People Explain Which Items They Prefer To Buy In Person Rather Than Online
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I live to shop. I often have to stop myself like an addict needing a fix. And don't even get me started on Target. I've told security to tase me at first glance. One of the things I love most about shopping is doing it up close and personal.

I just can't get onboard with the online shopping craze. Maybe it's because I crave instant gratification or because of the few times I ordered online it was an unholy disaster. The sizes never seem to fit and more often than not, it never looks like what you ordered.

I don't want to pine away at window waiting on a delivery truck that may bring the wrong item. I want to hand my cash to the sexy clerk and saunter out with my item for me to indulge in at once.

Redditoru/Rindhallowwanted to discuss why up close and personal is always best when shopping, by asking:

What item do you prefer buying in person rather than online?

Last year I ordered a lush nightgown for a bestie. It was fluffy, sultry and floor-length. It took months... MONTHS to arrive. And when I opened it... I saw no fluff. No sultry and it was basically a crop top. I was not pleased.

On your Feet...

shoes GIFGiphy


- Rettirk

"Yes, I'm always in between sizes. Online shoe shopping will end in a crap load of returns."

- SnowdropWorks

The Fit

"Clothes. Lot easier to return if they don't fit, or better still you can try it on in the shop."

- PinGUY

"This 100%. I'm pregnant and most of the retail stores around me have stopped carrying maternity clothes in store. In my town I found about 12 racks between Walmart, Target, and Khols. I complain about it and people are like "I just order it all and then return what doesn't work."

"But I don't want to do that, I don't want to wait a week to find out it doesn't fit and then go through the hassle of taking a package to the UPS store to return items. I decided instead to just find a few sewing patterns that would work and go to JoAnns for my maternity clothes."

- macaronbaker87

Fill her Up...

"A used vehicle. With services like Carvana and others pushing the full online experience, I just could not bring myself to invest that kind of money into something I cannot see or drive first, especially after being burned on a used car or two in the past. I understand many have trial/return policies but it seems like more of a headache than its worth."

- i_like_things_btw



- sputnikbong7

"Agree, except the last time I went to buy the kind I like the only store I'd been able to find them in said they no longer carried them. So I called up the jean company and the lady said we aren't making them anymore and I have 3 in stock in that size. I ordered all 3 over the phone. BRING BACK 100% DENIM! I hate stretch jeans."

- Electrical-Pie-8192


Dance Bouncing GIF by E!Giphy

"Groceries... I like to squeeze my own melons."

- Andee_SC2

Shoes and melons. You always need to feel those in person. Shoe and melon shopping is almost an art form. And jeans. You have to try on jeans.

The Songs

Moving The Simpsons GIFGiphy

"Music and DVDs. I enjoy the browsing and stumbling on a hidden gem. But most of these stores have closed down."

- Isand0

Words in front...

"Books. I love book stores. I like to pick up the books, the smell of a bookstore, getting distracted by books that I wasn't even looking for, all of it. I'm saddened that there are fewer and fewer bookstores. If I visit a new place I always look for local bookstores."

- Cheercraft

Not My Order


- dont_mess_with_js

"Yeah I've done the Walmart pickup and ended up with some junky produce. I still risked it during the pandemic though just to avoid the store. Rather some moldy lemons than covid. But that exact sentiment kept me from doing it before."

- mandy_loo_who

The Strings

"Guitars. Even if you've aged the exact same model in a store, you never know what you're going to get in the mail. Even low end guitars, if 1000 come off the production line 995 will be just fine. 3 will be bad. 2 will just have something about them that makes them special t hat you can't really define but takes it to that next level."'

- rhett342

Looks can be Deceiving...

"Fruit and vegetables. I've used a lot of grocery pickup because of covid. The pickers don't give a crap what the produce looks like."

- oh_look_a_fist

"When I did this years ago, I would be careful to avoid bruised apples, bags of fruit with a rotten one, avocados that were squishy or rock hard. But I'd get complaints on items that I don't eat (and therefore don't know what to look for) like mangoes, pineapples, and tomatoes."

- theshoegazer



"Bathing suits. A lot of online stores only sell the same size top and bottom together. I need different sizes."

- carolinahoosier

Now bathing suits I can chance it with. Mostly because I'll just wear undies to the beach if I have to. I'm just never going to fully trust the online experience.

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