People Break Down Which Things Were Common In The 1990s But Are Rare Today
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Oh the 90's. What a decade.

Who knew we were in the time of revolution?!

So much happened, yet so much stayed the same.

And not decades later, so much has changed.

Who doesn't love to look back upon a decade and discuss the things that were a common part of life and are now basically obsolete?

You never know in real time.

Redditor Apart-Scalewanted to reminisce about the glory days.

They asked:

"What was normal in the 1990s but rare or non existent now?"

For me... it's Madonna having a #1 song. It can still happen, but highly unlikely.


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"A disc man plugged into a cassette tape with a wire to play music in your car."


Call Me

"Hotlines for the weather report, current time, and movie show times."


"The time and temperature phone number for my small hometown still exists to this day. Same Pre recorded voice and everything. It still advertises caller-id as an add on feature for land lines. Know who’s calling you. It’s easy and convenient with caller id. The time is x. Temperature y."


Let's Chat

"Talking to your friends mom to see if they were home."


"I've always thought that having to go through the parents to talk to your friends made things more controlled and respectful. Now kids can just blast each other with every thought that pops in their heads 24/7, that must make things more toxic."


Fly Away

"When picking someone up from the airport, you could wait for them at their gate."


"When I have flights going through cities with people I know I will intentionally schedule a couple hour layover so I can go hand lunch with them and then just go through security again and board the next flight."


I'm Out

Bye Bye Goodbye GIF by Mickey MouseGiphy

"Being unreachable."


"I still do this to this day. I'll go on vacation for a week and just turn the phone off, or be far enough out in the boonies that there is no cell signal whatsoever."


I wish I could put my phone down. Who knew we'd never be without them?

Let's Fandango

Movie Theater Popcorn GIF by filmeditorGiphy

"Calling the movie theater or looking in the paper for movie times."


Music Library

"Keeping a binder full of CDs in your car."


"I once left the door on my car unlocked and came back to find my car stereo gone but not my full 100 disc binder. The stereo had completely died 2 weeks prior and I just hadn't gotten around to swapping it out yet. I just laughed."


"My car CDs were stolen in 1998. I’m still pissed."



"Pressing play and record at the same time."


"I don't know why but this one made me feel the saddest. I guess it just snapped me back to a moment when I was bored and had no where I had to be, no where I planned to go. My life's todo list completely empty. Just me and the weird 90's dust that seemed to float around in front of sunny windows."


"Putting tape over the security tab/square so you could record over any tape you had in your collection."


Dial Up

"Telephone booths."


"I had to check for the phone booth that I used the most as a teenager (not in NYC, in the beach town where I spent my summers) and it was still there in the most recent Street View! I'll have to see if it's there now when I go by tomorrow. This was where I checked in with my parents and friends circa 1990 to see what was going on. The arcade was just down the street."


And the White?

yellow pages GIFGiphy

"Yellow Pages."


"I got a phone book in my mailbox the other day. First one in years. It was about the size of a Goosebumps book."


Well those were the days. Weren't they?

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