The Craziest Crimes Ever Committed By Family Members
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If you currently share a password for Netflix with friends or family, you are in fact committing a federal crime.

Not one that is ever truly enforced, of course, nor does it cause any harm to others.

There are those, however, who have family members who have committed crimes for which there were far more serious repercussions.

Ranging from the horrific, to the hilariously indescribable.

Redditor TheAllNewBigGay was curious to hear the most shocking and bizarre crimes ever committed by members of people's families, leading them to ask:

Whats the craziest crime you or somebody in your family has committed?

Burning Down The House

"Last year my psychotic mother burned down my childhood home that her, my dad, my niece, my sibling, and siblings partner lived in because she believed my dad was cheating on her."

"Despite no evidence and this was not the first time she accused my dad of cheating with no evidence."

"Effectively, she destroyed everything we had built and kept in that home."

"Then after the fire in what I can only construe as an act of desperation, she went to my bank and stole all of the money out of my accounts because she was secondary on the accounts."

"I was working on changing banks, but my new bank had yet to finalize the creation of my new account."

"Moral of the story is take your parents off your bank accounts when you turn 18."

"She’s now serving time in a county jail for the arson because she took a plea deal and got a reduced sentence, which I still believe was utter crap."

"She played the poor old lady act to the judge and he took pity on her that she did not deserve."

"This is the woman who eviscerated my self esteem and made my life hell ever since I was born."

"She was toxic and abusive, never told me the truth about anything, and is a greedy, manipulative person."

"I feel no shame in saying that I do not care about her."

"She’s lost any right to my love and respect."- southpaw7writer

Thankfully Caught In The Act

"My Cousins husband got caught trying to kidnap a 14 year old boy."- Dustyk3yboard

Dark Net...

"My father committed one of the first computer crimes in the 90s."

"A ton of files were corrupted due to a code he created because they fired him."

"FBI invaded our home and arrested him."

"Was sent to federal prison for four years, which was interesting because there was never a crime committed of its nature before."

"They made a forensics file episode about it."

"If anyone is curious, the company was Omega."- drawing_a_blank1

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Impersonating An Agent

"My uncle used to dress up with a group of friends as DEA agents in the 80’s and raid crack houses."

"Only to take the drugs and consume them."-- yoloswagbot191

Less Than Well Planned Burglary...

"Twin brothers boosted a car and rob the 711 like 1/2 mile from house."

"Ditched car 10 houses from theirs."

"How were they caught?"

"Officers respond to alarm triggered by clerk."

" Officer: Got an alarm here what happened."

"Clerk: Tim and Tom came in and robbed the store."

"Officer: How do you know it was these guys? "

"Clerk: They are 6' 4" twins who come in every day. I know their shape and voice."

"The car 911 operator: 911 what is your emergency."

"Neighbor: Was watching TV and 2 guys park a car in front of my house."

"One guy got out with like a windex bottle and cleaned all the door handles and door areas."

"Then opened door and the other guy took the stuff and cleaned the inside areas."

"Then they ran off up the street."

"Dispatch: Can you describe the 2 individuals?"

"Neighbor: Well it was Tim and Tom the twins that live up the street from me they're like 6' 4" and they are twins."- Dignans30yearplan

Driving Under The Influence...

"My brother got completely inebriated one night and stupidly drove home."

"He woke up early in the morning to the sound of a baby crying."

"He looked around and noticed he didn’t recognize the house."

"He quickly got up and walked outside to his car halfway in the driveway/street and still running."

"Got in his car and drove away as quickly as he could."

"Turns out it was some random house about 5-10 minutes away from our actual house."

"He never knew whose house it was and never got caught."

"He also slowed down his drinking after that."- charmbomb_explosion

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Many of us have a relative or two whose relation to us results in shame or embarrassment.

One can only hope that these relatives learned from their mistakes.

Regardless, one imagines that these people can't be too upset to have these criminal relatives anymore.

Not with the stories they can now tell...