Having the gift of sight is something so many of us take for granted. There are so many people who would kill to have unobstructed vision. To have any vision at all instead is of course a blessing, but one vision issue in particular can be at the very least, distracting. Colorblind people can see, so that 's a huge plus but that plus comes with baggage. I've actually never met a colorblind but I've heard about the day to day trials. It must be maddening not being able to see what others are seeing when they're standing right next to you.

Redditor u/GasparThePrince was hoping those with afflicted vision would be willing to share some of their daily tribulations by asking... Colorblind people of Reddit, what is one of the most unexpected problems related to colour you face often?

I didn't realize that sports teams were doing so much fiddling with their uniforms and colors. When I played sports it was the same colors, same pattern, no matter where the games were played. Maybe the major sports leagues should get together and vote on keeping it all simple. Less is more.

With the Spirits

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The football (soccer) team I support now occasionally wears a colour I can't really distinguish from the bloody pitch. So, I now watch 11 players from an opposing team walk about with ghosts as a show of support.


It's all Wrong

Watching the NBA after they stopped forcing teams to wear white at home. It's a confusing mess most of the time.


Every team should pick a home color and stick with it all year, mix it up on the road. OP is right, especially with teams like Brooklyn, or Dallas, or my Lakers, it's a total mess.

Lakers used to wear gold at home, purple on the road, white on Sunday. How complicated is that? Now you turn on the TV and sometimes it looks like the Lakers aren't even out there then you realize it's freaking Wednesday and they're wearing the Sunday uniform. Aggravating to say the least!


I love to shop and try on as many clothes as possible. I love to get lost in a vast array of colors and shades. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to not be able to able to match without assistance. How does it not take away so much of the fun of shopping? Clothing is an essential part of life for almost everyone, it would suck to have it all feel like more of a chore.

With Misty

Shopping for clothes... I'm not severely colorblind, but have issues with things like purple from some shades of blue, dark greens from browns, teal from grey, things like that. So I hate when clothing store tags or website color options either have number codes for color or non-descriptive names for colors. Olive Green on a sweater is great. Pine Tree and I'll figure it out. Misty Hike and I am lost. Same with 091.


Mix & Match

Trying to pick outfits or matching clothes for my kids. Thankfully my daughter helps me get clothes for her little brother when my wife isn't around. It's also very difficult (read: impossible) for me to safely do electrical work.



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On my stepdads behalf, I'll say that he doesn't know that the kitchen utensils are all pink.

And also the time he got my mom a fluffy "pink" robe for Christmas, but it was actually green.


Some people make it through by luck and the grace of the Lord. You can get into some severe situations when it comes compromised vision. I had an ex who would constantly miss crosswalk signals, in New York due to deteriorating regular vision. The amount of cars he nearly ended up under, I lost count. So when you're performing everyday tasks like driving, preparing food or running you have to be extra cautious.

Let's Flip

I had a color blind science teacher. He brought it up when we got to genetics and recessive genes.

The small town had an upside down traffic light for decades. The teacher knew it was upside down, and just remember too was go, bottom was stop.

Then the town suddenly flipped it it right side up. Luckily there wasn't an accident, he just had to explain to the officer what happened.


Dough Issues

I'm not color blind but my fiancé is, he struggles with the ties on loafs of bread. The color of the tie will blend in with our counter top and I'll hear him tapping his hand up and down trying to find it so he can close the packaging on the loaf.


He could try using an LED flashlight and shining it flat across the surface. I'm not colorblind, but I would do this when I had a dark countertop that was difficult to find things on.



The standard small-town traffic light had 12 light bulbs--one each for red, yellow and green for all four directions. The budget traffic light for very small towns had only one light bulb for each position (top, middle, bottom), shared with all four directions. You can see the problem. I had a colorblind friend who was ticketed for running such a red light in a small town in Georgia. Luckily he wasn't killed.


Oh the simple joys of life. Imagine not being able to take in the majesty of certain moments, like a Christmas tree or a once in a decade colored moon. You get to stand there and watch everyone else partake while you just imagine, in black and white.

the quiet lights...

Standing outside one late October night, watching one of the best displays of the Northern Lights that I've seen. My family is gasping at the shifting display of colors- pink and blue and purple swirled in with the more common green. I look over at our friend, who is much less awe-inspired than us, and remember that he's colorblind. I didn't mention it or make a fuss, but it made me quite sad for him.


Deep Thoughts

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I don't pick up on certain colors of blue/purple, and see them as purple.

My old roommate doesn't pick up on blue/purple and sees them as blue. Lots of drunk arguments which we'd then pull our third roommate over and ask and he'd be like "bruh... that's obviously purple/blue" and we'd lose our minds.


I hear that science is making great strides in possible contacts and glasses that will be able to bring color to the colorblind. Hopefully sometimes in the near future rainbows can be seen by everyone. And if you come across a person who is colorblind, don't make a fuss. You'll never understand how they are seeing or feeling so don't bombard them with questions. Google it.


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