People Break Down The Biggest Scandal To Ever Rock Their Small Town

Scandals and gossip are the bread and butter of small towns, where nothing much really happens, and any small faux pas can turn into a misstep everyone in town will remember for the next decade.

Sometimes, though, truly remarkable things happen in small towns. Whether it's a spectacular crime such as a murder or a politician embezzling town funds, or simply some bizarre event that nobody could explain, it'll definitely end up in the local paper.

There's not much to do in small towns, after all.

Reddit user meepmeep_4 asked:

"What was the biggest scandal in your small town?"

Murder and Mayhem

"Probably the Brown's Chicken Massacre, where 7 people were murdered at the restaurant over a robbery. Case was cold for 9 years until the girlfriend on one of the murderers went to the police that he had confessed to her. He and his friend were eventually convicted through DNA and a confession."


Sex Ed Failed This Guy

"Back in the 80s, during my senior year one guy in my high school class got 4 girls pregnant in a month long period. None of the girls were his girlfriend. The guy and his family left town during the middle of the night soon after that."


Classic Fraud

"Mayor and several city councillors were taking kickbacks and bribes from demolition/construction/cleaning companies for clean up contracts after a hurricane, funded by FEMA."

"The companies would give the mayor and city councillors like a couple grand, then the company would get FEMA funds in the tens of thousands to clean up/destroy a hurricane damaged property, only the address given to FEMA and listed on the contract were fake, or already cleared, so the companies got paid to do nothing."


Maybe DARE Wasn't the Best Idea

"DARE officer selling drugs that were evidence."


"Ha! There's an officer in my town who did the same thing. Spoke at DARE things but then gets busted selling weed from the evidence locker."


"Buddy's uncle got busted by our very small town DARE officer with a LB of weed in his trunk. At his court appearance his charges were for a half LB, since his jail time was going to be the same (not his first intent to distribute charge) he had his lawyer inform the judge of the discrepancy, which launched an investigation and a conviction of the DARE officer."


Medical Ethics Violations Across the Board

"There was an anesthetist, who worked at our local hospital and another hospital in a different town. He was rather well known among other doctors and known to be good at what he was doing. He only had a small problem with being addicted to pain killers and anaesthetics."

"So to feed his addiction without getting caught he shot up part of his patients' drugs before injecting the same needle into his patient."

"Thus went unnoticed until it was discovered that over 60 of his patients got infected with hepatitis. And that he was the source for it."

"He was fired and his license revoked as far as I know. But the hospital's image still suffered quite a bit."


From Tragic to Worse

"I'm from a very small town in Canada. Very quiet, nothing big ever came up and it was a fairly tight-knit community. One day, and explosion went off in an apartment building. A 23 yr old, single mother (who also happens to be a quadriplegic) was killed instantly."

"The case was eventually solved, the explosion was a gift-wrapped piped bomb left by her former financial adviser. He squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars from her and was convicted for it, he was then released on bail and then left the bomb."

"Wild sh*t."


Killer Doc

"I’m originally from a down called Hyde, a few miles outside Manchester. Unfortunately, Hyde is famous for Harold Shipman, the once trusted GP who killed elderly patients by overdosing them with diamorphine. My grandma’s neighbour (Jack) was one of his many victims. (Side note: he also did my mum’s ultrasound when she was pregnant with me!). RIP Jack, you were a wonderful man."


"Harold Shipman has the highest confirmed body count of any serial killer on Wikipedia. There are worse monsters out there, but they're war criminals, terrorists and democidal governments..."


Very Comic Book Villain

"Was outside on my driveway playing basketball and multiple helicopters flew overhead. My friend in another neighborhood over texted me saying they evacuated all of the houses on her road and there were fbi or bomb squad agents or something there. Later found out some guy on the street tried to taint the town's water supply with blowfish venom and kill everyone."


Smuggling, But Not What You'd Expect

"I love in a Canadian border town. This police officer, nice as hell, that my grandmother cleaned for would gift her things, and seemed to have alot more money than your average cop. She would get wine, cheese, and other things. The most gifted item however, was cheese."

"Now, at the same time, there was a pizza place down the street from my house. The owners lived a couple doors down, and I was friends with their son, and the parents were pretty cool as far as neighbours go."

"They also had alot of money, for owning a pizza place in decline. After a bit, things got serious. I would see undercover police sitting at the end of my street in my way home from school nearly every day. They weren't very incognito, but neither were the pizza place owners."

"Eventually though, things came crashing down. A whole bunch of cops and restaurant owners were taken to jail in the largest cheese bust the town has ever known."

"That's right. Cheese."

"The price of cheese in Canada is ridiculous, so a few members of the police department decided to use their abilities to smuggle it across the border."

"They would go across, buy all the cheap, good quality stuff they could get, then use their badge to get back across, as the border patrol and cops all know eachother, so the chance of them paying duty was 0%."

"Anyways, that was the big scandal in the town. You can probably look it up if you search for cheese smugglers, or cheese scandal."

Zebras on the Run

"A group of zebras escaped a local, legal habitat and have been roaming the suburbs. It’s been weeks and they still haven’t been caught."


While most people think of small towns as boring places where nothing ever happens, they're often the place where the weirdest and most tragic stuff happens.

The rest of the world may just never hear about it.

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