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People Share Their Best Pandemic Purchases
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The pandemic has had a lot of side effects: working from home, social isolation, online shopping...

Some of them have led to unexpected purchases.

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People Explain Which Items They Prefer To Buy In Person Rather Than Online
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I live to shop. I often have to stop myself like an addict needing a fix. And don't even get me started on Target. I've told security to tase me at first glance. One of the things I love most about shopping is doing it up close and personal.

I just can't get onboard with the online shopping craze. Maybe it's because I crave instant gratification or because of the few times I ordered online it was an unholy disaster. The sizes never seem to fit and more often than not, it never looks like what you ordered.

I don't want to pine away at window waiting on a delivery truck that may bring the wrong item. I want to hand my cash to the sexy clerk and saunter out with my item for me to indulge in at once.

Redditoru/Rindhallowwanted to discuss why up close and personal is always best when shopping, by asking:

What item do you prefer buying in person rather than online?
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From the seller's perspective, the best price is the highest one possible that people would still buy. Usually, that's a careful game: supply and demand are balanced and the ideal figure is honed.

But sometimes, the price seems to come way out of left field.

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Woman Documents Her Hilarious Attempt To Escape Her Home After Amazon Package Traps Her Inside

What's more frustrating than getting a "sorry we missed you" slip instead of a package on your doorstep?

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Minimum wage is crap. There. I said it. We can all stop pretending it's not. If you've never worked for minimum wage, consider yourself impossibly lucky. Those of you who have will totally get what this reddit user meant when they asked:

Minimum wage workers, what is something that is against the rules for customers to do but you aren't paid enough to actually care?

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