -- TheArgonianKing

"At least they'll be sad. Good job!" -- dlorddjr

Wrongo, Twerp 

"My neighbor's 4 year old daughter once said to me 'You're pretty. Too bad they're coming for you soon'"

"Needless to say, I was terrified for a few days. Over a year later, nothing has happened to me. Suck it Jennifer!"

-- sovidi

It's That Alarming Certainty 

"My 5 year old cousin told me that we have 7 days left to live and nothing can change that, after saying that he put his favorite toy in trash and walked away. I was left speechless."

"11 years later I am still alive so is he. It terrified me for few weeks not gonna lie."

-- Ambient_Berlin

Not All Babies are Cute But This is a New Level 

"My 3 year old daughter stood next to her new born brother and looked at him for awhile then turned and looked at me and said, 'Daddy its a monster..we should bury it.' "

-- vireciewde

Mom, Covering Up the Truth 

"Little blonde girls still freak me out to this day."

"I had the window seat on a quick one hour flight, sat next to a little blonde girl, with her mom on the aisle seat."

"As we're taking off, the girl points out the window and exclaims, 'We go up and die!' Her mom quickly corrects her, 'Yes, we go up in the sky!' A few minutes later, she's points again and says 'I see pain!' Quick on her feet, her mom corrects her again, 'You see plane, very good.'"

"No, Sheryl, that's not what she said and you know it!"

-- lilspark14

Other kids describe their horrifying interactions with inanimate objects.

Things around the house are suddenly imbued with dreadful life when a kid explains a recent run-in, just a room away.

Teddy Bear Taking a Look 

"You can sleep with my teddy bear mommy. I don't like when it's eyes move." -- allthemigraines

"Why the fu** am I reading this right before I go to sleep?" -- BackWaterBill

"Two sentence horror story?!!" -- Bloddybella

Eyes Only He Could See 

"I was babysitting a 3 year old. We were playing and suddenly he pointed at a painting on the wall of a woman with her head turned away so you couldn't see her face and said 'I don't like her, she's scary.'"

"I asked why and he said 'I don't like her eyes. She has bad eyes.'"

-- GumotheGreat

The Man in the Mirror

"The man who lives in your mirror likes to smile at me. However, when you walk in, he gets angry." -- AlmaUm

"I'm not gonna lie, I have an antique vanity that I'm planning to use as a piece in the nursery I'm currently putting together for my daughter, and I was 50% worried about potential creepiness."

"I am now 100000% worried about potential creepiness." -- maimsy

And of course, there are the imaginary friends.

Unfortunately, these "friends" often sound a heck of a lot more like ghosts or other haunted spirits. But sometimes the evidence around the child's claim is eerily compelling.

Interpretations of Snake 

"While changing my daughter in front of the open closet door. She kept looking around me and laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said, 'the man.' To which I replied, 'what man?' "

"She then pointed at the closet and said, 'the man with the snake neck.' I turn around and nothing was there."

"I'm afraid to look into the history of my house to see if anyone hung themselves in the closet. At least she wasn't scared."

-- moxicyyu

Unexpected Visitor

"Can't recall hearing anything myself, but I was a little kid when I said something creepy. I heard this from 4 family members (my mother, father, and grandparents). They were having breakfast and I came into the kitchen and said how 'Uncle Sal' and I were talking last night."

"This was my grandmother in question's deceased brother that died over 10 years before I was born. My grandfather turned white and almost fell out of his chair."

-- Rvghteous

Basil the Ghost

"My 4 year old stepsister used to talk to a ghost named basil. Which was just coincidentally the name of the old man that died in the house before they moved in." -- admcshane

"Yeah, "coincidentally.'" -- Insaniac1

"Yeah, Basil is a ridiculously common name...." -- twstdrose

As Poetic as it is Scary 

" 'You can near them in the silence, but when you listen they notice.' My little cousin." -- Still_a_cowboy

"Mice maybe? Yeah definitely mice, gotta be..!" -- IamDuyi

Borrowing a Body 

"My mum told me how when i was a baby in nappies and could talk quite well for my age (not sure how old i was). One day while she was changing my nappy She said i looked her dead serious in the eye and said 'i used to do this to you when you were a little girl.' "

"She said the hairs on her neck went up and was creeped the hell out and just replied 'oh did you?' And i went on as a baby again like i never said a thing."

"She thinks maybe it was my deceased great nanna appearing through me for a second."

-- Somthingorrather

Follow the Leader

"When my sister was around 2 or 3 years old she ran out the door and down the street, luckily my mom saw her and called me to chase after her."

"When we finally caught up with her my mom asked her why she ran out like that, my sister said 'this lady told me to follow her.'"

"We didn't see anyone in front of her the whole time she was running, also we don't know how the front door opened since she couldn't even reach the handle at the time. Creepy stuff."


Fully Developed Narrative

"My niece, currently four years old. I'm convinced she's going to be the next Stephen King or the next Zodiac Killer."

"Latest incident. Found her with her dolls seated all around the table, she's at the head of it, holding forth. She's got a bit of a lisp, so it's not easy to make out what she's saying when she's talking fast."

"I go over to ask her what they are playing. She was getting a battle plan ready on how to kill everyone in the house and take all the ice cream from the freezer."

"I was to be killed by her teddy bear stuffing itself down my throat."

"Sorry sis, I'm not staying the night, got plans. See you later (hopefully.)"

-- sanctum502

Geography Via Ghost

"Apparently when I was about 3-5 I had an imaginary friend who was a British soldier in WWI, I would tell my parents about the things he'd tell me, one of which was about being stationed in India."

"My mom then pulled out a map and asked me to point out where India was and I got it right."

-- BackWaterBill

Final Goodbye

"We asked my 5 year old cousin who she was talking to in the den. She said with excitement 'I was showing pap my dolls!' "

"He had passed that morning but we hadn't told her yet."

-- bofaner

Hopefully, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind all these anecdotes. After all, we only get to read a secondhand account taken from memory.

But there's no doubt about the spookiness of these recollections.

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