People Who've Committed A Crime and Gotten Away With It Share Their Experiences

We're human, which means we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are simple, like making a wrong turn at the red light or snapping at someone we love when we're hungry. These are things that can be easily corrected or apologized for.

Committing a crime, though, may not be so easily rectified.

That is, if the person gets caught.

Ready for a juicy story, Redditor Lozepam asked:

"Redditors who have committed a crime and got away with it. What crime did you commit and what's the story?"

Rental Returns

"I was 10. I took my own mowing money and rented a copy of 'Megaman X'."

"I never took it back, ever. The store was open for another few years and eventually shut down. They told me I owed them hundreds of dollars for late fees."


- k0uch

Glitch in the System

"There was an Amazon price glitch, and I got two monitors for free. The first time was an accident, and the second time was to test the theory. I didn't want to do it a third time, because intentionally it can be a crime."

- KiwiCatPNW

All the Free Pizza

​"I exploited a bug in Domino's pizza app."

"They said I can use only one coupon, but once I got to the payment page, there was an option to 'add coupon' if I tried to input another coupon it said, 'cannot redeem more than once.'"

"But it did allow one coupon that would randomly pop up in ads, I saved it in a notepad and it gave me a 40% discount."

"I used it like this for about two years. I used them for combo two pizza coupons or free stuff like deserts, garlic bread, and got a 40% discount."

- EastOrganization2392

School Hopping

"I used to break into schools when I was in high school."

"My friends and I would sneak out of the house around 2 AM and drive to various towns and climb up to the school roofs and try and find a way in most of the time successfully and sometimes not."

"We called it 'School hopping.'"

"We didn't destroy anything or do anything bad. It was just innocent fun."

"But we made it our mission to kick all of the balls off the roof that had been up there since probably forever so the kids would show up for school the next day with all the balls they lost back and ready to play with. We made that our main mission."

"But if we got caught, we'd probably go to jail."

"I moved to Japan 16 years ago after I finished college and even broke into a school in the Japanese countryside."

"Talk about a special kind of stupid... That would either have been jail in Japan or instant deportation back to the states if caught."

"But still here in Tokyo and yet to be arrested! Go me?"

"I'm an idiot."

- Few-Frosting-1398

Musical Karma

​"Warning, this story is extremely 90's: I used to go to Tower Records (along with supporting my local record store lol!). Once I bought a copy of the live version of Pink Floyd's the wall there, unopened, and when I got it home both disks were dislodged from their backings and scratched to hell, unplayable."

"Not only did the Tower clerks refuse to take it back even for credit, but they were also super rude, laughing in my face to boot."

"So... I went back the next day and picked out a whole bunch of CDs I had my eye on and took them to the book section. Yes, they had a book section, ironically with a lot of books that encouraged stealing like 'Steal This Book.'"

"I took one of those large format art books like H.R. Giger or whatever, sat on the floor criss-cross applesauce, opened it my lap, then held the CDs underneath while I stripped off the security tags with a box-cutter on my keychain."

"Then I stuffed the ten or so CDs into the pockets of my huge cargo shorts (again, 90's), put the book back, and walked straight out through the metal detector."

"This worked so well, I did it every week all summer, until I had a whole new record collection courtesy of the Tower, when they could have just taken the damn album back."

"Never did anything like this again, and I realize I got carried away, but to this day, I don't feel bad about it."

- ThirstyHank

Anticlimactic Results

"When I was about ten, I found this shawl while shopping with my mom and insisted she buy it for me, but she refused, saying it was 'too expensive.'"

"I found a discount sticker on a random item in the store, peeled it off, and put it on the tag for the shawl, and then told my mother I found a second one that was cheaper."

"It worked. The store honored the discount on the sticker, and my mom bought me the shawl."

"I got home, put it in my drawer, but never wore it. It stayed there for almost a decade until I got rid of it."

- triSARAHtops22

Arsenic Samaritans

"The woods a few miles from my house had a huge mountain of old tires. A friend and I set them on fire, not realizing how quickly it would get out of hand."

"Before we knew it, there was a massive, out-of-control fire burning in the woods."

"We ran and called 911 and told them we were walking by and saw it. We were featured in the paper the next day as 'good Samaritans.'"

- DelTheInsane

Father and Son Crime-Bonding

"I don’t actually know if it’s a 'crime,' but what I would call 'industrial espionage.'"

"My dad is a big business guy. Many years ago, when I was just learning how to edit photos with something other than MS Paint and whatnot, my dad asked if I would make up some quotes for him with the company letterhead… of their competitor."

"A competitor was going to get a big sale because they were legitimately cheaper. So I made these quotes making it look like the competitor was actually going to be more expensive. It worked."

"I wish I remembered the dollar figure, but it was over 15 years ago and I really had no clue what I was involved in. Just wanted to make my dad happy and proud of me."

- MrLanesLament

You're Not Law-Abiding When You're Hungry

"I stole a Snickers out of Kmart when I was eight. I got it all the way home. I remember being paranoid about the wrapper before eventually burying it in the flower bed by the front porch."

- Cold_Durian1796

Continuing Education

"I never returned my college textbooks. Just forgot. Barnes and Noble absolutely hounded my a** for a couple of years, but I just never picked up the phone. I guess they eventually gave up."

"So now I have my very own little free library about Religion in Medieval Iberia. Yaaay."

- nicekona

Dangerous Chemistry

​"Made napalm with some other kids in the neighborhood, put a little bit around the seat of a Porto potty and… whaddya know, turns out that’s enough to melt the entire Porto into a hot goo pile."

"The Fire Dept showed up and put it out while we watched from the bushes."

- AndyC-AndyDo

Increasing Gnome Population

"I grew up in a small town. One night, my best friend and I broke into the fairgrounds and stole a bunch of s**t. Little gnomes, planters, flags, etc."

"We then put them randomly all over town. It made the small little paper and everyone was perplexed. It was me!"

- Immajustbrowse19

Phone Hacking

"Back when phones were still using old tech and payphones were still around, you could play tones into the phone to make it think you put money in."

"When I was a teenager, I used to make and sell 'red boxes' that would let you do that. It cost about $10 for the parts from Mouser electronics, and I sold them for $50."

- CyberneticPanda

​The Tell-Tale Heart

"I stole a necklace from a gas station when I was five years old. I asked my mom for it and she said no, so I shoved it in my pocket. I got away with it and was never caught."

"However, the guilt was eating me alive. I couldn't stand to wear the necklace so I buried it in the backyard."

"Somehow, being denied the catharsis of punishment was worse than if I had just been caught and punished."

"I worried for at LEAST three years that I would be found out."

- glitterlipgloss

Quirky Steals

"When I was a kid I stuffed my pockets with coffee beans from Kroger."

"When I got home, I asked my cousin if they wanted any and showed them my pockets stuffed with coffee beans."

"They looked at me like I was stupid."

- HeyImDay20

Though most of these were low-scale crimes, it makes sense that committing the crime would still haunt some people. We certainly don't condone these, but they were all quite interesting to read.

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