People Share The Childhood Memories Almost All Of Us Have
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We all had that same speckled roasting pan, right?

Not long ago, a friends kid was visiting. I, of course, cooked dinner—in this case a roast pork shoulder.

When I pulled the pan out, my friends kid made a comment that her grandma in Maine had the same roasting pan. Kiddo had a distinct memory of learning to cook chicken in it.

So did mom, but with a completely different maternal figure who happened to have the pan. That started a conversation with everyone about that specific speckled roasting ... and it turns out all of us had it in Grandma's house growing up.

The conversation ended up on Facebook, where friends commented and now I'm convinced there were only like two roasting pans actually made in the last century.

Reddit user fengmalo asked:

"What’s a childhood memory that almost all of us have?"

Roasting pans, wrapping paper tubes and that game with the light in your fridge—it's all here on this walk down memory lane.

After Hours

"How the school seemed a different world when you stayed late, or had to be there on a weekend."

- 971365

"Imagine a middle school on the weekend during the summer."

"My uncle was a head janitor at one in Colorado, he'd always let the entire family in and we'd have dodgeball tournaments in the gym. But as a 9 year old wandering dead middle school halls in the summer was such a haunting feeling."

- SeVIIenth

"Also how it struck me, going back to my school as an adult was how small it seemed. In my memories it was really big and intimidating."

- ilikespookystories


The Balloon Game

"The balloon game where it can't touch the floor."

- -Black_Guardian-

"Some seriously impressive dives and kicks came out of this game."

- amazingphrasing

"Lmao my daughter calls it 'keepy uppy' she’s 5 so it’s played often."

- mysuckyusername

"A few weeks ago our restaurant was completely dead for about 2 hours so we blew up some latex gloves and played this in the dining room."

- VitaAeterna

"My Kung-Fu instructor came up with a version of this where you’re allowed to punch and kick each other while trying to get the balloon through a goal at either end of the room."

"We played it once and never again, but it was talked about for months after."

- funkyibis


The Wiggles

"Having a wiggly tooth"

- annasassin007

"And when it's super wiggly, pushing it out with your tongue and then returning it back to its place, still attached."

- Nyruel

"I really loved having wiggly teeth. They were so satisfying to play with and push on."

- ClassicMustang67


World's Oldest Toy

"Finding a really cool stick and imagining it as any object we wanted - a sword, lightsaber, wand, laser gun etc."

"Fun fact: the stick was recognized as an iconic part of childhood, so it was introduced into the Toy Hall of Fame being referred to as 'the world’s oldest toy.' "

- El_Quetzal

"At one point I had a branch that I found on a walk that looked like Jack Frost’s staff from Rise of the Guardians."

"That was the ultimate stick - aside from this even bigger one that was affectionately named 'Ol’ Conniption' after my mom’s reaction to me dragging it in the house."

- BrittneyofHyrule


Richie Rich

"Being gifted a small amount of money and thinking you were rich"

- Fair_Border4142

"20 dollars was a world of possibilities"

- Spielburger_witFries

"I grew up in a third world country. I vacationed in the States for the first time when I was a fifth grader in 2009."

"Since the trip coincided with my birthday, I was given a birthday card and in it was $25 given by my cousins who migrated there. Instead of spending it on vacation I held onto it."

"When we flew back home, I converted it with Dad to the local currency and I used it to buy 3 litres of Mountain Dew and a ton of junk food for my friends and I."

"Hung out by the river and consumed it throughout the afternoon lol."

"Good times."

- jethroo23


That Field Trip Air

"How different the air felt on the morning of field trips"

- RockNRollTrollDoll

"God everything was different that morning wasn’t it?"

"The teacher was suddenly wearing different 'outside' clothes, there were a bunch of new adult chaperones, the bus, being able to listen to music on the way (depending on the grade). Field trips were the bestest."

- LA_all_day

"One of the rare times you actually enjoyed getting up for school. The air felt like Christmas morning."

- ishyaboy

"God, I closed my eyes and felt this in my soul lol"

- andinshawn


New Room, New Me

"The feeling of triumph rearranging your room; new room, new me"

- andy_james_78

"This never goes away, though. But now its the entire house."

- ThaRealEverlost

"OMG, the days I came home and my mom had rearranged my bedroom were the best days ever."

"I have no idea why it was so exciting but I always just spent a few minutes just laying in bed being amazed by the new angles."

- Nackles

"And when you got a new poster and finding the perfect spot to hang it up, feeling so proud of your kid self that you just added something new."

- Adventurous_Yak_9234


The Fridge Light

"Trying to see how the refrigerator light turns on and off."

- Ambitious_Athlete216

"I was watching my two and a half year old trying to figure this out a few days ago."

"Peers into the fridge while slowly closing the door, then standing 'inside the fridge' (don't worry, the shelves don't allow him to fit or close the door) trying to close the door with him inside, and finally discovering the little button."

"He was so happy, pushing that button over and over grinning like a weirdo."

- Eviljim1



"Thinking that teenagers are really cool"

- StudentofChemistry

"I work with kids, mostly under five, but sometimes older kids as well. Any time I work with the teenagers, even the ones who are 17-18, I realize how young and inexperienced they are."

"When we were little, we looked up to the teens. When I was a teen, we all thought we were the coolest and smartest people in society."

"I left home for school a little younger than average and I look at these kids now and think 'I was doing all that at this age? They’re babies!' ”

- hereforthemystery

"Those skaters filming each other at the park were gods among men to me…"

- wheatable



"Playing swordfight with the cardboard tubes of wrapping paper"

- hummusdapug

"I could hear this comment. 'Bwoomp!' "

- alamosakid

"I work at a Fabric Store, and I can confirm that the THICK cardboard tube for upholstery fabric make the BEST 'BWOOMP.' "

"100/10 recommend."

- BohemianWhatsername

"My dad collects all the empty tubes for him and the grandkids to have a a Battle Royale on Christmas Eve."

- HowAreYaNow


Did we uncover any core memories for you?

Let us know if the comments!

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